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Bad Jackpot. by Michael Akobi
When he unknowingly becomes an accomplice to a lottery scam, a man's life turns into chaos.
Feature Comedy For sale 103pp
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Rapture Island by Jackie Hayes
Evil loves to disguise itself, especially in the innocent.
Feature Horror For sale 113pp
Bobby and Tyler's Spring Break by danny bryan
Bobby and Tyler wreck a sports car on spring break and have to somehow replace it before the vacation ends.
Feature Adventure, Comedy For sale 96pp
Monster Without by Jurij Fedorov
A teenage girl is haunted by a ghost. One of her classmates sees this not as a problem for her but as a solution to his problems.
Feature Family Available for Free 100pp
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Best Friends 'Til The End by Mark Jay
Two spoiled , rich and popular best friends completes a horrific crime together when their boyfriends decides to leave them both for two other girls.
Feature Drama, Thriller Available for Free 1pp
The Last Hurrah of the Wonderdogs by Johnny Dinh
A young group of mystery solving friends, known to the world as The Wonderdogs, meet again many years later to adventure into Poland and solve the mystery behind a magic shield.
Feature Adventure, Comedy For sale 96pp
The Secret Bloodline by Devin Dugan
A museum tour guide and a corporate CEO who deals in religious artifacts share a Marian apparition, prompting them on a dangerous journey to uncover its secrets before the truth is stifled forever.
Feature Action, Adventure, History, Mystery, Thriller For sale 121pp
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George Washington - The First Conspiracy by David Murphy
From the book by the same name. A story lost to history.
Feature Biography For sale 109pp
CIGARETTES & HORSES by Ben Trebilcook
A former Yankee soldier teams up with an English writer to retain some stolen artefacts, discovering the thief to be a Confederate from the Yankee's violent past.
Feature Western For sale 104pp
Fearless Star by GB Hajim
After Hoku's father is killed during a far-off war, she befriends a group of orphans who rise up to escape from their tyrant guardian using a magic flute and tales of their ancestral Hawai'i.
Feature Drama, Family, Fantasy For sale 99pp
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A Los Angeles homicide detective, with a fugitive brother on the lam, passes through a rural desert town and is blackmailed by the local law into heading up a murder investigation.
Feature Film-Noir For sale 121pp
Retribution by J. Lee
The heavens gave humans dominion over Earth for thousands of years. But what happens when we wear out our welcome and become no longer worthy and the Earth decides to fight back?
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 1pp
Acts of Kindness by Aaron Kent
After watching his wife kill their daughter and herself, Sam Phynx attempts to get his life back on track with the help of alcoholics anonymous, Chloe, and a few random acts of kindness.
Feature Drama For sale 101pp
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Dick Black by Ashoka Chowta
A man hangs in there while he lives a troubled life.
Feature Fantasy, Horror For sale 1pp
Dog Eat Dawg by A Wayne Moore
A young entrepreneur meets the woman of his dreams. After dating for months he discovers she has a "dog” who possesses human-like intelligence and diabolically plots to sabotage their relationship.
Feature Comedy For sale 115pp
The Golden Nightingale by Hammoudi Abdelouahab
A troubled cop saves three Native American hostages to discover that they possess a small golden nightingale which is more than just a family heirloom.
Feature Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 114pp
Confessional by Michael Alderman
Unjustly confined inside a secret Middle-Eastern prison, a missionary matches wits against an enigmatic and sadistic interrogator in the hope of escaping with his life.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 109pp
War Makes Zombies of Us All by Nicholas Zingarelli
A Hawaiian surfer/skateboarder/punk MO fights zombie commandos in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Chicago in his quest to save his mother from hell.
Feature Action, Adventure, Thriller, War For sale 119pp
The Last Cigarette by Peter Gartner
What happens if a tobacco company invents a cigarette so addictive that even the dead cannot quit ? The horrors of smoking.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 80pp
Olivers Twist by Daniel White
A life long criminal is trapped in a 24 hr loop, forced to relive the day the woman he loves was murdered and unable to change the outcome no matter what he tries.
Feature Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 93pp
The Shadow by Liz Strange
A medical student busts a hit man known as "The Shadow" out of the hospital to help her get revenge on the man responsible for her sister's death.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama For sale 125pp
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Beyond Use - Pandora's Secret by Andrew Bruce-Lockhart
Secret Service agent, Karen Outline, fights back while protecting Cindy, a teenager she’s rescued from a sniper shooting, as an unknown enemy tries to put the mismatched pair beyond use.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 104pp
Smile by Kimberly Britt
When a nerdy loner discovers he's dying, he embarks on a quest to fulfill the ridiculous items on his bucket list, including winning the heart of his unattainably beautiful co-worker.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 111pp
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Policy N by Dare Kent
Arrested for rudeness, and thrown into a secret government rehab facility to teach him to play nice, a slacker must rally his fellow inmates to escape or wind up a mindless, politically correct drone.
Feature Adventure, Comedy For sale 95pp
Shallow Minds And Levitation by Peter Gartner
You might need a shallow mind to believe in levitation.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance For sale 80pp