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LOVE ME by Jordan Tate
Traumatized and reclusive since a violent assault, a famed female screenwriter trying to return to her normal life accepts to write a screenplay for an independent and first time female producer who begins stalking her.
Feature Thriller For sale 88pp
Clouds by David J. Keogh
No job, girlfriend or future and severe ADHD. A forgotten invitation to his mother’s 50th, leads to a journey that changes Stuart's life and reunites him with his father..
Feature Drama For sale 78pp
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Constant Craving by Ellis Barrowman
After years apart, two high school sweethearts come together to gain closure on their abrupt break-up, only to learn their break-up is not exactly how they remember.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 81pp
Facial Recognition by Wilmer Villanueva
A facial recognition program confuses a young woman with a terrorist. To stay alive the woman must get involved with the terrorists.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 94pp
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A bouncer moves to Hong Kong with dreams of becoming a martial arts stunt star, but ends up getting involved with a mob bosses daughter and the murder of her ex-boyfriend.
Feature Action, Crime For sale 91pp
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FAKE by Erick Freitas
An aspiring gangster in New Jersey tries to run a scheme within the pro-wrestling world, without being caught by the FBI.
Feature Comedy For sale 107pp
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Death's Brother by Julian Martin
A tech guru's constant dreams of murdering his beloved family and a homicidal internet cult are pushing him to the edge of sanity.
Feature Horror For sale 97pp
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Bounty of Dante by Rick Hansberry
A bounty hunter fends off his boss in an epic showdown of brains versus braun in the remote home of an elderly medium who has unique insights to the battle.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 106pp
Wrapped by Dennis Nehamen
Facing one too many rejections, knowing he'll never provide as he's promised for his loving family, Benny Wright, recording artist, answers absurdly the question: How far will a man go in the name of love?
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family, Music, Musical For sale 116pp
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Psychic Deception by Vinson Perkins
After giving a reading that has unintended consequences, a psychic conman searches for answers as his life is torn apart by an unknown force.
Feature Mystery, Thriller For sale 81pp
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The Boca Shuffle by Tod Klinger
A group of old folks escape their senior home when one of them persuades their van driver to take them to Florida.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 104pp
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Bad aunt by Tobias Nchindo
Two orphans twins sisters leaves for the city to further their education, but all that glisters is not gold.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 117pp
Revolt 2145 by Genevi Engle
After disbanding from a cult, Geneva is framed for a murder she didn't commit and is sentenced to execution. To reclaim her innocence, she must take down the cult before time runs out.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 115pp
Satan's Lucidity by David Harty
After going to a cabin for a "fun" weekend, a group of friends must battle for their lives against a sadistic killer who is all to close to one of them.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 95pp
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Soul Survivors by Mark Rashid
A young woman and the paramedic who saves her are forced to reconstruct their lives after becoming casualties of one of America’s worst mass shootings.
Feature Drama For sale 104pp
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The Borealis Express by Ed Hernandez
A down on his luck truck driver reluctantly accepts a job hauling cargo across the Alaskan tundra, only to later find that the cargo is a danger to all of mankind.
Feature Action, Horror For sale 92pp
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Infinitia by Buters Gerthfeld
After losing his wife in an endless furniture store, a struggling writer must team up with a group of strangers living in Returns & Exchange to go on a Tolkienesque journey to find her.
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 92pp
Honest Liars by Christiane Fogleboch
A habitual liar teams up with an honest insurance investigator to help his unlucky brother fake an injury at a Las Vegas attraction.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Romance For sale 112pp
Tooth & Eye by Kevin Pacey
Traumatised by her young son's brutal murder, a single mother suffers a crisis of faith and struggles to forgive herself and punish the killer.
Feature Crime, Drama, Family, Thriller For sale 98pp
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The Next Wave by Derek Reid
An introverted teen hit by a drunk driver after a surfing trip in 1993 wakes from a near quarter-century coma and must figure out how to catch the-next-wave of life.
Feature Drama For sale 95pp
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Star Trek Voyager - Redemption by Daryl Linson
The crew of Voyager, having altered the timeline to get back to the Alpha Quadrant, have set in motion an event that now threatens the entire Galaxy.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 206pp
Dream a Little Dream by Ellis Barrowman
A chronic insomniac, desperate for sleep, tries a holistic remedy that actually works. One side effect is that she drags a complete stranger into her dreams who is perfect for her.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 95pp
Helen by Jonathan Peterson
A retired widow and Grandmother longing for a life of fewer responsibilities makes the audacious decision to fake Alzheimer's to gain her freedom.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 115pp
Love, Money, Bombs by Craig Griffiths
Two strangers discover a terrorist trap, which is either a barrel of money or a bomb. They need to open it to survive, but are struggling with the potential outcome.
Feature Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 88pp
Grandad by Ann Vertriest
Grandad has one big secret he has kept from his family and friends his entire life. Until he meets Sai, his caretaker. And everything changes. For both of them.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 99pp