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Frankincense by Phil Clarke
Dr. Frankin may not be mad, but his creation is.... The story of a scientist, his assistant and their monster. A modern day urban adaptation of the classic horror story Frankenstein.
Feature Horror For sale 119pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
SOMETHING BETTER by Larkin Thompson
A rip roaring, shoot em up Western with great plot and characters.
Feature Adventure, Western For sale 98pp
Theodore by Robert Cole
Love and rock'n roll save Paris from vampire domination.
Feature Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Musical, Romance For sale 102pp
The Beast Within by Oscar Moreno
A teenage girl and her younger brother must escape their house after being locked in by their father, who claims that they're being hunted by werewolves.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 89pp
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Philip K. Dick's The Variable Man by Clayton Emery
He could fix anything - including an endless war in the future!
Feature Adventure, Sci-Fi Available for Free 90pp
on the road by Pablo Cesar Mendez
Drinking and pummeling the dashboard under heartstrung recalls, reeling off the fog before the windshield eyeful a shadow aside a forgotten cemetery. He draw in, to meet a pallor face a bit confuse and afraid.
Feature Thriller For sale 144pp
Critical Conditions by John Serafinko
When a heist goes wrong, a madman and his team of mercenaries take a hospital and its occupants hostage. In the wrong place at the wrong time, only one man stands in their way!
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 117pp
DAGGERVILLE by Howard Tubbs
When Jack comes home to bury his sister, he vows to destroy the spirit that killed her.
Feature Horror For sale 79pp
Honeymoon by J.M. O'Farrell
A naive, god-fearing Southern redneck and his fiery, domineering wife honeymoon in enchanted Mexico, along with his ne'er-do-well rogue brother.
Feature Comedy For sale 108pp
Far From Home by Victoria Ellis Nye
A 25 year old man returns home after a 7 year stint in jail looking for forgiveness from himself, his family, and the family of his ex-girlfriend.
Feature Drama For sale 94pp
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Akatewa by Jean-Marie MAZALEYRAT
A young woman growing up in the shadow of the Rockies falls for the survivor of a horrific derailment. As their relationship builds, she is forced to reckon with the trauma in her own past.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 103pp
Ascension by Jeff Lewis Mr.
When you lift the veil around earth you'll see we are is just "ants in an aquarium" and we're very violent army ants. To the rest of the galaxy nonintervention is no longer an option.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 117pp
Takedown by Brandon Stephens
After a vicious drug cartel slaughters his fiance - the daughter of a powerful District Attorney - a promising young law student seeks vengeance and justice with the help of an over-the-hill detective.
Feature Crime For sale 91pp
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Masquerade by Rick Garrison
To avoid suspicion after his wife's brutal murder, a plastic surgeon transforms an ordinary woman into the exact likeness of the deceased, only to face a horrifying realization in the end.
Feature Thriller For sale 96pp
Octopus Lake by Evan Filley
In the vein of the classic monster movies of the '50s, but with a vulgar twist, a mad scientist unleashes a freshwater octopus, thirsty for blood, upon a small town in North Dakota.
Feature Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 101pp
Rumble Strips by Christiane Fogleboch
A comedy about a disgraced Reno road construction worker turned exotic dancer who strikes up a reluctant friendship with the victims of a crash he caused, a bold teen girl and her embittered brother.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 110pp
The Borealis Express by Ed Hernandez
A down on his luck truck driver reluctantly accepts a job hauling cargo across the Alaskan tundra, only to later find that the cargo is a sentient bioweapon.
Feature Action, Horror For sale 92pp
Beecroft by Steve Garry
A boy, and a beautiful girl who moves in next door, receive supernatural help from a resident of a senior citizens' home as they fend off bullies, dealers and rednecks in their tough neighborhood.
Feature Fantasy, Horror For sale 103pp
The Syrian Heart by Les Rowley
Wealthy London philanthropist needs a heart transplant, but the female donor he discovers has one minor drawback - she is still alive.
Feature Drama For sale 116pp
Compensating by Wal Friman
A weird middle-aged man has invested his whole life to end a persistent bully, when he for the first time receives genuine support, from a student girl, who unexpectedly helps him solve absolutely everything.
Feature Comedy For sale 99pp
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frostbite by Jonathan Sieff
A pacifist NYPD cadet and a maverick detective investigate the source of a new street drug, leading them to a notorious dealer, a politician and an enigmatic Russian gangster.
Feature Crime, Thriller For sale 103pp
Dark Horde by Thomas Jamieson
In the Middle Ages, two warring military commanders, one Christian and one Muslim, team up to stop an alien force from weaponizing the Bubonic plague to annihilate humanity.
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, War For sale 95pp
The Payment Plan by Dwhyte star
A revenge for hire guy finally locates the people who destroyed his family.. and he revenges them.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime For sale 113pp
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Digit by Tennyson Stead
In this animated movie, a young, untried computer program named DIGIT will save Granny's Computer from the clutches of the virus TROJAN.
Feature Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 99pp
Janissary by Tom Deaver
A captured Christian boy is brainwashed to fight as an Islamic Janissary during the climactic Second Siege of Vienna in 1683. He fights to save a harem slave as he struggles with his mental conditioning.
Feature Drama, History, Romance, War For sale 118pp
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