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Tibetan Cowboy by Ian J. Courter
A restless cowboy finds himself embroiled in a Tibetan feud that makes the Hatfield and McCoy feud seem tame. In the process, he rediscovers what it means to be human.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Western For sale 85pp
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Catherine's Treasure by Anthony Lucas
A young girl embarks on a quest to solve a forty year old treasure hunt in the hope it will lead her and her mother out of an abusive relationship.
Feature Drama For sale 86pp
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Philip K. Dick's The Variable Man by Clayton Emery
He could fix anything - including an endless war in the future!
Feature Adventure, Sci-Fi Available for Free 90pp
Dead Daughters by Andrija Bradić
When the daughter of a single father goes missing, his pride will turn out to be his biggest foe as he fends off any form of help he can get to find her.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 118pp
All The Creatures by H. C. Turk
Trapped in a mountain cabin, a family suffers fantastic changes when an alien "Santa Claus" tries to fulfill their wishes.
Feature Family, Sci-Fi For sale 100pp
The Way by Wayne Taylor
A dying Roman Official offers his trusted servant freedom if he will travel to Jerusalem to investigate and validate a new religious sect. The servant refuses, until the love of his life is taken.
Feature Action, Drama, History For sale 96pp
Think Forward by David J. Keogh
A man with terminal cancer, an ex-army vicar and a homeless teenage girl, become unlikely allies when they stumble across drug money. But a local Crime Lord wants the money and the girl back.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 118pp
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Weird Love by C. Guinosta
Two female friends decide to create the perfect boyfriend by computer with the help of a computer geek.
Feature Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 80pp
Bad Answers by H. C. Turk
Strange e-mails are predicting the world’s end. Stan Powers finds himself living the bizarre scenes depicted in those messages. To survive, Stan must learn if he is a pawn, or the predictor himself.
Feature Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 109pp
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Last Cup of Sorrow (Stageplay) by Jeremy Storey
From a hospital room in middle America to a jail in Mexico, the destinies of three strangers intertwine as each seeks redemption and penance for the sins of their past and present.
Feature Crime, Drama Available for Free 120pp
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Vampire Teacher by J.E. Clarke
Four fifth grade friends are terrified when they begin to suspect their new teacher's a vampire. But when classmates start to vanish, the situation gets far worse! (Cowritten with Chris Shamburger.)
Feature Adventure For sale 120pp
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The Writer's Retreat by Lucas Pops
A two man screenwriting team, who are stuck in a writer's block, decide to sequester themselves away in a hotel for a weekend to jumpstart their creative process. But soon the retreat devolves into a series of procrastination, drugs and alcohol, and...
Feature Comedy For sale 90pp
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Oakville by Deion Deion
Rey 'Shawn and Demaray two brothers born into a life of gang and violence make Oakland California their playground.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 84pp
Christmas Card Chaos by Linda Hullinger
A well-meaning eight-year-old girl sends anonymous Christmas cards to the folks in her grandmother’s neighborhood, creating chaos between friends and families.
Feature Comedy, Family For sale 88pp
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The Immigrant by Qazi Fabia Hoq
An Indian Immigrant in New York faces cultural shock, deals with frustration of finding a decent job, gets jealous of a yoga instructor next door and finds himself drifting away from his loved ones.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 92pp
The Wounded by Bill McIntyre
An ex-Union soldier wants revenge for the vigilante lynching death of his wife and loss of his children after the Civil War.
Feature Comedy, Drama, History, Western For sale 122pp
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Jelly Donuts by Johnny Francis Wolf
A Student teaches. A Teacher learns. A plastic knife cuts good.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance For sale 295pp
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Interruptus by Melody Brooke
Five young couples navigate the temptations, disappointments, enlightenment, and pain of pairing up. Is this all there is?
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 88pp
Fateful Heritage by Anthony Fertino
The last of humanity is shipwrecked on an exoplanet, which bestows powers on some. Centuries later, a prince commits patricide, subjugating everyone—so a young laborer races to reawaken an ancient hero and rescue his newlywed.
Feature Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 116pp
Universal Escapade by Eric Fisher
After crash-landing on his last mission to Earth, a hard-boiled intergalactic private eye must rescue a teenage girl captured by a pair of vengeful anarchists who have a score to settle with him.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 104pp
The Chimes by David Wagner
When an elderly porter loses his faith in mankind, the supernatural occupants of a bell tower work to restore the man's hope. Adapted from the story by Charles Dickens.
Feature Family, Fantasy For sale 90pp
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Past Life by Rob McNeil
A loner college student is thrust into a dangerous investigation when he suspects his biological family may have been involved in his hometown's most notorious cold case.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 94pp
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THE BAD NEWS FIRST by Eric Dickson
The quirky staff of a controversial internet tabloid juggle three headline grabbing stories.
Feature Drama For sale 126pp
The Christmas Pageant by Richard Gustason
A man has lost his Christmas spirit due to a tragic event has been asked to run a church pageant. Can he pull it off or will the past ruin it?
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 55pp
R.U.R. by Dave Miller
An adaption of Karel Capek's haunting 1921 stage play.
Feature Drama, Film-Noir, History, Horror For sale 92pp