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Lotto by Brett Enstrom
A divorcé has a change of fortune when he meets a new love and wins the lottery. However, his new relationship will be tested by men who plan on taking his money and his life.
Feature Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 106pp
The Winterers by Steve Miles
After her father disappears, a headstrong frontier-girl must work with her troubled mother to protect the family when her search for him finds them embroiled with a gang of murderous trappers.
Feature Drama, Western For sale 94pp
Awkward Family Values by Carol Tanis
Family values get jumbled when a husband learns his wife is lesbian and while trying to keep the family together, he learns more about his true self and falling in love again.
Feature Comedy For sale 95pp
Harry's Last Day by Lisa Lutes
A girl travels through a wormhole every night in an attempt to save her dog.
Feature Comedy, Family For sale 89pp
Lost In Paradise by Neo Rasic
A co-worker suspects his boss is missing and finds himself in a conspiracy when he looks for him.
Feature Comedy, Mystery, Thriller For sale 89pp
Invasion Time by Kevin Ryan
The aliens who wrote the book on surviving Earthling encounters Captain Rog and her crew crash into Earth while on Commander Zyrcs mothership.
Feature Animation For sale 93pp
Draft Daze by Rob Jones RJ
After an amazing performance in the championship, the top NFL Draft prospect gets kidnapped by two degenerate ex-players who are hell-bent on keeping him from the draft to win a long-standing bet.
Feature Comedy, Sport For sale 107pp
Side Effects by Hans Bauer
In New York City, a researcher studying the effects of psychoactive plants ingests a mind-altering mushroom he suspects may have alien origins, and must find the source before the drug takes his life.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 105pp
Asphyxia by Kimberly Britt
A former sex addict risks much more than just her recovery when she becomes ensnared in the intricate web spun by her seductive roommate.
Feature Mystery, Romance, Thriller For sale 101pp
Ok, Twoomer by Brian Garriques
A recently-turned twenty-year-old doctor experiences rapid aging when he falls in love with a patient, a nineteen-year-old model in the twilight of her career.
Feature Comedy Available for Free 99pp
The Final Gay by Dustin Boland
A clique of LGBTQ + identifying teens find themselves the target of an apparent homophobic serial killer in small town USA.
Feature Horror For sale 97pp
SWIRL by Jamaul Benjamin Phillips
A nursing student concocts a lunacy scheme that involves kidnapping an actor to protect the truth of her relationship with her true love from her parents.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 90pp
Valet Day by Lucas Pops
Following the genre of “stoner comedy”, the script’s protagonists are four valet attendants, who stumble upon a luggage trunk filled with a variety of illegal drugs. The four decide to sell/imbibe the contents until they discover the trunk is...
Feature Comedy For sale 96pp
A Texas skip tracer named "Scarecrow" travels to the Pacific Northwest to nab a fugitive cyber criminal before he's taken out by albino contract killer.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 120pp
Under the Rainbow by Zach Jansen
A young, down-on-his-luck family guy takes a job with a local gangster. No big deal, until he mows down a high-ranking enemy and has to fight for survival by murdering the rival gang’s leader.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama For sale 88pp
UNDERGROUND by Brendon Udy
Following their first date, a young couple become trapped on the London Underground, and must fight for survival, and their new relationship, after their train is attacked by ferocious, blood hungry beasts
Feature Action, Comedy, Horror For sale 95pp
Haunt Me No More by Anthony Fertino
A family must survive after escaping an actually haunted house. It was constructed by a traveling murderer, who uses every Halloween to purge the demons that haunt him onto innocent visitors instead.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 89pp
The Warrior's Beloved by Anthony Fertino
Dawn and Moon are successful assassins, until Moon quits for a tranquil married life. Lovelorn, Dawn recruits the vengeful relatives of his past victims to devastate his new life, while a gifted Inspector pursues.
Feature Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 106pp
A Thicker Kind of Blood by John Fitch III
A traumatized psychiatrist with a stash of cash forms an unusual friendship with a wounded special forces veteran and embarks on a dangerous campaign against a backwoods bully who threatens to expose dark family secrets.
Feature Action, Drama, Thriller For sale 111pp
Hell Without You by Rafael Souza
Visions of her deceased husband threaten to commit a young widow to a padded cell. Meanwhile, on the other side, these visions may be the only way for her husband to escape Hell.
Feature Horror, Romance For sale 90pp