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Space Race: Induction by Johnathan Burns
A ragtag team of experts lead by an underrated analyst are chosen by an Alien Space Race agency to construct a space station pivotal to Earth's place in the galaxy and ultimately, humanity's survival.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 123pp
Wild soldiers and the Neanderthal by Tobias Nchindo
When ecologically aggressive Neanderthal arrives in the rain forest of Anakoka (Ape land), king Mundjita (orangutan) ruler of four species of great apes is pushed towards the tipping point.
Feature Action, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 94pp
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Pogo by Rhonnie Fordham
Dark secrets are exposed after a small-town sheriff encounters a mysterious female clown.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 91pp
Double Back (need feedback) by Will Hudson
Having been in a coma for the last 3 months. Jake uses the memories he has of future events to help the government save lives.
Feature Action, Crime, Mystery For sale 22pp
White Hell by Stephen Wells
A former biologist rejoins his old research team for an Arctic expedition, but when things go wrong, the team unwittingly awaken an ancient beast and find themselves stranded and stalked across the desolate terrain.
Feature Adventure, History For sale 85pp
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Renegades by Gregory Brown
Two Russian brothers live anarchistic lifestyles by robbing convenience stores across the modern American West. After a botched robbery their relationship is challenged when they encounter a female hitchhiker.
Feature Adventure For sale 93pp
Bad Bargain by Richard Russell
To keep his dying wife alive, a mystery writer makes a bargain with a demon. Not all trades work out.
Feature Drama For sale 93pp
My Brother's Keeper by Karen Hardin
An affluent attorney is forced into the Big Brother's program and will have to represent two little brothers on trial for murder.
Feature Drama For sale 120pp
Charlie The Robot by Lance West
On a routine resupply mission to a research base on one of Saturn’s moons, a maintenance robot stumbles across nomadic aliens intent on making Earth their new home.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 91pp
Strippers are People too by O'Shea O'Shea the writer
A man who’s against stripping struggles to bring a stripper to realize that she’s worth more than the job she endures on a daily basis. But, the boss, he's not hearing that.
Feature Drama For sale 81pp
Restaurant La Vérité by Benn Flore
To eat better leftovers from La Vérité's garbage bin homeless Betrand and 12 years illegal refugee BOY secretly drop cooking tips in their letterbox. These recipes make the restaurant and its discriminating owner famous.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 122pp
Courage by Dallas Jones
Cultures collide as a women’s team strive to compete in Spain’s male dominated sport of bull leaping. Fears, violence and rivalry threaten dreams and tradition
Feature Drama, Romance, Thriller For sale 116pp
Clipped Wings by Max Wilson
A middle aged man who is unhappy with his life decides to embark on a soul searching journey and travels around New Zealand with his camera and a passion for bird watching.
Feature Drama For sale 88pp
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Dick Black by Ashoka Chowta
A man hangs in there while he lives a troubled life.
Feature Fantasy, Horror For sale 1pp
Kindred by Josh Bryer
A man who refuses to face his past is visited by his future daughter, with a desperate plea: confront his childhood tormentors, before they kill him and enslave the world.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 115pp
The Caretaker's Bible by R.L. Galbraith
Twins separated at birth: one became a monk and the other a dictator; when the Reich unmasks the truth, history changes forever.
Feature History, Thriller For sale 107pp
Rockstar Patreon Supporter 1 reader loves this script
People around the city are being abducted by what appear to be alien beings driving super fast cars.
Feature Action For sale 95pp
The Hearts of Bad People by Anthony Fertino
Ethan, secretly ex-CIA, survives a murder plot by his unfaithful wife which could have hurt their son—so he impulsively hunts down her and her lover, while a tough female detective becomes involved.
Feature Action, Drama, Film-Noir For sale 120pp
Seven Arrows by Keith Copsin
Escaping the streets of Albuquerque, Keith Copsin takes a job as a Youth Counselor in Arizona leading a team of boys from the Juvenile Detention Center on a modern day wagon train to Canada.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Family, Western For sale 116pp
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Through the Shifting Stars by Michael Norland
Through the Shifting Stars is a psychological drama about Kara, a space captain travelling on a mysterious mission with only the manipulative A.I. voice of her ship as a companion.
Feature Drama For sale 87pp
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The Fittest by Max Wilson
The patriarch of a small family must throw in with unscrupulous raiders in order to provide for his family in a post-apocalyptic world.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 90pp
The Plunge by Anthony Fertino
The newly engaged Alan and Kelly, an aspiring musician and a chef, are framed for killing a diplomat and bumble through a series of farcical, perilous events in the American Midwest and France.
Feature Action, Comedy, Romance For sale 119pp
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Beasts by David A. Lloyd
They were human. Now they are hungry and they are loose.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 51pp
Rockstar Patreon Supporter
Bank, Die, Repeat by Paul Friend
A washed-up realtor gets caught in a time loop when she tries to rob a bank.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi For sale 107pp
The Orphan: A New Kind of Hero by Albert Barrera
Cursed with the power to kill by touch, a hitman with a troubled past seeks to change his destiny.
Feature Thriller For sale 118pp