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Dark Lands by Ben Browne
In the remote Scottish Highlands, a gifted soldier struggles to save his team from a mythical foe of the Roman Empire.
Feature Action, Fantasy, Horror For sale 92pp
Alien Girl by Oscar Moreno
A teenage girl and her best friend escape to a house in the woods to make alien contact as they're chased by their loved ones and the law.
Feature Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 78pp
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Monarch of Mulligan's Bay by David Mathias
Not for saleNot for saleNot for saleNot for saleNot for sale Not for sale
Feature Adventure, Drama, Mystery For sale 108pp
Would Love to Meet by John Maudlin
Monica loves reading the anonymous admirer section in her newspaper commuting into the city until she becomes the apparent object of 'shy guy' and when things become more sinister she uses her wits to survive.
Feature Thriller For sale 102pp
Fantasy World by Gregg Fidelibus
The secret weapon for Manny Rodriguez, a home run hitter gone dry, is his biggest fan. Mark picked Manny for a Million Dollar Fantasy Baseball League and now has to connive to get him right.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 100pp
Culling Of Society by daniel lopez
A boy unlocks the secrets in his brain from a chemical to save people from Deadly Cancers and a corrupt private company planning to destroy humanity.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 114pp
Dead Cell by J.E. Clarke
A doctor finds herself stranded on a train with a draining cell phone as her only lifeline - forced to choose between saving her daughter, or killing a stranger.
Feature Thriller For sale 100pp
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Empty Hand by Alan Fleet
The knife is not the problem, it is the hand that holds it.
Feature Drama, Thriller, Western For sale 80pp
Thunder Lizards of the Bakongo by Steve Garry
Warriors in pre-Colonial Africa battle dinosaurs of legend after a great conflagration forces the beasts out of hiding.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 104pp
Smile by Kimberly Britt
When a nerdy loner discovers he's dying, he embarks on a quest to fulfill the ridiculous items on his bucket list, including winning the heart of his unattainably beautiful co-worker.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 111pp
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The Monster In Me by callum kelsey
All Andrew wants to do is make the world a better place but will this drive ruin everything he holds dear
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 101pp
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Schoolgirl Slaughter by Richard Hudson
When three dysfunctional college girls are stranded at a remote bar, three local torture-rapists can't believe their luck. But these girls aren't victims, they're vampires…and they prey on serial killers.
Feature Horror For sale 116pp
Tarot of the Demons by Tina Balli
6 teen friends find an ancient tarot deck, not realising they are controlled by a karma demon. They use them with deadly consequences, and find that they are not so close after all.
Feature Horror Available for Free 103pp
The Big Shill by Karl Scarff
Generation "X" meets The Big Chill.
Feature Comedy For sale 90pp
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Judgement at Siddim by Steve Garry
A man reassesses his plan to avenge a violent crime against his family after a stranger crosses his path who is set to mete out his own final brand of justice.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 104pp
What We Leave Behind by Jackson Gary
Three teenagers navigate depression and growing up in their own unique, yet similar ways.
Feature Drama For sale 111pp
Detective Priest by Denny Dirksen
A streetwise priest reverts to some unholy behavior from his former life as a Green Beret to find an old army buddy kidnapped by a sinister V.A. psychiatrist.
Feature Comedy For sale 89pp
Christmas Card Chaos by Linda Hullinger
A well-meaning eight-year-old girl sends anonymous Christmas cards to the folks in her grandmother’s neighborhood, creating chaos between friends and families.
Feature Comedy, Family For sale 88pp
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Ex In The House by Sherry McGuinn
When financial concerns cause a recently divorced couple to continue to live together, the ups and downs of this tempestuous relationship are seen through the eyes of their fifteen-year-old tranquility-seeking, Dalai Lama-loving son, Reuben.
Feature Comedy For sale 99pp
Still Young by Edith Emilia Eri
Life is not over before the last day and you're never too old for love. This story treats the relationship of two elderly people that fall in love after an accident.
Feature Comedy, Family, Romance Available for Free 66pp
Chaos Nation by PJ Edwards
An ambitious Chief of Staff advocates for her healthcare bill but a FBI investigation embroils the incompetent administration threatening to throw the entire political world into chaos.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 104pp
Penny by Aaron Diebelius
A spider is forced to team up with a wingless fly when she's ripped away from her children by an exterminator.
Feature Animation, Family For sale 80pp
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Please Wake Me Up by Janet Mellor
The true story of a young girl's strength and resilience in the face of the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social trauma of brain injury.
Feature Family For sale 119pp
Caravaggio by John Holland
Caravaggio, a belligerent drunk and great swordsman, is the greatest painter of the 17th century but his depictions of Virgins border on heresy. Cardinals love him; Pope and Inquisition not so much.
Feature Drama For sale 40pp
Lucky Penny by Christiane Fogleboch
Baseball player Mateo Narváez goes to an event and leaves with a daughter he didn’t know he had. Can he go from stranger to father, or will the game get in the way?
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance For sale 120pp