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The Indefinate by Siddharth Mathur
'Journey of a Doctor who put her wife in Indefinite sleep time by mistake, while experimenting dream reading process'
Feature Mystery, Thriller For sale 45pp
Ambrosia Falls by Karl Scarff
Ex homicide detective Bill O'Riordan carries the living and the dead on the night bus. The past has come to take a ride.
Feature Film-Noir For sale 93pp
Scary Stories for a Summer Beach Party by Steve Garry
Partiers around a campfire listen to four tales that range from the ghoulishly slapstick to the disturbingly agoraphobic to the shamelessly macabre, and lastly to one of thought-provoking but inspiring redemption.
Feature Comedy, Fantasy, Horror For sale 90pp
The Tesla Loop by Gabriel Gambetta
Two scientists chosen specifically by Nikola Tesla in a letter from the past must complete a mission through time to save humanity.
Feature Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 110pp
Restless Dreams by Alyssa Jefferson
When James receives an unexpected letter from his lost wife, he sets off to find her in "their special place," a trip that quickly turns into a waking nightmare of twisted monsters.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 83pp
"The Maneuver" by Matthew Emma
A tormented Socialite fights to prove her innocence after a wealthy industrialist frames her for causing a fatal car wreck.
Feature Drama For sale 112pp
Boom Land by Allen Buice
Heady times, fast talkers, smugglers, and an inexperienced rich girl collide with deadly consequences in 1920s Florida.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, History, Thriller For sale 106pp
Empty Hand by Alan Fleet
The knife is not the problem, it is the hand that holds it.
Feature Drama, Thriller, Western For sale 81pp
Number Two Pencil by Harry Dieudonne
Obsessing over a perfect score on the SAT, Marshall enlists his older sister in a wild journey for a unique pencil.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 115pp
Honeymoon by J.M. O'Farrell
A naive, god-fearing Southern redneck and his fiery, domineering wife honeymoon in enchanted Mexico, along with his ne'er-do-well rogue brother.
Feature Comedy For sale 108pp
Revelations by Francisco Antonio Seguin
When a mourning teenager on a die-hard mission to rescue a stolen generation, discovers a Vampire prepared to unleash Hell on earth, a broken community’s fate lies in choosing their faith or war.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 110pp
Bitches with Knives by Dan O'Sullivan
After her deadbeat ex-boyfriend steals her winning lottery ticket, a hard-boiled trailer trash girl recruits her best friend and a sexy knife-wielding assassin for a revenge plot to reclaim her rightful fortune.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime For sale 122pp
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Future Tense by Kyle Williamson
Street racing sarcastic late teens kid who wants his life back. From football hero super spy. Forcibly recruit to save people from a human made extinction level event.
Feature Adventure For sale 177pp
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Pottersville by John Maudlin
Christmas Eve:Ricky,redundant, separated and drunk, crashes his car and ends up in Pottersville, the nightmare town from his favourite film. Can Clarence the Angel get both Ricky and George Bailey home?
Feature Comedy, Drama, Fantasy For sale 91pp
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VIPER by Kyle Williamson
A eccentric military man with unique abilities stumbles onto a plot to remake the world. He must use his abilities to stop these rogue agents to save his way of life
Feature Action For sale 114pp
The Lonely by Matthew Corry
A broken man in a search for redemption finds himself in a life or death struggle to save a young girl from supernatural forces old as the human race.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 100pp
A Silicon Valley executive finds what he believes to be God’s phone and goes on a quest using the apps to find the owner; questioning everything he knows and loves, he ultimately finds himself.
Feature Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance For sale 119pp
The Payment Plan by Daniel White
A revenge for hire guy finally locates the people who destroyed his family.. and he revenges them.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime For sale 113pp
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Cadeby by David J. Keogh
445 AD - Against huge odds, a band of ill-prepared and unlikely heroes prepares to defend the small village of Cadeby from a Viking onslaught.
Feature Action, Adventure, History, Romance, War For sale 118pp
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SNOW by Evan Filley
A raging snow storm causes chaos and death in a small town in New England.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 110pp
Jumping the Jack by Clayton Emery
In space, things can always get worse... A long-lost space station is shaking to pieces. Two shipwrecked engineers try to fix it - while dodging dangerous locals, hungry aliens, and killer robots!
Feature Sci-Fi Available for Free 107pp
Continued Existence by Erik D Griffin
It's the end of the world through the eyes of a washed up rock star, a mad russian and others as they struggle to survive a viral apocalypse inadvertently started by a jealous boyfriend.
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 108pp
Unemployed by Tyrus Upshaw
A marketing director must disprove a conniving coworker before he loses his job and family.
Feature Comedy For sale 89pp
Deadlift by Keegan Bartel
A pudgy woman and her shallow friend enter a high-end weightloss-camp, where they quickly realize the trainer is a sadistic fitness-obsessed madman and that the only way to live is to survive his deadly workouts.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 108pp
Bully Me No More by Dare Kent
I was mercilessly bullied in high school; then I killed myself. That was a mistake that never should have happened so I'm hosting a party to set things right. Don't RSVP, you're already here.
Feature Horror For sale 94pp