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Sanctuary by Art D'Alessandro
A small-time attorney's lost all faith in God and society but finds it again when a mysterious, homeless man inherits millions and changes the course of his life, as well as all those around him.
Feature Drama For sale 102pp
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Ortega Highway by C.J. Walworth
Gruff private detective is hired by an Indian Casino to re-acquire a priceless native American artifact stolen by a murderous biker Chieftain.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime For sale 118pp
Animal by Terrence Sellers
When a bachelorette learns that her boyfriend has cheated on her, all hope is lost until suddenly the man of her dreams walks into her life, but his best friend has less than pure intentions.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 112pp
Dog Daze by Vikrant Nallaparaju
While attempting to get their anthology horror film made, an obsessive writer and meek artist are pulled apart by their personal ambitions as they struggle to adapt to the dog eat dog world of Hollywood.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 101pp
No Guts No Glory by Gary Rowlands
When an experimental steroid turns a team of supreme athletes into super-zombies, mankind’s only hope of avoiding a zombie apocalypse is a ragtag group of fat campers.
Feature Action, Comedy, Horror For sale 99pp
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John Chen - The Sprite by Ashoka Chowta
John Chen sets out in search of three evil charms.
Feature Comedy, Fantasy For sale 1pp
The Man Who Brings Darkness by Scott Sawitz
When his kid brother's scheme backfires, an ex-con long since removed from the game comes back to try and repair the damage over one long, violence filled night.
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 85pp
Militia by DH Matthews
Violence erupts as a gang of vigilante women unwittingly extend their threats to a local crime boss.
Feature Crime For sale 91pp
Hazyview Souls Of The Vanished by Aletta M Smith
All evil actions will be held accountable.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 161pp
After a known dealer and loan shark awakens from a coma and a local cop is set up and killed, a small town police precinct becomes the subject of an internal investigation.
Feature Drama For sale 115pp
Brat Pact by Rick Hansberry
Two youths bond over their time at a military base but secrets of their past come to light and they forge a pact to break the chain of abuse that envelopes their families.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Family For sale 109pp
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Bullet Maestro by itai hlatshwayo
The most feared assassin retires but his last contract didn't go as planned.
Feature Action For sale 107pp
The Gaia Project by J.J. Haas
A brilliant young woman steals a planetary engineering device from the US government to keep the president from terraforming the Third World.
Feature Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 103pp
Lana's Haunting by Richard Gustason
The ghost of a teenager haunts a professor to help solve her death. The professor needs to figure out his haunting and the mystery of her death.
Feature Mystery For sale 72pp
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Hibernation by Mike Briock
Undetected malicious alien DNA creeps further and further into a very small winter-isolated town with intensely horrific results. No living thing is immune. In-fact, not even the long dead are immune.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 95pp
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CHILDREN OF THE STAR by Dwight Stephen
Attempting to harness the power of a white dwarf star, one father sacrifices his children in the pursuit of a scientific breakthrough.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 102pp
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The Moebius Effect by Cheryl Rae
Children are born with crop circle tattoos, immune to the pandemic that threatens extinction, Dr. Vivian Li has to understand their abilities and either save mankind or destroy it.
Feature Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 109pp
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Ctrl Alt Deleted by Sal Pietromonaco
Armed with just a computer virus, a fugitive businessman must stop a renegade AI before she replaces mankind.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 94pp
ELECTRIC by Art D'Alessandro
After being electrocuted, the county's only female lineman, Geri Meyers, is left with something of a "super" power: the ability to make everyone around her fall in love... everyone except the man of her dreams.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 99pp
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We are Wizard by Stephen Ko
Two men who claim to be a wizard and the reincarnated spirit of Jesus Christ take a twelve-year-old boy to the water park while being pursued by secret agents.
Feature Comedy For sale 110pp
The Hit by P.H. Cook
A financially desperate bank clerk is seduced by a bank robber to help rob the bank, then goes after the gang for her share of the loot when they screw her over.
Feature Thriller For sale 105pp
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Pine Grove by Mark D. Clark
A young woman is assaulted and tormented by a malevolent ghost who seeks to avenge his death for something her ancestor did to him.
Feature Horror For sale 92pp
"1st Couzins" by Rico Soul sir
Two cousins linking up for the summer to have the time of their lives, but instead... will be fighting for theirs!
Feature Comedy For sale 109pp
Ampersands by Steve Garry
A race of super-advanced but diminutive aliens crash lands inside a sprawling department store and can't get out.
Feature Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 104pp
Talion by Steve Cornwell
Aidan Moore loses his family over a case of mistaken identity and vows to fulfil Talion Law in their name against the city’s most ruthless lawbreaker using his own Russian Roulette setting against him.
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 90pp