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The Farmer by Clive Howard
A simple farmer on a depraved world, whose family is brutally murdered by privileged travellers from another planet, does a murderous deal with a vicious city kingpin to avenge their death.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 110pp
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Conspiracy of Ravens by Teresa Barber
When a young girl and her mother move to a small town to escape a bad situation. Her friendship with a Norse god awakens her inner Valkyrie and all that it entails.
Feature Drama, Fantasy For sale 82pp
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Dead Blossoms by Matt Carlson
In 1919 Minnesota, a man convicted of murder, travels home to find the cause of his murdering impulse, only to fall into the hands of the witch who created it.
Feature Film-Noir, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 96pp
Salvadora by Oscar Moreno
In a future America where immigrants and refugees are hunted down by a fascist government, a young woman must use her newfound teleportation powers to rescue them while she fights her own mental illness.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 103pp
Fourth & Long by Bill Behrle
Determined to buy his wife her dream house, a fun-loving 40-something hits the road in hopes of claiming the grand prize in a tournament based on his favorite childhood football video game.
Feature Comedy For sale 112pp
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Inheritance by William Kuechenberg
A struggling photographer becomes snowed in at a hunting cabin inherited from his schizophrenic father. A voice from the radio offering answers claims to be a friend of his father’s— but may be Death itself.
Feature Horror For sale 108pp
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The face by Jordan Tate
The story of two powerful psychic spies battling through time.
Feature Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 116pp
De Moray by Rory Lawie
A bolshie but lovable young noble rouses a nation and spits defiance in the face of a tyrannical overlord to free his father and his country.
Feature Action, Biography, Drama, History, War For sale 106pp
Boost by J.C. Young
Eddie joyrides to escape the rust-belt dead-end of 1975's Detroit, but he's soon over his head when he becomes a heist gang's getaway driver.
Feature Action For sale 110pp
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Handyman by Chaz Fatur
A Mama thinks she’s protecting her Son by starting a killing spree that this simple minded Neighborhood Handyman will eventually finish. Call on Jim Craven 1-800-2KILLEM.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 99pp
Animalypse by Octavio Guerra-Royo
When genetically modified organisms (GMOs) plants and animals start becoming giant deadly monsters, an FBI agent investigates the largest GMO corporation uncovering an Eco-Terrorist plot to create the animal apocalypse, the ANIMALYPSE, worldwide.
Feature Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 157pp
Womanhattan by Donald Smith
A determined English lawyer relocates as part of the Black Lives Matter fight. Her new life gets turned upside down by tragedy, forcing her down a path of vengeance from which she may not return.
Feature Drama For sale 96pp
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Laika by Jackie Perez
In 1957, a Soviet scientist is ordered to send his beloved dog on a one-way mission to space, and must decide if, in the race between superpowers, the price to be first is worth it.
Feature Biography, Drama, History For sale 101pp
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cover by Steven Mayes
Lee returns from Vietnam with wounds so deep he can't trust himself in society so he makes a home in the woods just as a group of suburbanites choose it as their camping site.
Feature Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller, War For sale 100pp
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Grey Days by J. Phillip Wilkins
When Caleb's dying uncle hands him a mysterious address, it sends him on a journey through a phantasmic, criminal underworld for a chance at everlasting bliss.
Feature Crime, Mystery, Thriller For sale 111pp
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Kansas Kid by James Brosnahan
A strapping orphan makes a name for himself as a gunman and bounty hunter, while pursuing vengeance against those who killed his parents.
Feature Action, Drama, History, Romance, Western For sale 109pp
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Through the Lens by Kara Joy
A sensual script that depicts the need for people to learn to forgive themselves, have the courage to love despite the odds, protect who matters, and to be accepted wholeheartedly for who you are.
Feature Action, Adventure, Romance For sale 130pp
A Good Day To Kill by Andreas Andersson
Mercenaries retrieve a precious box to save the world as it’s known, only to be hunted down by the man they took it from.
Feature Action, Adventure, Thriller For sale 92pp
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Alpha Code by Andrew Ramirez
Devastated by his long term girlfriend’s infidelity, a "beta male” in his mid-twenties enlists the help of his two “alpha male” ex-college roommates to help him become a real man.
Feature Comedy For sale 114pp
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Garden of Delight by Paul Grammatico
A man takes revenge on the people from his past by saving the life of a professional killer who becomes indebted to him.
Feature Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 93pp
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Rage of the Tiger by Ross Clarkson
A father fights to protect his family as he battles a bloodthirsty Triad leader when he enters the world of illegal street fighting.
Feature Action For sale 100pp
The Cure by Eoin O'Sullivan
Royal Raymond Rife, an unorthodox scientist, claims he has discovered the cause for cancer and a novel electronic cure, but gets sabotaged by a corrupt bureaucrat, Morris Fishbein.
Feature Biography, Drama, History For sale 114pp
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A Foreign Exchange by Alyssa Jefferson
A pair of outcasts hatch a plot to finish high school with a bang by posing as exchange students, and cheat their way up the social ladder.
Feature Comedy, Fantasy, Musical For sale 105pp
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Joshua The Spy by JM Navon
Joshua comes from another world to Spy and sees how corrupt the world is. He is tormented by Satan.
Feature Action, Adventure, Romance, Thriller For sale 128pp
A Grey Hat In The North by J. Phillip Wilkins
A North Korean intelligence analyst finds his loyalty tested when he has to save an American woman from the consequences of his work.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 116pp
3 readers love this script