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The Caravan by David Beshears
In a post-apocalyptic landscape, a band of marauders unexpectedly finds itself on the receiving end when it attacks a nomadic caravan and discovers the intended victims are not at all as they appear.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 88pp
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Outrunning Shadows by Allen Buice
Andrew's plans for a quiet small-town life are upended when he falls for a dashing neighbor whose dark past could get them both killed.
Feature Action, Drama, Thriller For sale 98pp
Casting Call by John Etterlee.
Brad moves to LA to pursue his dream of becoming an actor; instead he meets the girl of his dreams.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 102pp
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The Arresting Truth by Richard Gustason
After a man they arrested dies in their custody, two accused detectives investigate to clear their name before someone makes matters worse.
Feature Comedy, Crime For sale 92pp
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Twin Blades from LA by Michael Good
Two female twins embark on a mission to save the world from time traveling assassins before the continuity of time is written for the worse.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi For sale 105pp
Earth: Once Again Doomed by Kyle Williamson
DANIEL’S attempt to correct Earth’s attempt to destroy itself goes on. This time Earth’s fight picks up it’s fight with massive storms battling Daniel
Feature Action For sale 186pp
Revenge Night by Benjamin James
In a small mid western town, a local high school holds a secret annual event that allows the victims of merciless bullies to inflict their own brand of revenge on their tormentors. All without fear of consequence and retaliation.
Feature Thriller For sale 88pp
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The Dungeon by Mark D. Clark
When a social worker takes on a difficult case and saves a child from neglect, she puts her life in danger and becomes targeted by a cold-blooded killer.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 89pp
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In A Moment's Landing by Karl Scarff
How hard can it be to get arrested and get dental and a free education?
Feature Comedy For sale 90pp
Cigarettes & Horses by Ben Trebilcook
A former Yankee soldier teams up with an English writer to retain some stolen artefacts, discovering the thief to be a Confederate from the Yankee's violent past.
Feature Western For sale 107pp
Save the Children by D.C. Copeland
A jaded expat living in a SE Asian country joins forces with a woman who has come there to kill the man who killed her sister who was trying to save children from prostitution.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 120pp
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Let's Save the World by Tony De Lombardo
Three people take LSD and are sent into a trip where they must save the world from mythological creatures.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 92pp
Kings Quarter by Marjolein Smit
When a pacifist drug lord's heir gets shunned after he is wrongfully imprisoned for life, he gears up for vindication.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 120pp
The Terrible Nephews by Anthony Seger
To save their house, Dax and Huck unknowingly pass off their late Aunt's "female history" novel as their own.
Feature Comedy, Family For sale 51pp
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What's the Big Idea? by Steve Cleary
A pair of slacker junior studio execs struggle to keep up with demand, and appearances, after finding an old box of unproduced screenplays and turning them in as their own.
Feature Comedy For sale 97pp
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Biblical Mythology by Ephesian Franklin
A modern day Greek mythology episode that have the bible's significance of Ephesus who fights to save the world against Medusa, Hades, and the Devil.
Feature Action For sale 20pp
SKY by Rafael Gutierrez
Justin is suicidal. Sky is a quirky thief. Strangely, love happens and the power of love may be able to save a life.
Feature Drama, Mystery, Romance For sale 112pp
The City of No Children by Benjamin James
A young woman who works at a women's homeless shelter decides to hunt down the man supposedly responsible for the kidnapping of numerous children.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 88pp
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Destiny's Divas One - Episode 3 by Ernie Johnson
Destiny's Divas goes on their first road trip, starting in Atlanta, where they also find a missing kidnapped child, then to Boston and Hartford, where the girls start their progress towards finding Josh Masters' killers
Feature Crime, Drama, Fantasy For sale 112pp
Inside End Out by Steven Burton
Terri, a pretty teen, instantly becomes a handsome boy, caused by an accidental Alien intrusion.
Feature Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 108pp
Takes You Back by Oscar Moreno
After being committed to an institution following her sister's death, a troubled young woman returns home to convince her friends and family that they're being hunted by a demon that feeds on negative emotions.
Feature Horror For sale 85pp
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Pub Lunch by Anthony Hudson
Three trainee chefs decide they need a break before their upcoming exams, but is the English countryside the best place, and have they ordered more than they can eat?
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 101pp
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Court of Public Opinion by James Barber
When a dedicated husband and father finds himself at the center of another murder trial, he must rely on the talents of a high-powered defense attorney to save his life and reputation.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 103pp
The Borealis Express by Ed Hernandez
A down on his luck truck driver reluctantly accepts a job hauling cargo across the Alaskan tundra, only to later find that the cargo is a sentient bioweapon.
Feature Action, Horror For sale 92pp
A Beautiful Dream by Kimberly Britt
Still devastated by the tragic loss of her fiance years later, a lonely introvert reconnects with an old flame who helps her find happiness again.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 99pp
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