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Feed The Fish by Cynthia Garbutt
Two men mend their broken friendship; despite their differences and the dangerous job they undertake.
Feature Comedy For sale 110pp
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Sinjar by Ben Browne
An idealistic doctor coerces a handful of soldiers into freeing her fellow captives and attempt a 300-mile escape through the Islamic State.
Feature Action, Adventure, Thriller, War For sale 110pp
Tastes Like Chicken by Lance Ness
A zombie spoof: When a community picnic goes horribly wrong it's up to a crazy cowboy and three other oddball characters, to survive, rescue their friends and destroy the zombie hoard.
Feature Action, Comedy, Horror, Thriller For sale 92pp
Apollyon Hall by David Smith
Refurbishing a deserted hotel becomes a fight for survival when one workman is possessed by the spirit of a murderer
Feature Horror For sale 107pp
The Heist on Rhapsody Street by Steve Garry
A thief retires with his riches after carrying out a perfect heist, only to discover he has to dodge a time-traveling investigator from the future who's intent on cracking the case.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi For sale 102pp
Secret island by Jordan Tate
Several plane crash survivors discover a fantasy island concealed from the rest of the world, where several legendary celebrities got together after faking their deaths...
Feature Adventure, Fantasy For sale 119pp
17 Days by Rick Garman
Four adult siblings reunite after the death of their father and struggle to come to terms with their past and their future.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 132pp
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Job's Shadow by Paul Pruett
A spiritual man begins to lose everything. His career, his family dies and his health begins to suffer as a result, but does not lose his faith.
Feature Drama For sale 120pp
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Little Sheep by Steve Garry
In the throes of Third World revolution, after all the grownups in their unit are killed in battle a young rebel leads his fellow child soldiers on a campaign to liberate kids from war everywhere.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, War For sale 124pp
The Killing Jar by Chris Keaton
A suicidal detective must race the clock and his drug addiction to rescue kidnapped conjoined twins.
Feature Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 109pp
Deadly Admirer by Carl Washington
After the death of her roommate, an up and coming Female Pop Star finds out that her new roommate is actually an obsessed fan with a dark secret.
Feature Thriller For sale 91pp
The Rake by Erik D Griffin
A man battling depression begins having visions of the same demon that his wife saw moments before she died in a tragic accident.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 91pp
Deceptive clarity by Bernard Mersier
The past never rests until you face your wrongs. That’s what a hot shot lawyer is about to learn.
Feature Thriller For sale 102pp
Mystery at Lake Moluska by Clayton Emery
She's "horse happy", he's a "swamp rat". But they team up to find stolen antiques and save their camp.
Feature Action, Crime, Family, Mystery, Romance Available for Free 94pp
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One Nation Under THEM by Kyle Schiffert
In the 1950s, a former WW2 sniper turned mechanic attempts to save his captured family while uncovering the truth of extraterrestrial invaders hidden among us secretly orchestrating a war between Russia and the United States.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi For sale 120pp
Friendly by Jackson Gary
Matthew is sent to boarding school and ends up meeting the kind of friends he's never had.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 101pp
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Hunter by ShaDon Manigault
A grandfather tells the dark and grisly story of his life before his death.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 125pp
Grand Old Lady by Kyle Williamson
A trip back through time changes a great war KYLE RIDLEY has memories to change the events to undo the altered timeline. Can he help every in time before he is killed or re educated?
Feature Adventure For sale 109pp
Bad Bargain by Richard Russell
To keep his dying wife alive, a mystery writer makes a bargain with a demon. Not all trades work out.
Feature Drama For sale 93pp
Dagon: Waterworld Extreme by April J. Miller
An extreme sports enthusiast wanting revenge on her controlling mother, takes her sister with her to the planet Dagon to ride clear spheres in hurricane seas only to be attacked by a gigantic apex predator.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 104pp
Love and Loss in West Berlin by Mitchell Ackerman
A German Hitman with super abilities must finish one last job in order to be with the woman he loves.
Feature Action, Crime, Fantasy, History For sale 93pp
Wolves at the Door - (Stageplay) by Jeremy Storey
During a winter storm in Seattle, patrons of a neighborhood bar are taken hostage by a pair of desperate bank robbers.
Feature Crime, Thriller Available for Free 110pp
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Digit by Tennyson Stead
In this animated movie, a young, untried computer program named DIGIT will save Granny's Computer from the clutches of the virus TROJAN.
Feature Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 99pp
The Nuptials by Fausto Lucignani
As the day of their wedding draws near, a young man and his forty-something fiancée are faced with a heartbreaking decision -- get married with each other or with their lovers?
Feature Comedy Available for Free 111pp
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Alien V - Legacy by David Serafim
Newt is back, this time as a grown up fighting xenomorphs, including two brand new types.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 125pp
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