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Feature Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 117pp
Immortal by Kimberly Britt
After stumbling upon the cure for vampirism, an introvert and a nurse must outsmart a vixen vampire looking to take over a powerful clan and end her reign of terror.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 86pp
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Turned by Matthew Blackburn
A young couple and their idiot friend must fight their way out of the city as a force spread by touch turns ordinary humans into a single minded army, driven to make
Feature Action, Horror For sale 104pp
Hungry Kevin Torrance by Ashoka Chowta
A man and a woman who need one another romantically.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 2pp
Blackout '77 by Buters Gerthfeld
Gangs of outrageous characters try to survive the night of the 1977 New York City Blackout, trapped in a rundown apartment building.
Feature Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 114pp
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The Ghost and the Gold Louis by jamie sutliff
A ghost leads her great granddaughter through history to the coins that bought her as a slave in 1810.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, History For sale 90pp
Double Back (need feedback) by Will Hudson
Having been in a coma for the last 3 months. Jake uses the memories he has of future events to help the government save lives.
Feature Action, Crime, Mystery For sale 22pp
Forbidden Star by David A. Lloyd
Humanity must move beyond the confines of our solar system if we are going to survive.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 230pp
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Miko the Magician by Stuart Cubbon, Jr.
With Grandpa's help, nine-year-old Miko must become a certified magician in order to save the life of her best friend, a fast talking, Brooklyn-born rabbit named Tomo.
Feature Animation, Family For sale 99pp
Planet of Stones by David Beshears
Connelly is sent 100,000yrs into the past to study the tribes of two recently discovered humanoid species. Two years in, his mission is not what he thought it was and the future no longer exists.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 92pp
Death With Benefits by Missy Cohen-Fyffe
An action/rom-com about two neurotic assassins tasked with killing each other who team up to take down their boss when they discover he's killing off employees to cut his health care costs.
Feature Action, Comedy, Romance For sale 110pp
Back in the Saddle by Kyle Williamson
tremendous storms and dimensional inversions occur. One man, a lost soul can fix the problem. Will the people causing it find him and kill him first?
Feature Adventure For sale 102pp
Dr. Love’s House of Pain by Brian OHara
Can a teenage boy and girl escape the torture chamber laboratory of a twisted scientist searching for a fountain of youth elixir by conducting horrific experiments on smuggled migrants from Mexico?
Feature Crime, Horror For sale 91pp
Banshee Awakening by Eoin O'Sullivan
In famine era Ireland, a devious landlord’s lust for an innocent and beautiful tenant that occupies his land, will set in motion a choice that awakens a terrible curse, to haunt his lineage for eternity.
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Mystery For sale 91pp
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The Typewriter by Rick Garrison
The lives of a man and his family are threatened by the discovery of a mysterious typewriter with the ability to see into the future... and into the mind of a psychotic killer.
Feature Thriller For sale 97pp
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Dawn by Tim Aucoin
A high school quarterbacks bright future as a football star turns bleak when his prom-queen girlfriend turns into a vampire.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 103pp
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The Borealis Express by Ed Hernandez
A down on his luck truck driver reluctantly accepts a job hauling cargo across the Alaskan tundra, only to later find that the cargo is a sentient bioweapon.
Feature Action, Horror For sale 92pp
The River & the Ribbon by Patrice Williams Marks
True love story and adventure set against the discovery of the source of the Nile.
Feature Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, History For sale 110pp
Chasing The Dead by Tim Westland
A woman is forced to travel a twisted route through a freak snow storm, and her own haunted past, in order to save her kidnapped daughter from an unstoppable supernatural murderer.
Feature Horror For sale 91pp
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Antinean by Mike Briock
Antinean (An-tin-e-an), an orbiting maximum-security prison, is hijacked by the world's most deadly inmate, who threatens to expose Antinean's dark secret, and crash the prison into a major US city, causing catastrophic results.
Feature Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 105pp
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World's Best Mom by Anthony Stampalia
A guilt-ridden mother who flees for a new life after faking death on 9/11 must elude pursuing cops and a loan shark threatening to reveal the truth to her mourning family.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 96pp
Lady Be Good by Patrice Williams Marks
TRUE STORY: 1943, the young, green crew of the B24 “Lady Be Good,” took off on it’s way to a bombing air-raid over Naples, Italy. 25 Liberators were sent, 24 returned.
Feature Action, Adventure, History, War For sale 98pp
Metanoia by Ben Browne
After a violent home invasion, a young mother fights to keep the family together despite her rapidly deteriorating mental state and the growing possibility that their home is now haunted.
Feature Horror For sale 102pp
The Holo Hack by Jay Pendragon
A young British hacker is forced to work with an ambitious intelligence agent — also his former foster mother — to fulfill the mission left to him by his late parents.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 106pp
Death Swap by Alison Parker
Four friends must survive the night and each other when a cursed board game possesses their bodies with evil spirits. It’s Jumanji meets Hellraiser.
Feature Horror For sale 96pp