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Monster Inside by Kimberly Britt
When a single mother falls for a charming stranger, she must unlock the secrets of his past before she becomes the next skeleton in his closet.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 96pp
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Digit by Tennyson Stead
In this animated movie, a young, untried computer program named DIGIT will save Granny's Computer from the clutches of the virus TROJAN.
Feature Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 99pp
Hello Somebody... by Mike Becker
From a trailer park in the Deep South, to the Metropolitan Opera House, Jackie fights and drinks her way to the top. Life is good and tipsy, until fame and fortune rear their ugly head.
Feature Drama For sale 123pp
Monster Without by Jurij Fedorov
A teenage girl is haunted by a ghost. One of her classmates sees this not as a problem for her but as a solution to his problems.
Feature Family Available for Free 100pp
Grease Trap by Kevin Hopgood
What should be a routine job for drainage engineers Stu, Dazza & Marco turns into a night of horror as they are hunted by a mysterious sewer dwelling abomination.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 81pp
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Matibo by Frankie Gaddo
A somber aged notorious outlaw helps a timid town face a clan of ruthless bandits while its benevolent reverend helps him find his humanity.
Feature Drama, Western For sale 107pp
Sisters of the Sea by D.C. Copeland
The swashbuckling tale of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the most notorious women pirates of all time.
Feature Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, History For sale 119pp
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The Green Hag by J.T. McCallum
It’s days before Halloween and children are going MISSING. Aided by his family, a police officer searches for his missing partner, but finds much more.
Feature Adventure, Horror, Mystery For sale 96pp
The Journey by Linda Bean
As Americans we are all born with indisputable rights, is The Right To Die one of them?
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 110pp
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The Payment Plan by Daniel White
A revenge for hire guy finally locates the people who destroyed his family.. and he revenges them.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime For sale 113pp
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Family of another shape by Ashley Byron
All Family are different no two famies are alike Family has no DNA
Feature Drama For sale 111pp
Love & Happiness by Mike Briock
A man arranges for his demise after being cruelly swindled out of his family's life savings, only to discover much too late that he wasn't swindled after all. He cannot cancel the hit.
Feature Action, Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 92pp
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Transcendence by Joe Kordzi
An assistant DA, his criminal psychologist girlfriend and a spiritualist aunt battle a modern day Shaman who is invading their dreams in a quest to transcend life’s physical boundaries.
Feature Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 124pp
Somaliland by Clinton West
During 1993's Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, a young sailor goes from naive to battle weary veteran when he inexplicably joins Marines aimed at feeding a starving nation which turns to clan warfare.
Feature Action, Adventure, War For sale 108pp
R.Y.a.N. by Dave Miller
The harrowing true story of Operation Able Archer in 1983, the NATO training exercise that nearly triggered WWIII
Feature History, Thriller For sale 105pp
Bob goes to Hell by Jasen Heffner
When the paperwork gets lost, Bob finds himself shuffled around Hell's prison-like setting. Trying to prove he is innocent, in a realm full of liars.
Feature Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 90pp
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Nirvana Road by M.R. Hilow
Plagued by her past, a woman enters a time-warp to reconcile a crime committed in her youth.
Feature Adventure, Crime, Drama, History, Thriller For sale 104pp
Abra-Cadaver by Raymond (Ray) Scanlon
A failed magician takes his show global by killing his "volunteers" via live stream internet. A detective, who has history with the magician, tries desperately to find his family before they become the next victims.
Feature Horror For sale 81pp
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The Contract Year by Glen Hosking
After being traded to the worst basketball team in the league, a superstar dance director must find a way to make its dancers the best so he can seek a better deal in free agency.
Feature Comedy, Musical, Sport For sale 105pp
Flashback by Kyle Williamson
Real or a hallucination it's a deadly game that could cost dozens their lives
Feature Mystery For sale 193pp
In Shades Of Blue by Ed Penney
Stephen and Vicky meet and fall in love. But can their love survive the passing years when they both have completely different aspirations in life?
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 100pp
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Virtual Planet by Rick Garrison
A burned-out college professor teams up with a feisty reporter to find the connection between his student’s death, a mysterious software company and a corrupt politician vying for the presidency.
Feature Thriller For sale 116pp
Tattoo by Bill Runyan
Sometimes tattoos can go horribly wrong.
Feature Comedy Available for Free 90pp
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Dragon Chronicles: Armayans Fall by Elisha Woods
Prince Jahin, a brash and impulsive Armayan warrior, journeys to bring his family honor and freedom from the evil galactic warlord, Lord Nakara, who will stop at nothing, to ensure Prince Jahin fails.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 126pp
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The Falcon by Robert Cole
The greatest pirate you've never heard of shows compassion for the unfortunate as he and his crew of scalawags search for treasure.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance For sale 131pp
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