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Dead Soul Music by Stuart Wright
A young woman must find a rare gramophone record before her 21st birthday or lose her soul to a demon trapped inside.
Feature Horror For sale 90pp
Insidious Six by Kyle Williamson
Six hackers find a plot to enslave life on Earth now must fight for their own survival and to save mankind
Feature Adventure For sale 120pp
City Without Heroes by Deen Gill
As a super-powered sociopath lays waste to Detroit, a war vet suffering from PTSD tries to overcome her fear and doubt and engage one more enemy.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 103pp
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Sect's Toy by Nicholas Heathcote
An impotent detective and his intuitive partner pursue a ghost on a murderous rampage. It's M.O.? Making its victims orgasm to death.
Feature Comedy, Horror, Mystery For sale 94pp
Deliverance The return by Laszlo Klima
Return to Deliverance, now Squeal Like a Pig.
Feature Drama For sale 123pp
Time Well Spent by J. Richard Singleton
After being brutally dumped by his girlfriend, a previously goal-less teenager and his friends try to transform him into the man he wants to be.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 120pp
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Lydia's Song by Katherine Blessan
An idealistic woman heads out to Cambodia, taking a young Vietnamese girl into her home and heart. She ends up being betrayed by the man she loves when he sells the girl into sex-slavery.
Feature Drama Available for Free 118pp
The Emperor's Medallion by R.L. Galbraith
Jean-Paul La Fontaine, a wealthy swashbuckler, is determined to save France from tyranny during the French Revolution while wearing Charlemagne’s cherished medallion, only realizing the rebellion is bigger than his ego.
Feature Drama, History For sale 116pp
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Trust Me by Earl Javorsky
A down-and-out drug dealer follows his sister's suicide to a sex predator in the LA recovery community--and to his next target.
Feature Drama For sale 109pp
GINA by Ridzwan Ahmad
“At least you are lucky to have some flesh to keep. The others have nothing.”
Feature Romance For sale 55pp
Reckless Deeds by Henry Shorney
A college professor sleeps with one of his students and will do whatever it takes to keep the secret safe.
Feature Comedy, Crime For sale 84pp
LAST BREATH AT 00:53 by cesare massaini
When a missing girl asks her help through a dream, a retired psychic will have to awake her powers to find the girl before she'll be murdered.
Feature Crime For sale 118pp
THE DARK DIMENSION by cesare massaini
When a married couple going through a crisis step in a haunted house, they'll have to get over their problems and fight together before the evil separates them forever.
Feature Horror For sale 98pp
Indigo by Robert Bates
When a “hero"s identity is revealed, he must cooperate with his police officer ex-girlfriend and an officer that wants to kill him to stop a killer from executing a bizarre plan or he'll be executed.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 103pp
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THE COP KILLERS by Eric Dickson
Rawley Niner becomes embroiled in a cover-up involving the District Attorney's Office. Proposed sequel to the film Niner.
Feature Crime For sale 104pp
Seven Dog Years by Sarah Boston
A single, attractive, young career woman is devastated when she learns that the love of her life has cancer. The love of her life is her dog.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 85pp
221bCAUSE by Ben Trebilcook
A former NYPD officer working at 221b Baker St, receives letters to Sherlock Holmes. She discovers one letter from the President of the United States' son, who has been kidnapped and takes up the case.
Feature Crime For sale 105pp
The Diva Code by Reico Cartwright
When a tenacious 70s R&B Diva rise to the top; a duet partner, crooked record label, and rival set on stealing her man, all get in the way of love, marriage, and business.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Music For sale 113pp
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Someone Somewhere Is Listening by Gene Gwynne
Two former lovers, now police detectives, risk life and career in pursuit of a sociopath monitoring phone conversations.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery For sale 123pp
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Shades of love by Ife Y Williams
A ‘white’ couple’s relationship implodes when they become parents to twin daughters, one black, one white exposing a life of deceit.
Feature Drama For sale 106pp
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The Club by Mickey Hatewood
A drug dealer, a struggling young waitress and a quartet of celebrity wannabees endure a night of hell when they gatecrash a notorious Los Angeles nightclub.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 100pp
Transcendence by Joe Kordzi
An assistant DA, his criminal psychologist girlfriend and a spiritualist aunt battle a modern day Shaman who is invading their dreams in a quest to transcend life’s physical boundaries.
Feature Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 124pp
Transgate by J.E. Clarke
James Kelman has a unique job - alien linguist for S.S. Asimov, orbiting Saturn. Can the crew of the Asimov find middle ground, before the situation explodes?
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 108pp
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Space Warriors by Ashoka Chowta
A group of outer space felons are forced to work together to stop a dangerous fighter.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 1pp
Love Will Lead You Back by McDalan Francois
Morgan's quest to get the girl that he wants, leads him to the girl tat he needs. He soon realizes in this romantic comedy, that true love will lead you back.
Feature Comedy For sale 95pp