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Drew Dixon Adventures by Kyle Williamson
A genius madman plays a deadly game of chess with human lives
Feature Crime, Mystery For sale 141pp
Nokosee & Stormy: Love and Bullets by D.C. Copeland
Stormy returns to the swamp to team up with Nokosee and the New Seminole for an eco war on the "Outside." Based on the YA novel
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Thriller For sale 120pp
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Pray For Me by Paul J. Williams
Over the past twenty-five years, a series of horrific events have struck the town of Smithfield, Virginia. This documentary searches through the secrets, conspiracy-theories, and ugly truths for the answers.
Feature Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 83pp
Hunter by Michael S
Hunger Games meets Running Man. A murderous man-hunting millionaire realizes too late that he is hunting the wrong man. Or, in this case, the wrong woman
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 88pp
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Between Here and There by John Hunter
A woman trapped in an unhappy marriage finds her Mr. Right and the courage to change her life forever while in a coma.
Feature Fantasy, Romance For sale 72pp
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Ephesians Spiritual Warfare by Ephesian Franklin
A guy named Ephesian gets harassed by evil spirits and studies the bible and learns he has a celestial case of spiritual warfare along with the entire world.
Feature War For sale 100pp
UNDER by Jordan Tate
A famous aging marine archeologist finds the secret to physical immortality through a mysterious pink seaweed.
Feature Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 87pp
'Carnation by Matthew Bertsch
Larry, a modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge, takes great pleasure in his job as a "varmint control specialist", until one day when he's reincarnated and finds himself on the other end of the schtick.
Feature Comedy For sale 108pp
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Manhattan Story by B. R. Smith
A powerful broadway theatre critic falls in love with the lead actress in the musical his scathing review just closed.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 103pp
Ethereal Vanity - We Are Legion by J. Quinzelle
REVISED JUNE 2019. The boy who surrendered his soul to a demon must fight for his life with the help of the last Catholic priest in a post-Armageddon world.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 135pp
Among Us by Arturo Portillo
An old government experiment goes bad in a small Texas town, unleashing giant insects to kill the locals.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 103pp
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The Lady of Sunshine by Marcos Fizzotti
She’s in our homes, our lives, our minds, I don’t have much time. I can’t stand much longer. I’m even afraid that just by reading this, you’re also in danger. You’re our only hope, Apocalily.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller For sale 132pp
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Perspectives by Jasen Heffner
It seems a gaggle of teens just can't go camping in the woods without a series of murders. But every story has two sides.
Feature Comedy, Thriller For sale 75pp
That In-Between Period by Mark Feinsod
Set in 1995, That In-Between Period is about Patterson Deutsch, a college graduate forced to endure the humiliation of living back home in the suburbs while he searches for a job in New York.
Feature Comedy, Drama, History, Romance For sale 109pp
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Quicksilver by Richard Hudson
Following a bloody encounter between the FBI and a pair of serial killers, a distraught woman travels across country, unaware that her fiance's murderer and the FBI are on her trail.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 105pp
Outrunning Shadows by Allen Buice
Andrew's plans for a quiet small-town life are upended when he falls for a dashing neighbor whose dark past could get them both killed.
Feature Action, Drama, Thriller For sale 98pp
Dead Guy Days by Jacob Mynatt
To pay back a debt, a grieving husband transports a mobsters fugitive son across the country. When they cross paths with a corrupt small town cop, they're blackmailed into carrying out a robbery.
Feature Adventure, Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 99pp
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Hell on Earth by Gary Blake
When everyman William Whitman thinks his life can't get any worse, he falls asleep at the wheel, dies, and finds himself damned to eternity in Hell.
Feature Comedy For sale 93pp
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One Nation by Patrice Williams Marks
True story of one boy's moving moral dilemma that rocked a nation.
Feature Biography, Drama, Family, History For sale 108pp
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Harold Godwinson by Shara Maude
King Harold II of England must face off against the deadliest of enemies, Duke William of Normandy. At Hasting, Harold must destroy William, or die trying.
Feature Biography, Drama, History, War For sale 82pp
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Misplaced Horizons by Larkin Thompson
Bobby Jennings is a twelve year old who's mentally retarded but with the help of two mentors he plows straight ahead. Can Bobby challenge a fast paced world with slow determination?
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy For sale 115pp
Don't Go Outside by David J. Keogh
5 strangers wake in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. Their memories wiped and a note saying ‘Don’t Go Outside’. Then something starts to kill them one-by-one.
Feature Horror For sale 98pp
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Two female German defectors desperately want to become real Americans, but when they botch-up a secret plan to secure a Francophile's credit card in Paris, they risk their one chance to live Big American Free.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 81pp
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Taken Away by Art D'Alessandro
Two 16 year-olds, one a mouthy cutter, the other a church boy, become unlikely allies when they're snatched from separate states and taken to a remote hideaway by an inexperienced kidnapper and his terminal mother.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 108pp
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Soul Hunter by Désirée Nordlund
A scientist finds proof of existence of the human soul, but also an unequal share of it in each person.
Feature Drama For sale 106pp
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