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Explode. by Michael Akobi
A case of necrophilia ignites a war between a blue collar Brooklyn family and a vengeful gangster.
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 103pp
American Genocide by Steve Garry
Two psychopathic siblings, on the run with their irresponsible father from their demented mother, blend in with a parade of mass murderers weaving a trail of death and terror across the nation’s highways.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 104pp
Bloodlines: The Chosen by Bryan Rudolph
Vampires at the brink of extinction find a boy that can save their species. How far will two vampire hunters go to protect him?
Feature Horror For sale 117pp
Cadeby by David J. Keogh
445 AD - Against huge odds, a band of ill-prepared and unlikely heroes prepares to defend the small village of Cadeby from a Viking onslaught.
Feature Action, Adventure, History, Romance, War For sale 118pp
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Credence Falls by Ben Browne
A traumatized convict leads a volatile mix of law enforcement into the wilds on the pretense of locating a murder victim, but in reality, he’s baiting the killer.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 103pp
The Tale of Fritzy by Marty Anderson
After nearly dying in battle, a young soldier is tempted to desert with his new bride when he believes he will be recalled to the front.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, War For sale 128pp
Mis[s]taken by Bryce Thomas
A distraught mother is determined to find out what happened to her missing daughter after a mysterious teenage girl assumes her daughter's identity.
Feature Thriller For sale 77pp
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Remnants of Redemption by Connie Wilson
Authorities are baffled on a case when a mysterious woman is the suspect of a murder spree. It turns out she is actually the man running an abuse shelter.
Feature Thriller For sale 108pp
Manhattan Story by B. R. Smith
A powerful broadway theatre critic falls in love with the lead actress in the musical his scathing review just closed.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 103pp
Eternal love sci-fiction love story by jivan jivan
A young lover was brought back to life with futuristic technology on A.D2030 and he falls in love with same woman!
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 2pp
Hunter by Michael S
Hunger Games meets Running Man. A murderous man-hunting millionaire realizes too late that he is hunting the wrong man. Or, in this case, the wrong woman
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 88pp
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Lizzie by Wayne Taylor
A railroad detective and a troubled teen girl discover the “accidental” deaths plaguing the rail yard are actually the work of a vengeful witch’s spirit.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 116pp
Hibernation by Mike Briock
Undetected malicious alien DNA creeps further and further into a very small winter-isolated town with intensely horrific results. No living thing is immune. In-fact, not even the long dead are immune.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 95pp
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The List by Dwhyte star
A gun for hire sets out on a mission to rid the world of a criminal empire.
Feature Action For sale 97pp
Burning Sands by Sal Kapoor
After receiving a tip off that his sister was murdered, a young British soldier absconds to Goa to investigate but finds himself initiated into the same cult that killed her.
Feature Adventure, Thriller For sale 95pp
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No Guts No Glory by Gary Rowlands
When an experimental steroid turns a team of supreme athletes into super-zombies, mankind’s only hope of avoiding a zombie apocalypse is a ragtag group of fat campers.
Feature Action, Comedy, Horror For sale 99pp
A PARTY FOR JOEY by Eric Dickson
A cop on suspension for shooting a black teen comes home for Thanksgiving, only to find his kid sister has brought home her black boyfriend from college.
Feature Drama For sale 90pp
HEARTBEAT by Eric Dickson
Popular teen Abra Needham spends a quiet night at home while her parents are away at a funeral. Meanwhile, police search her housing project for two escaped killers.
Feature Horror For sale 89pp
Whirlabout by Art D'Alessandro
Danny returns home to care for his father who’s riding a downward Alzheimer’s spiral, but dark, ugly secrets revealed about the old man’s past shock him to the core and change everything.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 102pp
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Pink Slip Party by Jeremy Storey
In the early 2000s, the dotcom era imploded, forcing three twenty-something’s to start anew. However, their tumultuous journey to find employment brings them to something better than a job… their true calling.
Feature Comedy, Drama Available for Free 101pp
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The Fisherman by Ben Trebilcook
The wife of a humble fisherman is brutally killed by a gang, resulting in old wounds opening and the fisherman's former life as a mob assassin to reappear
Feature Action For sale 89pp
Radiant City by Paul Friend
In a post-apocalyptic city where people have gained the ability to cast ‘echoes’ - temporary copies of themselves - an Echo Crime Detective hunts a killer with the unprecedented ability to echo other people.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 103pp
The Invitation by Mickey Hatewood
A troubled university dropout travels to a mysterious town in order to gain an inheritance, unaware of the inhabitant's sinister intentions.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 99pp
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Her Soul Intention by Linda Hullinger
With a borrowed comatose body and the help of a guilt-ridden musician, a mischievous ten-year-old soul is given three days on Earth to stop her mother from marrying the wrong man.
Feature Comedy, Family, Fantasy For sale 117pp
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The Lost Reel by Anthony Cawood
Upon discovering a long-forgotten film reel in a yard sale, a boy and his Grandpa head off on a quest to Japan to reunite the two halves of the film, pursued every step of the way by an unscrupulous film collector.
Feature Action, Adventure, Family For sale 100pp
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