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The Destiny: Hit & Love by Jay Han-San
Ne'er-do-well con hitman gets in trouble by falling in love with a daughter of a well-known gangster he is booked to kill.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Romance For sale 72pp
Scarlet Seas by J.C. Young
Father and daughter hunters pursue a fugitive vampire to the New World; her blood-thirst unleashed when pirates plunder the ship ferrying her coffin.
Feature Action, Adventure, Horror For sale 108pp
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The Sphynx by Johnny Atkinson
An all-American family welcomes an expensive breed of cat, which turns out to have a true killer instinct.
Feature Horror For sale 97pp
The Next Wave by Derek Reid
An introverted teen hit by a drunk driver after a surfing trip in 1993 wakes from a near quarter-century coma and must figure out how to catch the-next-wave of life.
Feature Drama For sale 95pp
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Sarah Arizona by John Hunter
In the 1860s, a strong-willed young woman raised to be a bounty hunter struggles to find a better life.
Feature Adventure, Western For sale 91pp
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Virtual Planet by Rick Garrison
A burned-out college professor teams up with a feisty reporter to find the connection between his student’s death, a mysterious software company and a corrupt politician vying for the presidency.
Feature Thriller For sale 116pp
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Rest in Peace by Sandy Baker
Suffering Post Traumatic Stress after the death of her daughter an artist moves to her fiancés Gothic seaside mansion to recuperate but it has a tragic history that threatens her happiness, sanity and Molly’s soul.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 105pp
Angel Off by Adolpho Phillips
A fallen Angel struggles to keep a promise to his deceased earthly love, to care for their child in the hood.
Feature Drama For sale 100pp
Encounter at Hopkinsville by Jerry Robbins
Inspired by actual events, when a UFO descends upon a remote Kentucky farm, a family must defend itself against an attack of small alien creatures.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 105pp
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Frustration by Julian Martin
Discovering that his long-lost mother ended up in porn, an angry young man plays angel and devil in pursuit of the truth, vengeance, and social prestige.
Feature Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery For sale 122pp
Blood White by Ernest Farino
A con man takes drastic action by planning to murder his wife to collect her trust fund. An ally agrees to do it but makes a deadly mistake, escalating things to a violent climax.
Feature Thriller For sale 109pp
Fireflies by Kara Joy
After a tragic car accident claims his wife, a teacher tutors a young girl from a very broken home and eventually gains a new understanding for love and family unity.
Feature Drama For sale 98pp
Aisling by B. Jack Azadi
Fifty years after World War II, a British veteran attempts to reconcile with his estranged wife as he recalls a perilous journey through enemy territory, and allied imprisonment, to fulfill his promise of coming home.
Feature Drama, Romance, War For sale 97pp
The Bird Feeder by James Shearer
Aware the inhabitants of North Sentinel Island kill trespassers, a daring intruder is cautious: his discovery that survivors from MH370 are used as human sacrifices by their islander captors, adds to the encroachers woes.
Feature Drama For sale 96pp
Earthly, Truly Yours by Jay Han-San
Mediocre intergalactic maintenance crew on a routine visit to planet Earth has to team up with unsuspecting humans to stop self-righteous Overmind from wrecking the entire universe.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 118pp
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EARTH FRIENDS by Jordan Tate
Able to communicate with Mother earth, a little girl is taught how to preserve nature through a series of meetings with animals and plants.
Feature Animation, Family For sale 116pp
Turnabout by J.E. Ellis
NEW: rewritten as faith-based! A Christian truck driver, soon-to-be grandma and triathlete finds she’s the only one who can stop a religious madman from unleashing a deadly bioweapon.
Feature Action For sale 80pp
4 readers love this script
Everlasting by D.C. Copeland
A slipstream Western where guns never need reloading, horses have rotating chameleon eyes, and mongrel whores read minds, becoming any woman you want or knew, and life and death are indistinguishable.
Feature Fantasy, Mystery, Western For sale 88pp
7 readers love this script
The Hotel Barbers by Daniel Woburn
Melbourne, 1923. With nothing to lose, a down-on-his-luck veteran and a rich man-child try their hand at a hotel heist in order to get their money and their families back.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 106pp
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Three Eyes All Around by Gio Orlando
Close your eyes and let your mind do the rest...
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller Available for Free 114pp
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Sunfall by James Austin McCormick
A small-time smuggler lands a high-priced contract but is hunted by a superhuman assassin intent on stopping him delivering a mysterious device that could save millions of Martian colonists from an impending solar storm.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 118pp
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Psychic Deception by Vinson Perkins
After giving a reading that has unintended consequences, a psychic conman searches for answers as his life is torn apart by an unknown force.
Feature Mystery, Thriller For sale 81pp
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Cuckoo by Ba Kiwanuka
After the suicide of her son a psychiatrist seeking redemption fosters a traumatized kid which unleashes a series of terrifying events that almost destroy her family.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 99pp
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Farewell To Kings by Les Rowley
One hundred years on, a museum boss recreates the only unfinished battle of WW1 to discover who really were the better side.
Feature Action, Drama, History, Sport, War For sale 100pp
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Whispers from the other side by Michael Good
A disturbed man must help his nephew from his mother's spirit before she take over his reality.
Feature Horror For sale 103pp
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