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A Shot to the Gut by Eric Dickson
While traveling home on Route 66, a man has visions of a mechanic who was shot, carjacked and left to die on this same stretch of road.
Feature Horror For sale 121pp
A Doggone Christmas by Michael Toay
A dog who dislikes people is stranded with Santa, who hates dogs like a mailman does. Theymust overcome their mutual distrust tosave Christmas froma packof arctic wolves and allof Dog's canine friends froman evil DogCatcher.
Feature Action, Animation, Drama, Family For sale 104pp
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Continued Existence by Erik D Griffin
It's the end of the world through the eyes of a washed up rock star, a mad russian and others as they struggle to survive a viral apocalypse inadvertently started by a jealous boyfriend.
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 108pp
Lizzie by Wayne Taylor
A railroad detective and a troubled teen girl discover the “accidental” deaths plaguing the rail yard are actually the work of a vengeful witch’s spirit.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 116pp
The Singing Tree by Marilyn Pesola
A young man's moment of panic reveals the void at the center of what he had taken to be his values.
Feature Romance, War For sale 105pp
Matibo by Frankie Gaddo
A somber aged notorious outlaw helps a timid town face a clan of ruthless bandits while its benevolent reverend helps him find his humanity.
Feature Drama, Western For sale 107pp
Chrysalis by Nicole Jones-Dion
After suffering a traumatic brain injury, a young man is forced to convalesce in a halfway house, only to discover his room may be haunted by the ghost of the previous resident.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 96pp
The Writer's Retreat by Lucas Pops
A two man screenwriting team, who are stuck in a writer's block, decide to sequester themselves away in a hotel for a weekend to jumpstart their creative process. But soon the retreat devolves into a series of procrastination, drugs and alcohol, and...
Feature Comedy For sale 90pp
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Vox Populi by Stefano Pavone
A fearless vigilante and one-man enemy of the state will stop at nothing to bring down the corrupt British Government in a post-Brexit Britain.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller Available for Free 123pp
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Ratball by Dan O'Sullivan
An ordinary high school nobody assembles a crew of misfits to join a tournament of “ratball”, a kickball-oriented gymnasium sport, to give unnoticed others like himself a fair chance to play.
Feature Comedy, Sport For sale 109pp
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Arzamas-16 by Steve Garry
In 1949, a war-weary Soviet army colonel and a by-the-book NKVD agent go into action when communications from the top secret bomb-making city go dead just days after the country tests its first atom bomb.
Feature Action, History, Sci-Fi For sale 107pp
The Syrian Heart by Les Rowley
Wealthy London philanthropist needs a heart transplant, but the female donor he discovers has one minor drawback - she is still alive.
Feature Drama For sale 116pp
De rigueur by Daniel White
A crooked cop sets out on a bloody rampage when his past sins and crimes come to light.
Feature Action, Crime For sale 108pp
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Deliver Us From Evil by Clint Williams
A soul-sick and war-weary knight home from the Crusade is forced to fight again as he leads his comrades and a motley band of refugees in a battle for survival against an army of the undead.
Feature Horror For sale 110pp
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