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Destiny's DIvas One - Episode One by Ernie Johnson
It was Destiny Master's desire to find those responsible for her brother's kidnapping and murder when she was only nine years old, but until her death, she had no way of accomplishing that task.
Feature Crime, Drama, Fantasy For sale 120pp
Flashback by Kyle Williamson
Real or a hallucination it's a deadly game that could cost dozens their lives
Feature Mystery For sale 193pp
The Hit by P.H. Cook
A financially desperate bank clerk is seduced by a bank robber to help rob the bank, then goes after the gang for her share of the loot when they screw her over.
Feature Thriller For sale 105pp
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A post world war II drama in which a former soldier/aviator who's been left for death on the battlefield seeks revenge against the superior officer who stole his life and fiancée from him.
Feature Drama, Romance, War For sale 83pp
Hecate by Clint Kelley
A malevolent spirit seeks to claim a centuries old blood oath against the Kate family, when young Helen hosts a party in her family's abandoned estate.
Feature Horror For sale 93pp
Speechless by Tom Helberg
To advance to the state speech competition a depressed high school senior must kiss his acting partner who is dating his best friend.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 81pp
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A Deliberate Rebellion by R.L. Galbraith
A naive British businessman ventures to India to make a fortune until a nasty civil war subsumes him; inspiring him to join the military while admiring a servant girl, and imprisoned for disobeying a superior.
Feature Drama, History For sale 119pp
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The Movie Movie by Kevin Ryan
A film noir detective teams up with an epic fantasy princess to take down a mysterious supervillain who threatens to destroy their town and every fictional character and genre in it.
Feature Animation, Comedy For sale 88pp
Summer by David Wagner
An orphaned teenage girl has a summer-long affair with a handsome student visiting town, but she must face harsh reality when summer is over, and she finds herself alone and pregnant. Adapted from the novel by Edith Wharton.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 115pp
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Mom:Circa 1976 by Darryl Allen
After turning 50, a Mom tries a beauty product that ages her into a child.
Feature Comedy For sale 116pp
The Senior Senior by Doug Pike
After forty-five failed attempts at graduating high school, Ken Pugh, sixty-four, confronts the triple threats of bullying, expulsion and family rejection, with the help of a shady, boardwalk fortune teller.
Feature Comedy For sale 97pp
Tattoo by Bill Runyan
Sometimes tattoos can go horribly wrong.
Feature Comedy Available for Free 90pp
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Squeal Team Six by Gary Howell
A group of high school freshmen recruit a former Navy Seal to help them steal the mascot of their rival high school, but numerous forces are at work to stop their mission..
Feature Comedy For sale 119pp
One Nation Under THEM by Kyle Schiffert
In the 1950s, a former WW2 sniper turned mechanic attempts to save his captured family while uncovering the truth of extraterrestrial invaders hidden among us secretly orchestrating a war between Russia and the United States.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi For sale 120pp
Beware The Hero by Ada Ellison
A boy and his sister like playing detective, and discover something about their neighbor man that puts them in danger.
Feature Crime, Drama, Family For sale 117pp
Wait Until Morning by Mark Feinsod
When a graphic designer accepts a job creating scenarios of eternal torment for dead people, he must make one for the ex-girlfriend he still loves, causing him to risk his soul to save them both.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 118pp
The Diner Experience by Justin Landgrebe
Starting somewhere new could lead to things you never expect
Feature Drama For sale 151pp
Table 8 by Rhonnie Fordham
In a small card room, a group of ex-convicts are forced to play a Texas Hold Em tournament to the death. Limited locations, gore, twist ending.
Feature Action, Horror, Thriller For sale 100pp
I Dream of Jimmy by Michael Akobi
An ex-surfing pro, now hapless and obese, inherits the family business and becomes a genie, along with all the pitfalls of having unlimited powers that come with it.
Feature Comedy, Fantasy For sale 105pp
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The Everett Continuum by Justin Smith
A gold-obsessed billionaire and a scientist trapped in an alternate universe are on a collision course as the scientist struggles to return home and save his friends.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 89pp
Intentionally Cheats by Fausto Lucignani
With their family-blessed wedding in trouble, the cherished lovebirds are confident that mutual, premarital cheating can save their nuptials. But things get complicated when they carry out their brilliant idea.
Feature Comedy Available for Free 104pp
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Clouds by David J. Keogh
No job, girlfriend or future and severe ADHD. A forgotten invitation to his mother’s 50th, leads to a journey that changes Stuart's life and reunites him with his father..
Feature Drama For sale 78pp
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Don't You Forget About Me by Kari Wagner Hoban
Three middle-aged best friends from high school kidnap the "Brat Pack" in an effort to open a museum dedicated to John Hughes and travel with them from Los Angeles to Chicago in a minivan.
Feature Comedy For sale 129pp
Died Alone With You by Rob Redwine
Eighteen year old Danielle Harris is abducted on the night that she is set to accept her crown of homecoming queen in Midland, Texas in 1993. Ten years later, Danielle's grim story unfolds.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Western For sale 120pp
Happy Town by Matthew Corry
When two best friends are magically transported into an old stop-motion animation kids TV show they inadvertently kill the main character and set off a chain of events that threaten to destroy reality.
Feature Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Horror For sale 102pp