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Quicksilver by Richard Hudson
Following a bloody encounter between the FBI and a pair of serial killers, a distraught woman travels across country, unaware that her fiance's murderer and the FBI are on her trail.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 105pp
The Titron Madness by Pete Whiting
A rescue team is sent to a drifting ship. A conscientious leader and an insistent doctor discover an experiment to bring world peace has gone wrong, forcing them into battle to expose the truth.
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 120pp
The Rise of Skellios by Mike Krause
She can't run away forever.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy For sale 124pp
Sex and Kandie by MICHAEL FREEMAN
Diagnosed with Disassociative Identity Disorder soon after an event that traumatized her in high school, Kandie struggled to be free. Free to murder.
Feature Thriller For sale 108pp
Lydia's Song by Katherine Blessan
An idealistic woman heads out to Cambodia, taking a young Vietnamese girl into her home and heart. She ends up being betrayed by the man she loves when he sells the girl into sex-slavery.
Feature Drama Available for Free 118pp
Criminals by Dan O'Sullivan
A young career woman falls in with two bank-robbing vampires after they take her hostage as they head cross-country with an agenda and an ambitious NYPD detective on their trail.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime For sale 120pp
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Roy Carson awakens from a thirty day coma and can't remember the face of the man who shot him. He gets a friendly reminder from a methodical serial killer who claims to be responsible.
Feature Film-Noir For sale 129pp
Deliverance The return by Laszlo Klima
Return to Deliverance, now Squeal Like a Pig.
Feature Drama For sale 123pp
Only The Impassioned by H. C. Turk
In his final moment, a mortally wounded World War II soldier experiences the glory of a beautiful life, if only in his dreams.
Feature Drama, History For sale 109pp
Strange Specimens by J.E. Clarke
Several strangers from different worlds... all wake up in a single place... a metal tomb. Why are they there? Can they survive - or escape?
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 95pp
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Grand Theft UFO by Chris Keaton
When two nerdy kids find a UFO and take it for a joy ride, they're pulled into a galactic war and must fight to save the Earth.
Feature Action, Family, Sci-Fi For sale 113pp
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The Big Shill by Karl Scarff
Generation "X" meets The Big Chill.
Feature Comedy For sale 90pp
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Killer Without Cause by Elvira Drake
While visiting his mother and dying brother in NYC, a writer kills a stranger, completely unprovoked. He thinks he can get away with this senseless crime but there was a witness lurking in the shadows!
Feature Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 93pp
Bob goes to Hell by Jasen Heffner
When the paperwork gets lost, Bob finds himself shuffled around Hell's prison-like setting. Trying to prove he is innocent, in a realm full of liars.
Feature Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 90pp
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Full Bloom by Jordan Tate
Based upon a true life story, the struggle of a man with an unrecognizable twin called the bipolar disorder.
Feature Biography, Drama For sale 119pp
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Dirty by Shawn Davis
When a super potent strain of coca plant is developed by a leading pharmaceutical company, it sets off a life and death struggle between the United States, Russia and Columbia to gain control of the plant before it hits the streets and kills millions
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 101pp
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Positively Shambolic by Laz Rojas
In 1966, a British pop singer/spy and her partner try to unravel what appears to be a mysterious international plot, only to face a personal adversary who has manipulated them into a trap.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 130pp
Akatewa by Jean-Marie MAZALEYRAT
A Native American woman is drawn to a man who strongly resembles a long-lost lover, triggering her slow recollection of long-blocked, horrific trauma that she must reckon with—or die trying.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 100pp
Lighthouse Nights by Jake Vander Ark
Jules and Trevor take advantage of suicidal teens by encouraging them and profiting off their deaths.
Feature Drama, Romance, Thriller For sale 107pp
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Summer's Charms by Steve Cross
Dean Summers gets anything but the relaxation he needs when he spends a weekend in the country, and two spinsters wind up accusing him of murder.
Feature Comedy For sale 84pp
Ravenhill Court by David Beshears
The year is 1964. Thirteen year old Ben Foster and his friends explore the strange goings-on in their isolated neighborhood, with each discovery bringing them closer to uncovering the incredible secret underlying Ravenhill Court.
Feature Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 99pp
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Underneath by Dara Harper
A young woman's trauma unearths a spiritual unrest that threatens the lives of everyone around her.
Feature Horror For sale 86pp
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A club of spelunkers and a young couple come up with a revolutionary education program only to find a number of forces arrayed against them, both personal and external.
Feature Drama For sale 141pp
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Not of my Flesh by MICHAEL FREEMAN
Jasmine’s best friend Luna must find out what she is hiding before it is too late.
Feature Drama, Horror For sale 115pp
American Vet by Anita Williams
Wrongfully discharged, a veteran suffering from mental illness fights to hold onto his sanity and freedom when the military staff tasked with preserving his welfare turn against him.
Feature Action, Drama, Thriller, War For sale 94pp