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Expedition to Svalbard by Steve Garry
A journalist accompanies an international team of biologists to explore the permafrost for genetic remnants of a deadly disease of the Middle Ages, and they are completely unprepared for what they unearth.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 103pp
Hell's Gates Wide Open by James Hoskison
Prepare yourself for one of mankind’s ultimate nightmares. A tale of horrific things that have been predicted to befall mankind one day soon! Things so horrific that no man can imagine them.
Feature Action, Drama, Family, Horror, Thriller For sale 119pp
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Criminal Element by Keithon De Bique
Policewoman Molly Ellerweiss leads her men to capture bank robbers. But personal and working matters complicate.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama For sale 227pp
American Vet by Anita Williams
Wrongfully discharged, a veteran suffering from mental illness fights to hold onto his sanity and freedom when the military staff tasked with preserving his welfare turn against him.
Feature Action, Drama, Thriller, War For sale 94pp
Seraphim's Miracle by Jeremy Storey
A grieving reporter encounters an extraordinary supernatural story while cynically seeking 'miracles' to debunk.
Feature Drama, Fantasy, Mystery For sale 105pp
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Gandhi et al Versus Zombies by Steve Garry
British Intelligence recruits Gandhi and friends for a mission to Occupied Europe in late WW II, where they uncover a Nazi plot to turn the tide of the war using monsters.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, History For sale 105pp
Accident of Destiny by Rick Garrison
"Destiny has two ways of crushing us - by refusing ours wishes... and by granting them." Will's obsession with a beautiful seductress threatens his happiness with the ideal woman.
Feature Romance, Thriller For sale 117pp
Bad Blood by Kyle Art
Mild-mannered Stan is possessed by a supernatural force that makes him kill people. He enlists his stoner friend Angus to uncover the source of an ancient evil and prevent it from entering our dimension.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 87pp
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Back in the Saddle by Kyle Williamson
tremendous storms and dimensional inversions occur. One man, a lost soul can fix the problem. Will the people causing it find him and kill him first?
Feature Adventure For sale 102pp
Conviction by Joseph Smugeresky
A self-assured F.B.I. agent arrives in a small town to aid in the investigation of dead children. He and a female detective, who holds a personal connection to the murders, struggle to find the killer.
Feature Thriller For sale 105pp
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Tillie by David Chester
A gifted girl must survive her tyrannical father, face a sexual awakening and overcome a spiritual crisis to become a teacher and her own woman in 1890s Pennsylvania Dutch Country.
Feature Drama For sale 119pp
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The Vampire Project by Kimberly Britt
When an aspiring filmmaker is bitten by a vampire while filming a documentary, his painful transformation into a loathsome creature not only changes the course of his film but his life as well.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 92pp
Ash Wednesday by Joe Kordzi
A team of Russian scientists and Chechen terrorists unleash a bioweapon during Mardi Gras.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 126pp
Hecate by Clint Kelley
A malevolent spirit seeks to claim a centuries old blood oath against the Kate family, when young Helen hosts a party in her family's abandoned estate.
Feature Horror For sale 93pp
Rich and Poor by Carl Washington
A struggling Screenwriter has been in a relationship with his millionaire girlfriend for 3 years. But the conflicts between both of their families seems to try and get in the way of their relationship.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 80pp
Back in the Saddle by Kyle Williamson
A dimensional inversion threatens the fabric of reality. The fate of everyone rests on the shoulders of one man who has the ability to fix it, does he have the time?
Feature Action For sale 140pp
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Dark Purple by Harker Jones
When a group of friends heads to a remote cabin, they begin being murdered in the ways they most fear. Will one intrepid-yet-terrified girl be able to solve the mystery before her phobia kills her?
Feature Horror For sale 87pp
When Jesus walks by David Murphy
With the "End of Days," approaching, Jesus returns to earth to meet-up with his disciples to contemplate and enjoy earth one more time.
Feature Thriller, War For sale 72pp
Digits: A (Maybe) Love Story by Chris Todd
An inhibited artist struggles after a break up. Lacking the confidence to initiate a new relationship, his world changes when a stranger takes the lead and gives him her phone number.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 93pp
Selfie by J.E. Clarke
When a bullying incident goes horribly wrong, a possessed cell phone transmits a fatal computer virus.
Feature Horror For sale 86pp
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Blind Injustice by Mark Sercye
A defeated former special forces operative is falsely accused of murder and must fight against a sadistic general to avoid the death penalty.
Feature Action For sale 107pp
MISS CLARK by Jordan Tate
When her boyfriend gets killed by a werewolf before her eyes a teacher turns into a hunter in order to track down the creature behind the crime.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy, Horror For sale 102pp
Galactic Jury by Ben Trebilcook
A man is arrested for murder, however how can it murder if the victim is not of human race?
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 80pp
The Pinnacle by Jaymes Baker
In the not too distant future a cryptocurrency economist discovers he has a role to play for the future of mankind as he makes contact with an extraterrestrial entity unlike any-kind.
Feature Sci-Fi Available for Free 104pp
Staring Into The Abyss by Tysen Reeves
An ex-CIA hitman battling the evil within is pulled back into a life of chaos and vengeance as multiple crime syndicates clash in a violent power struggle for control over New York.
Feature Action, Crime, Horror, Thriller For sale 105pp