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No Win Situation by Kyle Williamson
Broken home to broken nation, AJ must save a nation from itself and nuclear destruction
Feature Action For sale 179pp
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Alien Savior by Jerome Epps
Aliens abduct a NASA astronaut, Adam Stanley, giving him supernatural powers. When the military seeks to destroy him, Adam becomes a fugitive on the run tasked with saving himself and the world from apocalyptic destruction.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 124pp
Marie's Garden by David Murphy
A recluse after his daughter left and his wife died encounters Sally, a sexy-sixty-something, who decides to bring him back to life. When his daughter returns with her daughter, an African, trouble follows.
Feature Drama, Family, Romance, Thriller For sale 80pp
One Man's Trash by Vic Burns
An everyman garbage collector, in love with a woman who hates him, makes a discovery in her trash that will change their relationship forever.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 90pp
Angela and Claire by Danial Couch
A woman holds her lover captive forcing an unwanted pregnancy.
Feature Crime, Drama, Family, Thriller For sale 116pp
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Conviction by Joseph Smugeresky
A self-assured F.B.I. agent arrives in a small town to aid in the investigation of dead children. He and a female detective, who holds a personal connection to the murders, struggle to find the killer.
Feature Thriller For sale 105pp
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Cape May by David Troop
When a crusty, middle-aged Midwesterner inherits a B & B in Cape May, he finds, in his struggle to adapt to a life by the sea, a new perspective on life.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 109pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
Dead Blossoms by Matt Carlson
COMING SOON: A man with a criminal past travels to find the cause of his murdering impulse, only to fall into the hands of the witch who created it.
Feature Film-Noir, Horror, Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 120pp
Dead Space by Luis Filipe Araujo
A group of people try to survive inside an isolated spaceship.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi Available for Free 134pp
Haunt Me No More by Anthony Fertino
A family must survive after escaping an actually haunted house. It was constructed by a traveling murderer, who uses every Halloween to purge the demons that haunt him onto innocent visitors instead.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 89pp
The Son of Amaros by jamie sutliff
Teacher angels sent to Earth commit a sin take human wives have children avenging angels are sent to capture their brothers 1 angel escapes using sorcery lives in hiding on Earth with his son.
Feature Horror For sale 97pp
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With Monsters by Rob Herzog
An online dater seeks companionship, but his childhood fears and boogeymen return at the worst possible time--while he's on his first (and possibly last) date.
Feature Horror For sale 93pp
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PIGJUICE by Casey Laing
A young girl fights to save her town from an evil farmer who wants to transform it into a giant pig farm, while rediscovering her mother, who died when she was just a baby.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 93pp
Judgement at Siddim by Steve Garry
A man reassesses his plan to avenge a violent crime against his family after a stranger crosses his path who is set to mete out his own final brand of justice.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 104pp
Madhouse Shenanigans, or A Private Method by Brian Aldrich
A greedy asylum administrator's plot to convert a state hospital to a private for profit madhouse backfires.
Feature Comedy, History, Horror, Mystery For sale 140pp
Full Circle by Shane Bebe
A young man who has avoided committment all his life is confronted with a situation that forces him to re-evaluate his attitudes and lifestyle.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama For sale 105pp
Kiddo by Michael Field
A private eye and a teenage psychic are the only ones who can stop the Nazis from destroying New York City. It's The Stranger meets The Rocketeer.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Film-Noir, History For sale 121pp
Mavenville by Steve Garry
In the American Civil War's aftermath, a gunslinger is hired to escort a woman and her dying husband, who pleads he be buried in his birthplace to avert the ascendance of a terrifying force.
Feature Adventure, Horror, Western For sale 103pp
End of Nights by Elwyn Ritchie
A dystopian tale that follows a young couples last days on planet Earth.
Feature Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 115pp
Absolutely Smashing by Laz Rojas
In 1965, a British pop singer recruited as an intelligence agency's first female operative proves herself in a man's world by uncovering and foiling a plot to destroy London with a stolen nuclear warhead.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 123pp
The Caretaker's Bible by R.L. Galbraith
Twins separated at birth: one became a monk and the other a dictator; when the Reich unmasks the truth, history changes forever.
Feature History, Thriller For sale 107pp
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Christopher by Ed Hernandez
In the near future, a policeman struggling with PTSD stumbles upon a cyborg soldier and helps to expose a secret military project meant to create an army of killer-bots.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi For sale 111pp
The runner by Mike Boss
Desperately trying to gain her father’s love by winning an Olympic gold medal, track runner Mika Jones takes steroids, which turns the battle for the gold into a battle for her soul.
Feature Drama, Sport For sale 107pp
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60 Feet Under by Paul Knauer
A struggling widower, desperate to help his anxiety-riddled, claustrophobic daughter, takes her on a road-trip, only for them to be kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned, underground missile silo.
Feature Thriller For sale 110pp
Hellfully by Jay Pendragon
When a bakery opens across the street, a fitness trainer is forced to confront his unhealthy relationship to food, fitness, and himself.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 94pp