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The City of No Children by Benjamin James
A young woman who works at a women's homeless shelter decides to hunt down the man supposedly responsible for the kidnapping of numerous children.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 88pp
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Above The Sun by T. Ginius
After surviving a bus bombing in Israel, a wealthy and hard partying young man begins an existential journey for self discovery and a higher understanding of God through astral projection.
Feature Drama For sale 108pp
Empty Hand by Alan Fleet
The knife is not the problem, it is the hand that holds it.
Feature Drama, Thriller, Western For sale 80pp
Irma by Jackie Hayes
Trapped, cut off, and mercilessly hunted by both mother nature and the dead.
Feature Horror For sale 85pp
Loaf. by Michael Akobi
A victim of brutal school bullying, now in his late twenties, makes good on his old hit-list and embarks on a mission of unadulterated revenge.
Feature Comedy For sale 114pp
Man Out Of Time by Arnon Shorr
A pilot arrives at a secret lab to test a time machine. After a five-minute test, he steps out to find all the scientists murdered – and the killers are still in the building.
Feature Film-Noir, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 92pp
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Three By Five by Richard Silcox
Julie Downes creates too much drama in her life. A trio consisting of her gay roommate, carousing sister and shy best-friend, come together anonymously to help her out.
Feature Comedy For sale 93pp
ELECTRIC by Art D'Alessandro
After being electrocuted, the county's only female lineman, Geri Meyers, is left with something of a "super" power: the ability to make everyone around her fall in love... everyone except the man of her dreams.
Feature Comedy For sale 99pp
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The blacc rose family by Bernard Mersier
Twenty years after witnessing the murder of his mother, a man returns not just for vengeance, but to carry on his mother’s drug empire.
Feature Drama For sale 137pp
Washed Up by Richard Buzzell
An aging filmmaker, once at the pinnacle of the business but now fallen on hard times and desperate to finance a comeback project, secures funding from a crypto-cash billionaire, whose son will co-direct the film.
Feature Comedy For sale 95pp
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Bedroom Politics by Ben Koch
Disrespected by her cheating husband, an ambitious First Lady vows to spoil his re-election plans by winning the White House for herself.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 115pp
Winner Takes Dad by John Ellis
Rival HS football players discover they have the same dad and he’s married to both their moms. They decide that the winner of the big game keeps dad for himself, and wacky sabotage ensues.
Feature Comedy, Family, Sport For sale 97pp
Lost Aviators by Steven Yuskaitis
True events, great nephew of a B24 navigator lost during WWII over the Himalayans takes a journey to discover the heroes of the forgotten theater and a lost family treasure hidden deep within the jungle.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Family, History, War For sale 110pp
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Esther by James Pappoe Jr.
A relentless evil Persian king falls in love with a Jewish girl who is made queen and saves her people from being slaughtered by Haman, the kings Chief Minister.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 86pp
Salvatore: Arcus Iudicium Part III by Stefano Pavone
In the final chapter of the trilogy, Salvatore and his allies must all stand together in order to thwart Electra Daimler's plans to resurrect the Federation and rule the world with an invisible hand.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller Available for Free 119pp
World's Best Mom by Anthony Stampalia
Believing the toddler she cannot love will be better off without her, a guilt-ridden mother spontaneously abandons her family by faking death on 9/11.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 96pp
Vengeance by Dan O'Sullivan
An aspiring actor wages a vendetta against the inner city gang that raped and beat his girlfriend into a coma before his very eyes.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 99pp
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Mila's Shadow by John Serafinko
A former assassin comes out of retirement to protect a girl hunted by the same breed of killers he once was.
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 110pp
Grey Days by J. Phillip Wilkins
When Caleb's dying uncle hands him a mysterious address, it sends him on a journey through a phantasmic, criminal underworld for a chance at everlasting bliss.
Feature Crime, Mystery, Thriller For sale 111pp
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What We Face by Mercywhik Arinda
A christian banker Jeff is accused of robbing money by his subordinate Johen upon making them to pray everymorning before work
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family Available for Free 30pp
Mind Games by Rachel Brewer
A remote holiday on The Isle of Wight turns into a nightmare for a group of friends as their country getaway becomes a fight for survival.
Feature Action, Horror, Thriller For sale 86pp
The Black Family by Jasmine Johnson
A young teen struggles with his identity and battles with his father after his mother dies from cancer.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 89pp
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Job's Shadow by Paul Pruett
A spiritual man begins to lose everything. His career, his family dies and his health begins to suffer as a result, but does not lose his faith.
Feature Drama For sale 120pp
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Vampire Teacher by J.E. Clarke
Four fifth grade friends are terrified when they begin to suspect their new teacher's a vampire. But when classmates start to vanish, the situation gets far worse! (Cowritten with Chris Shamburger.)
Feature Adventure For sale 120pp
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The Human Side by Jeff Lewis Mr.
Father Manuals needs a little PR to save his church financially so he starts the BLESSING OF THE BREASTS Sunday tradition and miracles of miracles his budget is in the black again.
Feature Family For sale 113pp