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Cuckoo by Ba Kiwanuka
After the suicide-death of her son a psychiatrist seeking redemption fosters a traumatized kid which unleashes a series of terrifying events that almost destroy her family.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 99pp
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A dance with the Devil by Jordan Tate
An ambitious literary agent falls for a mysterious man who turns out to be the Devil himself.
Feature Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance For sale 111pp
Secret Service by Marcus Pinto
When the President’s illegitimate son is held for ransom by his lunatic ex-mistress, three bumbling, rowdy Secret Service agents have to rise to the occasion to secretly rescue him.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 96pp
The Stitcher by Tim Westland
A weekend hunting trip turns into a monster filled shit storm when five Iraq War Vets clash with an insane hillbilly imbued with supernatural powers. As the men battle for their lives against an army of reanimated road-kill taxidermy monsters, they...
Feature Horror For sale 101pp
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The Passion of Miss Aphrodite by Michael Aliotti
After witnessing her idol Marilyn Monroe win artichoke queen in 1947, Central Coast, CA, reality hits an obsessive dancer, who's forced to lure men to their death on behalf of a local Mobster.
Feature Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 88pp
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The Writer's Retreat by Lucas Pops
A two man screenwriting team, who are stuck in a writer's block, decide to sequester themselves away in a hotel for a weekend to jumpstart their creative process. But soon the retreat devolves into a series of procrastination, drugs and alcohol, and...
Feature Comedy For sale 90pp
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Job's Shadow by Paul Pruett
A spiritual man begins to lose everything. His career, his family dies and his health begins to suffer as a result, but does not lose his faith.
Feature Drama For sale 120pp
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A Beautiful View by Wendy Memoli
Three different generations of women in the same family think they have seen a murder and decide to become amateur investigators until it looks like they are the next victims.
Feature Drama For sale 90pp
Danny's Ark by Dave Eisenstark
A burnt-out engineer helps a squad from the future collect soon-to-be-extinct life-forms before it's too late.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 89pp
Cadaverine by Holly Jurbergs
A rookie crime scene investigator must connect a violent road rage case with two unsolved murders before a psychopath with an experimental drug kills again.
Feature Crime, Thriller For sale 125pp
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The Fake by CB McCarty
The greatest con ever attempted in the history of Hollywood.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 100pp
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Kiska Nova by JJ Smith
Kiska Vaganova returns to Rochester in search of her long lost grandfather, but voices from the past call to her and she must join a team of badass women to take down the patriarchy.
Feature Action For sale 102pp
Critical Conditions by John Serafinko
When a heist goes wrong, a madman and his team of mercenaries take a hospital and its occupants hostage. In the wrong place at the wrong time, only one man stands in their way!
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 117pp
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The TV Set Of A Vintage Woman by Qazi Fabia Hoq
An old woman inside a vintage-style TV set blackmails a lifestyle blogger to change her lifestyle completely and have a vintage life by holding her foster sister hostage and threatening to kill her.
Feature Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 94pp
The Howl Of The Dead by Scott Dokey
When scientists rush to contain a meteor crash, they discover that the wildlife has been turned into monsters, and must race to stop the apocalypse, while being pursued by a vigilante with his own agenda.
Feature Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 118pp
Dimensions by Steve Garry
A lonely time traveler falls in love with a relief worker who dies in a devastating natural disaster, then tries to find her again at an earlier time in order to save her.
Feature Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 104pp
30 Candles by ShaDon Manigault
A lonely man is not happy with his life but after his thirtieth birthday his life beings to miraculously change.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 88pp
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Seahorse Cove by Randy White
The daughter of an ocean researcher befriends a life size seahorse who has emerged from another world under the sea.
Feature Animation, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 105pp
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Crocodile Man/Sobek 2: River of Life by Neil Sutherland
When a female praying mantis ET seeks to destroy the Earth’s fresh water supply, a science nerd and Egypt's crocodile hero must match the ET's technology, and grasp its mindset, to save the world.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 151pp
Million Dollar High by Jerry Robbins
It's an exciting day for two high school freshmen who find a suitcase containing 4.5 million dollars, and a different kind of exciting when the Mob sends two men with orders to get it back.
Feature Comedy For sale 105pp
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The Rutters by Christopher Chance
The drug barons and bad cops thought they had their man, little did they know his wife would be the death of them.
Feature Action, Drama, Thriller For sale 100pp
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The 5 O'Clock Shadow by Cory Wilson
Carl has struggled to keep his dangerous facial hair a secret from his girlfriend, Alyssa. On their first trip away together, the secret will come out whether he wants it to or not.
Feature Drama, Horror For sale 90pp
Lucky Bastard!: A Family Film by D.C. Copeland
When an autistic child is kidnapped, it's up to an enterprising dog to save the day.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime, Family For sale 95pp
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Wearing of the Green - The Girl From County Mayo by Rachel Paul
When the British slaughter her innocent family, mild-mannered Irish servant Reanna O’Neil becomes hell-bent on revenge, emerging as an integral part of the Irish Uprising of 1798
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, History For sale 106pp
KATIE by Dwight Stephen
A local grocery-store manager is forced to deal with her past after her daughter gets kidnapped.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 93pp
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