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The New Oil by Chukwuma Amobi
After moving to her father's home country to escape his control, a young asthmatic rookie reporter stumbles on information about her father that changed her fate forever.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, War For sale 98pp
Godlike by JJ Smith
A genetically modified soldier retired from war must fight for his soul, his life, indeed the fate of the world against the equally powerful sister who wants to destroy humanity.
Feature Action For sale 118pp
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Versa by Richard Stevens
When time travel has been commercialized, a jaded ex-cop cleans up the past for pay, but must face her own past when she discovers the mob leveraging this technology for human trafficking.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 109pp
THE BAD NEWS FIRST by Eric Dickson
The quirky staff of a controversial internet tabloid juggle three headline grabbing stories.
Feature Drama For sale 126pp
Act of God by Gary Rowlands
A spiritually bankrupt homicide detective questions his sanity when the evidence in the brutal murder of an ex-nun points to the killer being the very person he doesn't believe in - God.
Feature Thriller For sale 98pp
Ghosts in the Machine by Blaise Hesselgren
Trapped inside a computer simulation with its two creators, an emergent AI has to hack into their minds to find the way out into the real world.
Feature Film-Noir, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 104pp
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Epic Nights by Nathan Martinez
An ambitious young man quickly rises to the top of the Las Vegas Nightlife Industry.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 144pp
Victory by Jennifer Coots
An innovative mouse, that collects 'tools', gets shunned by the colony when his imagination goes overboard. When a predator captures him and his friends, Victory must regain trust in himself to make their escape.
Feature Animation, Family For sale 74pp
The Devil of Felman's Peak by Tommy Garcia
When a struggling couple and their autistic daughter attempt a mountain getaway, they must unite as a family to escape a madman who may be possessed by the ghost of a Civil War soldier.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 106pp
Still Waters by Elizabeth H. Vu
After a hypnosis session goes wrong, a retired carpenter with a fear of water experiences vivid hallucinations of his doppelganger.
Feature Drama, Horror, Mystery For sale 82pp
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Oh Deer by Krista Crawford
An underachieving Park Ranger and her enthusiastic trainee must defend themselves and their small town against zombie deer with a taste for humans.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 100pp
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Rough Surface by Timothy Brennan
A young reporter investigates the life and murder of a Lakota Sioux girl as the killer’s confession rocks the foundations of a small town.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 116pp
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The Rake by Erik D Griffin
A man battling depression begins having visions of the same demon that his wife saw moments before she died in a tragic accident.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 91pp
AGENT AT LARGE by Nazem Kamil Elmasri
Ben gets drunk and winds up in France but his mental illness and his girlfriend send him , to the highlands of Vietnam and back to the White House.
Feature Action For sale 134pp
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Black Beauty by Leon Segers
The hardships of a black female's struggle in showbiz, while stuck between a white and a black hard place, as she deals with Hollywood's racial bias
Feature Drama For sale 103pp
Mom:Circa 1976 by Darryl Allen
After turning 50, a Mom tries a beauty product that ages her into a child.
Feature Comedy For sale 116pp
The Strange Connection by Priya Das
Lucky sees Joe getting carried away on a stretcher after a bike accident. The whole town knows he's in coma. But suddenly Lucky finds Joe stalking her wherever she goes.
Feature Drama, Family, Fantasy For sale 99pp
Hell Without You by Rafael Souza
Visions of her deceased husband threaten to commit a young widow to a padded cell. Meanwhile, on the other side, these visions may be the only way for her husband to escape Hell.
Feature Horror, Romance For sale 90pp
Teresa of Heru by K Poku
Set in ancient times, a young mother must team up with a champion of the gods, a fire mage, and an archer to rescue her son from his immortal father.
Feature Fantasy For sale 100pp
A Bronx Story by Frankie Gaddo
A jaded cop quits the force to infiltrate a drug ring to find his brother's murderer.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 109pp
The Space Between by Liz Strange
While spending the night in a secluded inn a couple are forced to face the truth about themselves and their crumbling marriage through a series of increasingly violent supernatural encounters.
Feature Fantasy, Horror For sale 90pp
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Chinatown Pizza by Chris Jay Becker
Howard, a young widower and convicted-hacker, meets Jenny, an attractive single mom/FBI agent. They fall in love, but then Howard is suspected, falsely, for multiple bank robberies.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 109pp
DAGGERVILLE by Howard Tubbs
When Jack comes home to bury his sister, he vows to destroy the spirit that killed her.
Feature Horror For sale 79pp
The Cloak by Elizabeth H. Vu
After a timid woman paints a beautiful sunset from her dreams, mysterious figures appear in it. As the figures vanish, people around her die one by one.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 92pp
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LEGENDS by Jay Thompson
The resurgence of an ancient power inside a young girl's body puts her life in danger when she is caught in the middle of a war between celestial beings.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 128pp