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The Outcasts by Mark Renshaw
A young man in a dystopian landscape must seek shelter to avoid mysterious entities which seem to be searching for him. A mishap results in him being stuck outside at the worst possible time.
Short Drama, Fantasy For sale 9pp
Midnight Clear by Steven Clark
Unable to forget the past, Bryn has just one Christmas wish, and her husband, who possesses a very special power, is just the man to grant it.
Short Drama For sale 8pp
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The Flying Payots by Angela Page
A financially strapped young man works as fitness coach to obese Hasidic Jewish men who have no interest in weight loss and only want to escape their wives for a night.
Short Comedy For sale 19pp
Denude, A One Act Play by JZ Murdock
Two soldiers at war and unfriendly to one another, stand guard from their foxhole discussing their misunderstood lives and reality.
Short Drama, Fantasy, History, Horror, War For sale 21pp
Influence by Alexander Valentin
A beautiful college girl gets involved with a shady social media influencer and deals with the moral sacrifices she must make to indulge her obsession with fame and fortune.
Short Drama Available for Free 10pp
The Find by Darren Seeley
On an uncharted planet, a communication breakdown between an alien civilization and a team of astronauts goes horribly wrong.
Short Animation, Horror, Sci-Fi Available for Free 11pp
Sugars by Rob Herzog
Things get wild when a substitute teacher brings sugar into the classroom.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 7pp
The I Love You Key by Trish MacEnulty
When his girlfriend ups the game, Connor has to figure out how to reciprocate.
Short Romance For sale 6pp
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Showroom by Nikki Lee
A handsome, wealthy furniture collector appears to have a deeper love for furniture than most would expect.
Short Drama Available for Free 8pp
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Slice by Steve Miles
A grieving widow uses her love of baking to exact retribution against the system she blames for her suffering.
Short Horror, Thriller Available for Free 11pp
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Phyllis Will Kill Us by jamie sutliff
Semi-crazed Phyllis, stunt woman, actor proposes is rejected decides to kill her boyfriend with a snake.
Short Comedy For sale 11pp
September by Désirée Nordlund
The three witches from Macbeth meet a young man in a contemporary setting.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 1pp
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Back in the River by Elvira Drake
A local sheriff stumbles upon a frantic teenage girl crawling out of a river. She was nearly murdered but when he finds out who the perpetrator is, he must complete the job of drowning her.
Short Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 7pp
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episodic by Matt Carlson
Plagued by flashbacks, a teenager must journey through the five stages of grief to cope with the end of his relationship.
Short Romance Available for Free 33pp
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The Midnight Walk by Elizabeth H. Vu
After hitting a pothole and getting a flat tire, an alcoholic with a dark past wanders into a nearby forest where he meets a lost boy looking for his mother.
Short Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 7pp
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The Garbage Fox by Robert Sacchi
The new Sanitation Commissioner has to clean up a bombed out city. The workers and the commissioner are suspicious of each other's abilities.
Short Comedy For sale 3pp
The Crowd by Omar Khodja
A man gets off an elevator seemingly on the wrong floor. As he makes his way through the room it feels like he knows this place.
Short Fantasy, Horror, Mystery For sale 4pp
Killroy by Eric Nduati
Young Elroy sets in motion a heinous plan to rid himself of a bully.
Short Comedy, Thriller For sale 5pp
What A Good Boy Does by Ben Clifford
A young boy discloses a traumatic event to his parents -- only to discover that they might not want to know.
Short Drama Available for Free 9pp
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Little Fart by Bradford N. Smith
A shy little girl farts ghosts who help her cope with a school bully and same-sex crush.
Short Animation, Family Available for Free 8pp
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Santa Claus Is Down! by D.C. Copeland
Shooting down Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve is one thing but killing Christmas is quite another.
Short Drama, Family, Fantasy For sale 14pp
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Cat & Mouse by Jeremy Storey
When Harry’s deadly job brings him home, his anonymity is compromised when he learns that his target involves an old friend, safeguarding a dreadful secret.
Short Action, Thriller Available for Free 24pp
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Transient Karma by Richard Silcox
A beggar who's more than he appears to be gets a lesson in kindness which forces him to reflect on his chosen career.
Short Drama For sale 17pp
Devil's Tail by Joseph Ulloa
Evil is in the ink.
Short Horror For sale 21pp
Kissing Death by Fausto Lucignani
Life treats an erratic mobster and a pulchritudinous woman with a night of sex and a day of death.
Short Thriller Available for Free 9pp
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