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Control by Alexander Taylor
Filip, a young officer working as a Control Officer in a future dominated by Scientism, must arrest those based on their emotions, but the toll of the job leads to unexpected consequences.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi Available for Free 10pp
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First Day by Rashid Parker
A young man's first day of school is met with a disastrous outcome.
Short Horror For sale 12pp
Turn Me On Dead Man by David Lambertson
The alternate truth behind John Lennon's assassination told in the form of Beatle lyrics.
Short Biography, Drama Available for Free 12pp
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Social Notworking by Kyle Art
A promising first date goes awry when a creepy dating app is introduced.
Short Comedy For sale 5pp
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Uhhh, Yeah, Sorry About That by Travis Sharp
A well intentioned boss invites three close and culturally diverse employees to her home and presents them with a gift that ends in racial turmoil.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 22pp
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One Summer Night by Cesar Saldana
Two kids attempt to rescue a man that has been imprisoned in the trunk of a car.
Short Adventure, Horror Available for Free 7pp
Game Changer by Raymond (Ray) Scanlon
Trey and his buddies like to play the knockout game. What happens when they hit the wrong guy on the wrong day? Jeff happens.
Short Crime, Horror, Thriller For sale 20pp
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Not Long For This World by David Smith
A freak accident makes everyone tiny except one boy who declares himself king and has fun with his subjects
Short Comedy Available for Free 9pp
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Love in a Dungeon by Eve Noel
A man and a woman meet by chance in the dungeons of New York City, and the strange occurrences that keep pushing them to be together.
Short Fantasy, Romance For sale 10pp
Just in Time by Joshua Sommersby
A neurotic geek uses his time-reversing watch to woo the girl of his dreams.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 6pp
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Freed by Ian J. Courter
Released from nearly a lifetime in prison, Lucius Johnson finds his past still imprisons him.
Short Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 9pp
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The Nutty Englishman by Divij Kak
Albert Brooks, (35), can't overcome being nutty.
Short Comedy, Family For sale 6pp
A night in Manhattan by Paula Redlefsen
NYC in 2039. A young scholar spends the first night in an apartment building in Manhattan and her dreams turn out to be prophetic.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 19pp
Blood Highway by Joseph Ulloa
A hitman drives his next victim to an unknown destination to meet his fate.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 14pp
The Walk of Shame by Alex Laforest
A drunken nightly stroll leads to... things.
Short Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 6pp
Can't Run, Can't Hide by Rachel Brewer
A young woman working at her university late one night is terrorised by an unknown force.
Short Horror For sale 9pp
Repentance by Fausto Lucignani
While walking the streets, a young, terminally ill prostitute experiences a spiritual event.
Short Drama Available for Free 8pp
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A Ghost Allegory by Barbara Thomas
A house sitter confronts her prejudices about the afterlife when she meets a ghost who defies expectations.
Short Comedy For sale 13pp
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Halloween In Endsville by J. Phillip Wilkins
A kindly old woman has a surprise for trick or treaters.
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 2pp
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Charlie by Ernie Johnson
Charlie Simms, while returning home from a friends house, tried to pull a man off a woman, but the attacker pulled a gun and shot Charlie in the chest, killing him.
Short Crime For sale 25pp
Cat & Mouse by Jeremy Storey
When Harry’s deadly job brings him home, his anonymity is compromised when he learns that his target involves an old friend, safeguarding a dreadful secret.
Short Action, Thriller Available for Free 24pp
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Choose by Ryan A. Herring
A woman finds herself faced with a horrible choice - risk her children's lives, or kill someone else put into the same nightmarish situation.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 10pp
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Rat's Bait Shop, Bar & Grill by Della Vance Greenawalt
Rat's Bait Shop, Bar and Grill is a Drama about two ex-marines and an Apache Bar owner who must stop a shootout between two teenagers before anyone is killed.
Short Action, Drama For sale 8pp
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How Alice and her Father Planted the West by Michael Aliotti
When Alice and her Father's plane lands upon a deserted island, where cannibals reside, she finds a seed and plants it, as a palm tree grows, forcing the Birds to the rescue.
Short Adventure, Animation For sale 7pp
"Footie" Night by Fiona Faith Ross
A young woman in a controlling relationship rebels when her partner pushes her too far.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 3pp
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