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Coffee Quest by Dare Kent
A search for coffee leads to violence.
Short Comedy, Crime For sale 5pp
Shannon Meets Beau by James Pappoe Jr.
A hook-up goes awry when Shannon realizes that the man she meets is actually a ghost. The vengeful spirit mistakes her for his ex-girlfriend that murdered him years ago.
Short Thriller Available for Free 10pp
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Snarl Kid by Johnny Dinh
A young man believes he fell victim to the werewolf curse. The affliction presents itself in an unorthodox way, and his friends seek out a solution to save him.
Short Comedy, Thriller For sale 15pp
Walmart Receipt by Rob Barkan
A young couple settle their differences at a Walmart customer service counter.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 6pp
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Final Call by Paul Hutchinson
After a soul-sapping day at work, a highly-strung businessman tries to relax in a deserted train station, but he is not alone and his day from hell is only just beginning.
Short Horror For sale 10pp
GettyStock by Danny Behar
A stock image model struggles to reveal his true identity to his fiancée.
Short Comedy For sale 13pp
Cannibal Cruise Line by Jaymes Baker
A new luxury liner has emerged for the 1%, and the food is to die for.
Short Horror, Thriller Available for Free 46pp
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Allison's Birthday by David Troop
Two parents mark the birthday milestones in their daughter’s life as they prepare for the worst.
Short Drama For sale 8pp
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Moebius Palindrome by Alex Laforest
The upstairs neighbor is LOUD.
Short Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 7pp
Face of a Lipstick Lesbian by Aaron King
After months of avoiding the phone call, Lottie finally answers. Hearing the voice of her abusive ex forces her to relive their tempestuous relationship, but this time she's going to have the last word.
Short Drama, Thriller For sale 17pp
The Winter's Take by Will Mullins
Linda and her ex convict father John mount a search for a fortune in cash that John buried years earlier after a bank robbery.
Short Action, Crime For sale 23pp
Nice Enough by Dave Miller
Old high school friends reunite for a long, celebratory weekend.. until their host informs them that before the weekend is over they will have all murdered each other.
Short Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 51pp
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Story Time by Kevin Hopgood
When children's authors Molly and Geoffrey Greenslade visit Hill View Primary the lessons learnt are possibly not suitable for a class of year six school children.
Short Comedy Available for Free 10pp
Party Mom by David Troop
A fortyish Party Mom throws a tenth birthday party for her daughter at Chuck E. Cheese and single handedly becomes the life of the party.
Short Comedy For sale 6pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader 1 reader loves this script
The Blue Flame by Wilfred Esteves
After her boyfriend traded his body to a demon, a young girl must reclaim it before he passes on forever.
Short Fantasy For sale 10pp
Child of God By Kristopher Hines by Kristopher Hines
While trying to escape the past, Adrian Mansell, finds himself on an island where there are only children, but he is about to discover that a dark secret takes over the island.
Short Horror, Mystery For sale 14pp
The Breadwinner by Michael Lorusso
As far as Billy knows, Hank works a high-paying corporate job downtown. In truth, Hank spends most of his days in an abandoned barn, supplying an otherworldly benefactor with unborn fetuses.
Short Horror Available for Free 8pp
Zombies In Love by Fausto Lucignani
Two centuries after their deaths, two lesbian zombies meet in a cemetery and fall in love.
Short Horror, Romance Available for Free 5pp
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The Escape Pod by Zach Landis
A man and woman at odds are stuck in a broken escape pod when they are greeted by a space gang that wants nothing more than to kill and torture them.
Short Action, Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 6pp
Love Can Wait by Manolis Froudarakis
After an accident involving an old ring, Eric is tormented by the suspicion that love can indeed wait.
Short Comedy, Family, Mystery, Romance Available for Free 4pp
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Emerald by Sean Elwood
A lost man on a journey makes a terrifying discovery. A ghost story.
Short Drama, Horror For sale 22pp
Unplanned by Jurij Fedorov
2 men in a doctor's waiting room. They have an experience in common.
Short Comedy, Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 7pp
The Beginning by David González
A husband mourning his wife at the cemetery gets consoled by the last person he expected.
Short Drama Available for Free 2pp
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The Leash by M.R. Hilow
A recently returned vet finds himself lured into a gritty street battle in order to save Walter, his chronic runaway dog.
Short Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Thriller For sale 14pp
My Dating App by Richard Buzzell
A woman opts out of swipe-slavery and adopts her own swipe-free app.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 9pp
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