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Lost and Found by C.M. Andino
When two friends find a gun in a used car they're caught in the crosshairs of a gang war, and star-crossed lovers.
Short Comedy, Crime, Drama, Film-Noir Available for Free 19pp
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Hotel 'FunTime' by Fausto Lucignani
To please his young girlfriend, a middle-aged man deceives his elderly grandmother -- with life-changing consequences.
Short Drama Available for Free 7pp
Sex, Lies, and Masking Tape by Tina Balli
Housewife Cathy hires a gay prostitute, who mistakenly takes her husband's sleeping pill instead of viagra. Thinking she killed him during sex she enlists a friend to help get rid of him before 5pm.
Short Action, Comedy Available for Free 37pp
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Small Irritations by Jurij Fedorov
A fumbling man goes about his day, but suddenly experiences mysterious events that he sets out to investigate.
Short Comedy, Mystery Available for Free 15pp
I Wish We Could Move Backwards by Jurij Fedorov
A couple experiences great difficulty in their relationship. But will they get a second chance somehow?
Short Romance, Sci-Fi Available for Free 8pp
The Raven Mocker by Wayne Taylor
A Cherokee warrior brings home an orphaned, white girl he finds in the forest. Blinded by grief, he refuses to see what she, or It, truly is.
Short History, Horror Available for Free 19pp
I-commute by Christina Katsiadakis
One day, Eugene is forced to look up from his phone. And then life happens.
Short Romance Available for Free 3pp
1 reader loves this script
Hannah's Demons by Warren Duncan
Hannah learns that running from her demons only makes things worse.
Short Thriller Available for Free 5pp
5 readers love this script
Manchineel House by Matthew Sawyer
Tim and Claire are haunted house enthusiasts, but when Tim takes Claire to a supposed genuine haunted house, maybe they've bitten off more than they can chew.
Short Horror Available for Free 13pp
3 readers love this script
Respect by Nolan Bryand
Mr. Glass has had enough of being disrespected by his students. He takes the necessary steps to earn it.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 7pp
3 readers love this script
Behind Closed Doors by J.E. Clarke
Three men flee a botched bank robbery, seeking shelter in an elevator. But will they face more horrible truths inside
Short Thriller Available for Free 8pp
2 readers love this script
Sum of The Parts by David Lambertson
The Frankenstein Monster and his Bride give a marriage counselor far more than she bargained for.
Short Comedy Available for Free 12pp
1 reader loves this script
Fair Trade by J.E. Clarke
A terminally ill man inadvertently discovers a portal to a parallel world - and possible redemption for his family.
Short Horror Available for Free 7pp
Last sapper by Vladimir Miheev
Husband would like to takes his wife to restaurant before go to hospital for consultation.
Short Drama Available for Free 4pp
Take two by Danai Katopodi
Three film students struggle to finish their short film after the apocalypse.
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 16pp
Trauma Teddy by Warren Duncan
A teddy bear recounts a traumatic event from his past.
Short Animation, Comedy Available for Free 3pp
3 readers love this script
The Last Nerd: A Star Wars Story by Brett Martin
A traveling storyteller recounts the legend of Star Wars to a group of strange children that've never heard of the films.
Short Family, Fantasy Available for Free 8pp
2 readers love this script
The Bar by Sebastian Anderson
A man needs what a man needs. Sometimes that is something as simple as a drink.
Short Drama Available for Free 5pp
Bedlam by Andrew Louis Marnik
When a man's daughter goes missing from a local club, he must descend into the criminal underworld in an attempt to find her.
Short Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery Available for Free 18pp
2 readers love this script
Glass Bottles by David González
Three petty burglars sneak into a remote house unaware that there’s a strange evil waiting for them inside.
Short Horror Available for Free 15pp
4 readers love this script
Casualty of War by J.E. Clarke
On a routine drug bust, Officer Janice Mitchell kills her first suspect. Then she gets to know him...face to face. An exploration re: the War on Drugs - with a supernatural twist.
Short Horror Available for Free 23pp
1 reader loves this script
Siriusly Speaking by J.E. Clarke
When the rip in their French Bulldog's bed keeps mysteriously refilling, a couple begin to suspect all is not what it seems.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 8pp
I'm so smart by Fausto Lucignani
The elderly president of the United States and his beautiful, younger wife have an intimate relationship by means of tweets.
Short Comedy Available for Free 4pp
Carla and Vee - Pet Shop Girls by Ville Nummenpää
Violence is usually not the solution, but sometimes... A little story of empowerment in the most rotten of circumstances.
Short Crime, Drama, Thriller Available for Free 7pp
The Wrestling Match by Rob Herzog
Nine-year-old Yuri would rather eat hot dogs and play with his action figures than step on a wrestling mat, but his uncles--amateur champions from the Ukraine--expect him to win his upcoming match.
Short Sport Available for Free 6pp