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The Dream Job by Jurij Fedorov
A man tanks his white collar job interview. But what if he can get another shot at it?
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 9pp
Friends in the Swamp by James Austin McCormick
An old man, close to death, says farewell to his grand-daughter. It’s just the two of them out there in the swamp, but they’re far from alone.
Short Drama, Fantasy Available for Free 6pp
Blink by Timothy Blackburn
When a fifteen year-old boy becomes trapped inside a dream he must accept a long suppressed truth to escape and wake up.
Short Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 8pp
Dogs Can Talk by Ayham Saati
Conflict between two office employess and a small dog.
Short Comedy Available for Free 18pp
Postman's Etiquette by Jurij Fedorov
A postman uses 1 minute time travel to never make a mistake on his route. This causes him to get discovered by state agents who recruit him against his will.
Short Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi Available for Free 36pp
Doorway by Eli Da Silva
A man is struggling to move past what happened with his father eight years ago.
Short Drama Available for Free 15pp
Captured Escape by Jurij Fedorov
A woman refuses to leave her apartment. Her new psychologist seems stuck but she has a son with his own crazy ideas about freedom.
Short Crime Available for Free 13pp
Small Irritations by Jurij Fedorov
A fumbling man goes about his day, but suddenly experiences mysterious events that he sets out to investigate.
Short Comedy, Mystery Available for Free 15pp
The expo by dapo rotimi
After a student finds that he's failed his exams, he decides to up his game, and find who was responsible for his failure
Short Drama Available for Free 44pp
Muse by Khôi Nguyễn
A man's quest to find humanity in a world where technology replaces relationships.
Short Romance, Sci-Fi Available for Free 20pp
The Screenwriting Guru by Doug Robbins
A widower finds love again while teaching screenwriting at a seminar, while considering taking revenge on the man that killed his wife two years ago.
Short Drama, Romance Available for Free 12pp
Endorse Me! by Brock Thompson
Billy Blue's Vlog is not performing as well as he would like.
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 9pp
Snow Dance by Jurij Fedorov
Parents are drinking wine. Kids are watching TV and eating candy. But soon there is no more candy and still a huge demand.
Short Comedy, Family Available for Free 5pp
Champion Man - A Day in the Life by Michael Cole
How does Yarrow Beach's most notorious criminal spend his day? Well, check it out in this silent short!
Short Action, Adventure, Crime, Sci-Fi Available for Free 10pp
At Medusa's Level by Jurij Fedorov
A college student has a hard time finding anyone to talk to at a party. But in comes a weird tough dude, and soon Medusa arrives at the party too.
Short Action, Horror, Mystery Available for Free 16pp
Psychopaths Responsible for the Sizzle, Sizzle by Jurij Fedorov
3 boys dispose of a body. But their murder is discovered and they must act fast to save their lives.
Short Crime, Drama Available for Free 11pp
Den tomme stolen by Mohammed Yusuf
A young and fresh Child Protective Services officer is forced to choose between the legal thing or the right thing, with the life of a child on the line.
Short Drama Available for Free 27pp
Virgin Mari by Alexander Valentin
After a reckless decision, young Carlos is torn between the demands of his father to live straight and his infatuation with the gang life he is surrounded by in East Los Angeles.
Short Drama Available for Free 10pp
Freddy's Back by Doug Robbins
An inmate in an asylum is plagued by bad dreams about Freddy Krueger.
Short Horror Available for Free 2pp
Redemption Loop by Kim Johnson
A man returns to the past and kills his father before he (the son) is conceived, so he doesn't exist, so he doesn't kill his father, who conceives him. How can he get out?
Short Action, Fantasy, Film-Noir Available for Free 6pp
Learning the truth by Keithon De Bique
A man ZEBEDEEN is told he adopted.
Short Drama Available for Free 6pp
25 words or less by Christina Katsiadakis
Mother and daughter, separated by war and persecution are allowed only 25 words to communicate.
Short Drama Available for Free 7pp
Seeing Red by Eileen Wilson
A copycat killer stalks his victim but who will see red first?
Short Comedy Available for Free 1pp
Something by Iván Aranda Maqueda
How to hide sadness on a smile.
Short Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi Available for Free 5pp
Santa is Coming by Jurij Fedorov
A protective woman home alone celebrates Christmas in her own weird way. But there is danger looming there.
Short Comedy Available for Free 5pp