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The Turtle by David Cendon Garcia
He shouldn't have touched Jimmy.
Short Comedy, Crime, Drama Available for Free 20pp
1 reader loves this script
Poopsie by Doug Tesch
An ass backwards take on Rin Tin Tin.
Short Animation, Comedy Available for Free 9pp
Santa is Coming by Jurij Fedorov
A protective woman home alone celebrates Christmas in her own weird way. But there is danger looming there.
Short Comedy Available for Free 5pp
Isidro by Darren Seeley
A documentary crew and a couple find shelter in a laundry room of an abandoned motel during a hurricane. But is a werewolf after them? Or is it something else?
Short Horror Available for Free 10pp
Fresh Air by J.M. O'Farrell
When the air conditioning repairman comes, all hell breaks loose.
Short Comedy Available for Free 3pp
2 readers love this script
Mark It With A "B" by Joel and Valerie Reeves
A faithful husband will go to any lengths to save his wife’s bakery even it if means sacrificing his own dignity.
Short Adventure, Comedy Available for Free 9pp
Dark Eyes by Simon Wilkinson
Four friends on a camping trip in the Scottish Highlands encounter the legendary Cu Sith
Short Horror Available for Free 17pp
Tryst by Liam Cairns
A young couple's midday rendezvous is savagely interrupted by a terrifying supernatural presence intent on destroying all those who are in love.
Short Horror Available for Free 10pp
1 reader loves this script
It Has Emotions by Jurij Fedorov
In the world of tomorrow feelings and emotions are not unique to living things.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 4pp
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Bedlam by Andrew Louis Marnik
When a man's daughter goes missing from a local club, he must descend into the criminal underworld in an attempt to find her.
Short Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery Available for Free 18pp
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Changes by J.E. Clarke
A single mother battles menopause... with some horrifying results she does NOT expect!
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 13pp
Poisonous Affair by Jurij Fedorov
A man decides to go his own way in life instead of staying at home with his girlfriend. But something is amiss, why is his health getting worse?
Short Mystery, Romance Available for Free 8pp
Lyssa's Child by Steve Miles
A psychologist records the daily life of a recluse who claims to be stalked by a malign entity.
Short Drama, Horror Available for Free 13pp
4 readers love this script
Space Cakes by Jonathan Sieff
A teenage girl must prevent her mum from serving leftover cakes to her friends for tea because they contain weed.
Short Comedy Available for Free 8pp
A Cat of One Colour by Steve Miles
Mockumentary following an amateur big cat enthusiast in his hunt for the legendary Beast of Bodmin.
Short Comedy Available for Free 16pp
Shakespeare, Extra Cheese by Garry Messick
A young man's life takes an unexpected turn after he encounters a naked woman performing Shakespeare.
Short Comedy Available for Free 6pp
4 readers love this script
Satan's Slave by Mickey Hatewood
A curious teenager discovers the devastating consequences of playing a notorious video game.
Short Fantasy, Horror Available for Free 5pp
New Year, New You by Paul S. Wunderberg
A Hit man reconsiders his life on one lonely New Years' Eve.
Short Comedy, Crime Available for Free 10pp
boom and bust by Loraine McBarron
A desperate family man who is at risk of losing everything when things go bust in an oil town comes up with a scheme which unwittingly causes a domino effect.
Short Drama, Thriller Available for Free 10pp
2 readers love this script
Blue No Matter Who by J.E. Clarke
In 2032, two women wait in line to vote for POTUS. But in the future, slippery slopes hurt! (A political satire on the concept of lesser evils.)
Short Drama Available for Free 5pp
The Magic of Oz by Luis Rivera
After a tornado transports a Kansas farmgirl to a magic land, she go and find a wizard in order to return home.
Short Comedy, Family, Fantasy Available for Free 13pp
Banh Mi?! Banh You!! by Steve Cleary
A blind lunch date with an insecure guy and a gal who skipped breakfast is a recipe for disaster!
Short Comedy Available for Free 3pp
1 reader loves this script
I Wish We Could Move Backwards by Jurij Fedorov
A couple experiences great difficulty in their relationship. But will they get a second chance somehow?
Short Romance, Sci-Fi Available for Free 8pp
Nickel and Dimed by Barry Katz
In this spec mortgage company commercial, a smarmy salesman nickel and dimes an unassuming borrower who is trying to complete a home loan application.
Short Comedy Available for Free 1pp
IN THE NAME OF LOVE by Matthew Sawyer
Alan is a good man trying to care of his family. However when his wife Dory is diagnosed with cancer. How far is he willing to go to help her through it.
Short Crime, Drama, Thriller Available for Free 24pp