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Sundowners - Episode One - 'Sleight of Hand' by Joshua Boultwood-Neale
Disenfranchised by her difficult domestic and school life, Laura turns to the degenerate World of a bohemian homeless community, in search of somewhere to belong
TV Pilot Drama For sale 60pp
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Driftwood by Kevin Pacey
In a bizarre seaside town, a lovelorn nurse overcomes a mysterious illness to find friendship with a feisty old lady and romance with an eccentric geek.
Feature Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Romance For sale 106pp
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Life After Baby: Sausage Promise by Jennifer Le Roux
A nostalgic age-gap love story between a commitment phobic cougar and an over-affectionate young dreamer who, along with friends and lovers from university, struggle with adulting and feel stuck in the past.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 42pp
Dead Blossoms by Matt Carlson
In 1919 Minnesota, a man convicted of murder, travels home to find the cause of his murdering impulse, only to fall into the hands of the witch who created it.
Feature Film-Noir, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 96pp
The Crow Children by Andy Edwards
A young woman with amnesia visits her childhood home to unlock the secrets of her past. Instead, she encounters the ghostly Crow Children, who reveal a deadly plot against her family.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 93pp
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Beautiful Bodies Episode 1 by Steve Mallinson
In 1833 a young Englishwoman struggles to adapt to life aboard a convict ship bound for Australia. When the ship is wrecked she is forced to choose between love and freedom.
Episode Action, Drama, History, Romance For sale 56pp
To Be Honest by Jennifer Le Roux
An ex dancer, now fat, childless, single and in her thirties, reclaims her body and talent as a fashion designer when she joins a parent hip hop dance crew.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 55pp
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Chihiro by Juno Dante Night
A dreary mining town hysterically searches for a killer when schoolboy Clemency Burne is found brutally murdered, all except for eleven-year-old pariah Chihiro.
Short Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 35pp
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Fortune Incorporated by Ruben Diaz
Siblings turn to an unusual business to save their family home which reveals a long-lost fortune and a hidden war between two mythical tribes.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Drama, Family For sale 50pp
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Stranger Things by Inky E
Four detectives find themselves trying to figure out how to deal with a strange case. Then things get even stranger.
Web Series Pilot Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi For sale 7pp
Nokosee: Rise of the New Seminole by D.C. Copeland
A teenage girl lost in the Everglades stumbles upon a modern day teenage Tarzan on a mission to start an eco war with the "Outside." Love blooms. People die. Based on the YA novel
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Romance For sale 122pp
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The Red Riding Hoods by David Quiroz Jr
A team of Final Girls - young women who were the sole survivors of a horrific mass murder - team up to hunt malevolent entities while investigating the apocalyptic conspiracy uniting them.
TV Pilot Horror, Thriller For sale 55pp
Intent by Krista Wagner
A former high school crush brings comfort. But when people she loves start to die, she must uncover a deceptive killer in a world where the truth is not what it seems.
Feature Thriller For sale 110pp
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Animalypse by Octavio Guerra-Royo
When genetically modified organisms (GMOs) plants and animals start becoming giant deadly monsters, an FBI agent investigates the largest GMO corporation uncovering an Eco-Terrorist plot to create the animal apocalypse, the ANIMALYPSE, worldwide.
Feature Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 157pp
Dark Secrets by Scott Dokey
A mother finds herself seduced by an ancient vampire, and after being turned, brings her twin daughters into the dark world, where they go on a rampage of revenge against everyone that's wronged them.
Feature Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller For sale 114pp
Everett by Connor McAulay
When her father's mining job forces a trendy teenage girl to an isolated mountain town, she is thrust into a war between her new classmates and a corporation hellbent on harnessing their ancient power.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance For sale 63pp
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THE LAST WOMAN by Jordan Tate
Vera a beautiful wealthy woman invites her new lover on Christmas Eve along with 32 other guests. But as the hours pass the other guests don't show up and Vera begins her macabre life's story.
Short Horror For sale 11pp
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Bad Influence by Kevin Revie
After a popular child influencer gets possessed by the devil, her family, who rely on her income, struggle to keep her brand alive.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 87pp
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cover by Steven Mayes
Lee returns from Vietnam with wounds so deep he can't trust himself in society so he makes a home in the woods just as a group of suburbanites choose it as their camping site.
Feature Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller, War For sale 100pp
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Sausage Promise by Jennifer Le Roux
The age gap love story between friends and lovers from university weaves its web over Halloween in the past and present, but they all find their "beautifully imperfect" way eventually.
Short Comedy For sale 40pp
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Walk of Shame by Anna Bielkheden
Three diverse female roommates in Los Angeles navigate their quarter life crisis and quest for success in the modern social media era’s walk of fame and shame.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 70pp
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Pepperwood by Em Leonard
A group of innocent strangers are forced to survive together after an extraterrestrial invasion creates a deadly species in the food chain.
Feature Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 120pp
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The Land of the Nen-Us-Yok by jamie sutliff
A Mohawk shaman summons teen to a magical parallel dimension and sends him on a mission with elves. witches and wizards to save the Earth from climate change.
Web Series Pilot Action, Adventure, Animation For sale 115pp
Abilities by Dawn Johnston
When two young women with disabilities suddenly develop unique super-human gifts they keep this crazy fact a secret while they team up and figure out how to monetize it.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 54pp
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The Perg by Luke Penn
To find her family's killer, an avowed atheist with newly awakened psychic powers must team up with a renegade demon on an obsessive quest for redemption and battle the forces of Hell in Los Angeles.
TV Pilot Action, Fantasy, Horror For sale 65pp
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