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Stones by Adrienne Thorne
Feeling smothered in her testosterone-filled home, an impetuous teenaged farmgirl seeks freedom on a national dairy knowledge bowl contest trip, despite her overbearing brother coming along as chaperone.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 105pp
Necessary Detour by Kim Hornsby
After an attempt on her life, a Rock Star hides at her remote lake house but spying on the new neighbors becomes dangerous and she can't look away to save her own life.
Feature Thriller For sale 105pp
The Secret by Eve Noel
A woman's return to town after eighteen years to confront her abuser, a Priest, only to meet her fate at the hands of a killer.
Short Crime, Drama, Romance For sale 25pp
Stage 32 Feature Drama - Quarter-Finalist
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6.S.C by Bernard Mersier
A sin only haunts you if you have conscience.
Feature Horror For sale 66pp
Java and Jesus Chronicles by Tiffany Wade T.L.W
Seeking God through hard times at summer camp
TV Pilot Comedy, Family, Sport Available for Free 22pp
Scar Tissue by Iannis Aliferis
A facially scarred woman roams the streets at night fighting crime but gets targeted by a fascist group of criminals who vow to destroy her, starting with her interracial romantic relationship.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 95pp
The Inimitable by Meg Turner
An idealistic young social worker sets out to do the impossible: smuggle 2,500+ Jewish children out of German-occupied Poland. But can she save them all?
Feature Biography, Drama, History, War For sale 108pp
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Light in Darkness by R. J. Cardullo
"Light in Darkness" concerns a masquerading moralist who campaigns (for a price) for the closing of brothels—until he realizes that he has been so successful, he’s putting himself out of business.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 28pp
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Heartbreak Town by Sarah Hall
With the help of her sarcastic best friend and her therapist, a directionless woman finds purpose using her super powers to heal the broken hearted people of the city.
TV Pilot Comedy, Fantasy For sale 35pp
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Moody & The Ghost by Kim Hornsby
A blind ghost hunter falls for a ghost who's waited 170 years for her to return.
TV Pilot Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 58pp
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Dino Pirates by John Petrizzi
When Los Angeles is invaded by time-travelling pirates riding dinosaurs, an underappreciated Paleontologist must join forces with a rag-tag team in order to stop the horde from creating a 'time ship' and conquering history.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 105pp
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Squeal Team Six by Gary Howell
A group of high school freshmen recruit a former Navy Seal to help them steal the mascot of their rival high school, but numerous forces are at work to stop their mission..
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 24pp
No Angel by First Name
Secrets run rife in the vampire monarchy as the heir tries to advert her future as the vampire queen.
TV Pilot Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror For sale 25pp
Seven Dog Years by Sarah Boston
A single, attractive, young career woman is devastated when she learns that the love of her life has cancer. The love of her life is her dog.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 85pp
Dogs, Irish, Blacks by Dev Jones
When a dog starts killing immigrants, Opal along with her brother Vincent try to try to find the owner before either of them are next while dealing with bigotry, loss and love in 1960's Britain.
Feature Drama, History, Horror, Thriller For sale 107pp
Grey Duck by Abbie Lucas
Reeling from a midlife crisis, the wife to a Texan politician decides to take a road trip to find out who her biological parents are.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 103pp
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Legacy by Steven Brown
Six different African Americans in six different time periods must overcome tremendous obstacles in order to pass down their legacy.
Feature Drama, History, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 85pp
Grease Trap by Kevin Hopgood
What should be a routine job for drainage engineers Stu, Dazza & Marco turns into a night of horror as they are hunted by a mysterious sewer dwelling abomination.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 81pp
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