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Menace by Anthony Fertino
A teenager, adjusting to life after an abusive father, finds herself at odds with her mother when she believes she’s being haunted. But the threat may be far worse than a ghost in the night.
Short Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 20pp
Cosmic, clean fun by Frank LENORMAND
A woman tries to get in touch with Johnny Depp to figure out why he doesn't want to have sex with her in her dreams
Short Comedy Available for Free 8pp
Pari Passu by Daniel White
A shy business woman begins to lose touch with reality when flashes of another more violent life invade her memories.
Feature Action, Mystery For sale 111pp
The Covid 15 by Jazz Williamson
A weight-obsessed woman is ready to risk it all to be skinny.
Short Comedy For sale 3pp
Dreamers by Hokie Bowman
A DACA med student and her brother are both faced with imminent deportation to Mexico while coping with the harsh reality as illegal immigrants in a racial and politically polarized climate.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Family, Romance For sale 66pp
The Valkyrie Saga by Robert Cole
As the glaciers melt, a superhero is born.
TV Pilot Action, Family, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 70pp
Our chimney Tells Us Who Will Die Next by Jamie Bethton
A chimney starts to deposit the clothes of the soon-to-be deceased. It is up to a family to figure out how to prevent these deaths.
TV Pilot Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 21pp
Something Wicked by Charles Valentin-Stulck
Three high school witches partake in the dark arts setting off a chain of catastrophic events in their hometown
TV Pilot Drama, Horror For sale 57pp
Harry's Last Day by Lisa Lutes
A girl travels through a wormhole every night in an attempt to save her dog.
Feature Comedy, Family For sale 89pp