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Red Lightning by James Wilson
The antics of a crew of lovable space pirates.
TV Pilot Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 32pp
House Band by Shawn Decker
Some of America’s best and unique bands are playing at the local bar and only their fans know who they are.
TV Pilot Music For sale 2pp
The Disloyal by Martin Samoylov
Two brothers compete against each other in a competitive local election and lead an entire community toward a nasty proxy fight.
TV Pilot Drama Available for Free 41pp
Docking the Tail by Jeffery Mack
Revenge is Elementary, Crime is Secondary.
TV Pilot Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 54pp
In Quest of:The Short-tailed House Ape by Paul Pruett
Our cameras and our host, Leonard Nimrod, uses interviews and re-creations to investigate a mysterious creature called the Short-tailed House Ape.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 14pp
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Hollow Gove by Patrick Harris
People are going missing. People are dying. A small town sheriff is forced out of apathy when a friend is killed and all the signs point to the shadow that lurks in the woods...
TV Pilot Horror, Thriller For sale 60pp
Kick the Bucket List by Sara Taylor Mermelstein
Upon discovering her husband of 55 years' infidelity, an ambitious yet stifled grandmother decides to crash her young granddaughter's apartment in NYC and start anew.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance For sale 33pp
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Breaking Cards by Dave Miller
A parody of "Breaking Bad" and "House of Cards" for children.
TV Pilot Comedy, Family For sale 55pp
Motion by Rick Garman
An attorney inherits a dance school and must juggle her law career and the lives of the teachers and students for whom she is now responsible.
TV Pilot Drama, Music For sale 65pp
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1866 by A.J. Ferguson
The Confederate States of America have won the Civil War and move to dominate the Western reaches of the continent as European and domestic powers seek to take advantage of a divided North America.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Drama, History, War For sale 54pp
Game of Kings - Episode 5 Secrets by DIANE CAVANAUGH
When the worlds of high finance and high goal polo collide a man of high morals must come to terms with the world that he lives in.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 43pp
Jake Davenport P.I. by Rick Garman
A gay private detective strives for a normal life despite the outrageous friends, co-workers, and situations he finds himself in.
TV Pilot Comedy, Mystery For sale 61pp
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The Truth Family by Eric Hehr
An "end of days" cult arrives in a small town in rural West Texas, prompting a Southern Baptist community to come apart at the seams during the summer of 1975.
TV Pilot Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 58pp
The Chosen by Ellie Fiander
Alex's life changes when her sister goes missing and she meets a childhood friend, who isn't all that he seems.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 43pp
The 313 by Jessica Tanner
A successful African American lawyer is forced to move his family from Los Angeles to his hometown of Detroit when his brother is arrested.
TV Pilot Drama, Family For sale 50pp
FORMER '80S CHILD STAR by Steven Tsapelas
A multi-camera sitcom pilot about a pair of former '80s child stars, one a recovering drug addict and the other a recent escapee from a cult, who are reunited in 1999 Los Angeles
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 41pp
Lola and Sam Break the Rules by Astride Noel
When Sam goes on a first date with Lola, she's a total bitch. As the night progresses, Sam realizes that Lola may be the secret to his happiness.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 33pp
Mess room by John Wilkins
A jealous wife will try to fight for her husband confronting his lover but something goes tragicaly wrong.Her rival tries to bury the body but a former FBI agent is willing to uncover the truth.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 38pp
The Casting Couch by nick black
Adrian Skye must manage his overbearing Casting Associates, oddball Interns, and impossible actors during the unusual casting of a new film, “Deutschemarks für Dick.”
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 35pp
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City of Caves - The White Tiger by louise wilding
When two courageous werecats striving to create a better future, find themselves caught in an ancient war, they're forced to fight alongside one enemy to bring down another, to finally live life on their terms.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Fantasy For sale 40pp
Midnite's Journey by Dana Silkiss
One Man's Improbable Voyage Through America's Reality
TV Pilot Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 61pp
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The Presleys Of Tearstone by Frank S. Larry
Two adopted brothers outlandishly become vigilantes driving a brand new souped-up dodge charger painted black.The villains are a multitude of personified vulgarities & the women are scantily clad southern belles.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery For sale 58pp
Big Sis by Ryan Phillips
Can anyone in the world tell me how a middle- aged man gets tricked into a small crime scheme? Then he gets put on his big sister’s punishment list?
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
LOVE VS HATE by Joao Nsita
neighbour (Claire) discovers that her love interest (Paul) might be interested in dating another woman, so she sets out on a mission to try to seduce him
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
Rig Pigs by Reid Eccles
A foul-mouthed crew of misfit riggers work a supersingle oil rig in unspecified Alberta. They must band together to find stability in an industry where positions drop faster than oil prices.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 40pp