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Antidote Man by jamie sutliff
Aliens test killer viruses to exterminate humans 1 man escapes alive with antidotes the world will kill for.
TV Pilot Sci-Fi For sale 107pp
Shadow Falls by Ashur Rose
Supernaturals have gone public, only a select few remain in hiding and Jameka Cuthbert (a human) is about to join them.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy, Horror For sale 43pp
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On The Nut by Andrea Vestrand
“On the Nut” is an aggressive, character-driven, 1 hour Action-Drama about Las Vegas Cab Drivers hustling in the gritty underbelly of the city, using every scam they can to fill their pockets.
TV Pilot Action, Drama For sale 57pp
Rhetoric by Conor Matthews
A troubled youth joins a private school debate team, struggling to keep it a secret from his broken family.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 61pp
Touch of Class by John Serafinko
Massage business employees manage their own lives while contending with the everyday problems that threaten the closure of their business.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 25pp
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The pack by Cameron Benjamin
A hunting trip goes awry when the rambunctious youths hosting their annual gathering reveal they are hiding a dark secret.
TV Pilot Horror, Thriller Available for Free 90pp
Fictionalized-Chapter 3 by Luigi C. Saracino
In a near future, thanks to a mysterious and unexplained worldwide event dubbed "The Curtain", every fictional character from 20th century literature, becomes alive. But how will humans and these new "people" begin to coexist?
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 33pp
THE TASTE OF TRUTH by cesare massaini
In order to find her missing neglected daughter, a suicidal detective will have to get back on his feet to face a dark past of his family he dind't know.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 63pp
The Rest of our Lives? Episode 6. Settling in by Jason Cooper
Episode 6 of TV show : Rest of our lives?
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
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The Abominable Snow Beaver by Doug Tesch
The hokey, gosh-goodnedness of CLUTCH CARGO meets the comedic stylings of SOUTH PARK in this JAWS inspired episode.
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy For sale 33pp
Bang by David Finley
Devastated in the wake of a break up, a young creative hot shot decides to leave her life in London and move to Dubai, hoping she’ll find the “clean slate” she so desperately needs.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 31pp
The 45th Parallel by Samantha Kuk
While poorly attempting to balance antics and deadlines, a girl fresh from college, her half-alien boss, and a skeleton crew of 20-somethings work aboard the 45th Parallel to distribute Earth media to fickle aliens.
TV Pilot Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 31pp
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Virus K: Outbreak by MICHAEL FREEMAN
What if the end of the world came to us through our children? What if the Virus spread through those we trust with our lives the most?
TV Pilot Adventure, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 44pp
Guitar by Larry Czach
A vintage guitar shop, where everyone is just trying to get by without destroying the place.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 23pp
The Gig Economy by Jacob Mynatt
Four strangers working gig economy jobs are brought together when a wealthy customer leaves all of his possessions, including his home, to them in his will.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 35pp
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Criterion by Seth Yergin
An FBI Agent is recruited into a highly-secretive organization with back-channel ties to the government whose goal is to track down and "dispose of" illegal clones and the machines that created them.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 53pp
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Beneficiaries by Chris Todd
After being named in a neighbor's will, old high school friends return home to claim their inheritance of living together, working together, and starting over in a familiar place.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 34pp
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In Better Company by Matthew Portman
Two men find a roommate in each other after their lives spiral out of control.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 29pp
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TITAN by Lami Beach
When a low-life is rescued from death from the Italian mob, he joins a time traveling organization becoming a TITAN, a god-like hero who can change the world.
TV Pilot Sci-Fi For sale 59pp
A Savage World Season 1 Episode 1 by Aletta M Smith
Warning: nightmare hazard. Not for children under 18. A Savage World is only an infection away.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Thriller For sale 48pp
Legal Tenders by Lami Beach
A health inspection, a robbery, and a police stand-off -- the employees of this low-end medical marijuana dispensary will face-off in a battle of weed and survival.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 49pp
Soapy Opera by Doug Robbins
Do you love her? She's my costar! We're just acting.
TV Pilot Comedy, Romance Available for Free 21pp
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THe MuRDeR CoMpaNY by Luigi C. Saracino
In the age of "personal branding", the world's oldest Public Relations firm, only catering to dictators, serial-killers, and sociopaths, can make a killing. Literally. Everybody needs good press.
TV Pilot Fantasy, Mystery For sale 22pp
Underworld by Holly Kubaskie
A woman with a connection to the supernatural is caught in a conflict spanning millennia between hunters and the beings they hunt.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy For sale 53pp
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The Do Not Call List -- Pilot by Chris Jay Becker
A hard-partying law school grad is forced to take a job as a telemarketer, where he soon meets the woman of his dreams. One problem... she does not date other telemarketers.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 33pp