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Shanghaied, The Olympians Episode One by Ryan A. Herring
A young Deputy, eager to escape the cruel shadow of his father, embarks upon a life-changing journey to seek his destiny and stake his own claim in a new land of opportunity.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Western For sale 68pp
Queers: Treatment by Gianni D'Angelo
Life in a gay bar is always funny.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 5pp
Westlakers by Jackson Jones
Rich young men in gangs.
TV Pilot Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 30pp
Four's A Crowd by Teri Foster
Forced together with two roommates by a vanished homeowner, their life becomes a pressure-cooker—or genuine learning experience.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 1pp
The Pledge by James Earhart
An NYPD officer who survived the 9/11 attack and a Muslim prisoner in Guantanamo Bay are recruited to infiltrate, hunt and destroy Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in the new war on terror.
TV Pilot Adventure, History, Thriller, War For sale 60pp
Enter Entropy by Candice Michelle Goodwin
Lana Senate has a secret genetic advantage, giving her advanced sensory awareness, which complicates her relationships and her work as a forensics consultant.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 43pp
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Startup by Nick Blake
After an ecological disaster the wunderkinds of Silicon Valley must learn survival skills.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 26pp
Wild East by Greg Beck
Fledgling police force and vigilante join to combat threat of crime syndicates & secret societies in eastern territories of United States at turn of the 20th century. GANGS OF NEW YORK meets THE DARK KNIGHT.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, History, Thriller, Western For sale 52pp
Loitering - "Video Nasty" by Jonas Jay
It's Jason's first day at a new job, it's also the first day he's forced to dance at gunpoint, and publicly humiliated. At least his friends got his back. If they aren't taping his misfortunes.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
5th Street by D.C. Copeland
Explores the lives and times of the rich and famous, the night clubbers, and the common man through the eyes of the owner of the fabled 5th Street Gym where all paths cross.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Sport For sale 90pp
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Issues by Nick Paul
ISSUES. A young Russian girl takes a job to kill a homeless man, but becomes romantically involved with a teenage boy.
TV Pilot Adventure For sale 63pp
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Evangelist by Seth Yergin
A journalist enlists the help of the son of a famous televangelist to reveal the truth about a twenty-year-old cold case and the lucrative business of evangelism— a world fraught with manipulation and corruption.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 58pp
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Gavin by Rodney Ohebsion
A local bar captures the interest of a recently retired man who is looking for something to do.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 20pp
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Soapy Opera by Doug Robbins
Do you love her? She's my costar! We're just acting.
TV Pilot Comedy, Romance Available for Free 21pp
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SWANS by Nick Blake
A homeless woman with an unknown illness becomes the catalyst for the creation of a new hospital unit: SWANS (Symptoms Without A Name).
TV Pilot Drama For sale 52pp
The Other Side by Janet Lynn Carey
When a young man discovers his new-found spectacles have a hidden power. He decides to cross over and speak to the dead and free them from their earthly plane.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 85pp
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A terrible show. by Conor Matthews
An irreverent comedy sketch show
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 31pp
Echoes, episode 1 for the complete mini series. by Tina Balli
NOT YET FORMATTED INTO ACTS..1st of completed 5 episodes. A divorced detective dates Sarah, who, has visions, and is always one step ahead of his present case.
TV Pilot Drama, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi Available for Free 59pp
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Burying Henry VIII by Leonarda van der Ark
The royal surgeon must hide the body of Henry VIII so his political allies can seize power and finalize the Reformation.
TV Pilot Drama, History For sale 59pp
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Role Reversal by S. E. McKendrick
It's a woman's world, somewhere
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 26pp
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A Proscription for Madness by Doug Tesch
Reefer Madness comes to the quaint animated town of Podunk
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy For sale 33pp
Greenwater Beach by J.J. Mortimer
Two filmmakers follow an under-acheiver as he tries to take over his father's beach resort, and gets pulled into a power-struggle between lifeguards and forest rangers.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
Seeds of Freedom by David Smith
When investigating bizarre murders in Wales, Jane Tetlow discovers a murder plot that if successful will start the rise of Welsh separatist terrorism. Can she stop it or will establishment forces get her first?
TV Pilot Thriller For sale 75pp
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Lambda by Christopher Kluck
Little Pelican Island is a peaceful and tranquil place to retire. There is no need to lock your doors. That is until the Lambda project, rabid Rottweilers, and the infected turn it all upside down.
TV Pilot Action, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 55pp
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Unforeseen by Shamar English
Five young best friends and roommates work together to navigate the insane deep waters of New York City and the harsh realities of their careers.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 44pp
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