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Ghost Finder: The Gateway of the Monster by Louise Wilding
PILOT: When Carnacki is called in to investigate a ghostly attack in The Grey room, she comes face to face with a terrifying and deadly force.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 48pp
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Heartbreak Town by Sarah Hall
With the help of her sarcastic best friend and her therapist, a directionless woman finds purpose using her super powers to heal the broken hearted people of the city.
TV Pilot Comedy, Fantasy For sale 35pp
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From On High by Scott Boxenbaum
A once-mighty megachurch in severe financial crisis goes into the weed business with the black sheep son of the family, a charismatic former preacher-turned grower.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 36pp
Dear Alexa 2 by Steve Sacks
Alexa, WTF is going on in this world?? 'ok,,,'
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 40pp
Tommy's Millions by Cam Gray
A single mother struggles with the loss of her children's estranged father, and the prospect of the tainted wealth that he appears to have left them.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 51pp
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Easy Peasy by D.Ray Van
An inept smuggler tries to explain how he and his girlfriend lost a drug-boss’ shipment of cocaine worth millions while transporting it from Cuba to The Bahamas. It doesn’t go well for them.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 17pp
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Bad Gerry by Manuel Royal
A misanthropic anthropomorphic badger provides top-notch repair and maintenance to a dysfunctional amusement park while dealing with coworkers, local criminals, customers, and annoying humans in general.
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy For sale 33pp
Lycanville by Rye Dramon
Emma Grand Saul Academy seems the perfect escape from a recent family secret discovery for transfer student Rebecca until she realizes it holds its own deeper and darker secret.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Fantasy For sale 55pp
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Neuroplastic by Ernesto Porto
A neuro-hacker gets trapped inside the brain of the mercenary who is after him when his body mysteriously disappears from the mental transfer device.
TV Pilot Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 61pp
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The Doxxing by Conor Matthews
A war veteran and a child genius have to team up to stop a computer hacker from doxxing the entire world.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 60pp
LINK by Paul Barrett
Anything could and every one will have to deal with it.
TV Pilot Crime For sale 12pp
Dual Relationships by John Serafinko
A cynical therapist in his mid-thirties, moves his family to a new town, and gets in over his head with clients that will stop at nothing to get their way, financially or emotionally.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 45pp
The Solomons by Reid Eccles
A family with blood ties to ancient dark arts moves to a catholic suburb, adapting to a life of holistics, prep schools, and god-fearing neighbours, while running a morgue out of their basement.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 49pp
The Vampire Prince by Shara Maude
At the onset of World War Two, a vampire hunter becomes the thing he hunts. With other vampires, he must continue the fight against both evil supernaturals and evil humans.
TV Pilot Horror For sale 48pp
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Melvin by Tom Kalaj
A jaded taxi driver whose captivating passengers always happen to shout, “quick, follow that car!”, must use the driving skills he’s acquired when instructed to follow the most dangerous car yet.
TV Pilot Action, Comedy For sale 31pp
The Third Wave by Amanda Milwood
Based on a true social experiment, “The Third Wave” tells the story of an idealistic teacher that revives the Third Reich within his classroom when attempting to teach his students how Hitler rose to power.
TV Pilot Drama, Thriller For sale 47pp
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Fangirls by Gary Barnard
Upon finding out that someone is murdering people using the same M.O. as popular DC villain Victor Zsasz, Autumn and Morgan decide to stick their nose into the investigation. This is registered with the WGA.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 54pp
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Graveyard Stories by Kevin Gerke
Each episode two random Gravestones are picked and two investigative reporters research one each. Then tell the story of that deceased person they picked from a graveyard all across the USA,
TV Pilot Drama, Mystery For sale 20pp
Noah's Bark by Mike Murphy
Noah vows to run a pet store for two years to inherit $2,000,000. Things get complicated, however, when an accident leaves him able to talk with animals.
TV Pilot Comedy, Family For sale 28pp
The Last Man from Gondo by Michael Good
Abel Mercher gets a second chance in life with another pact with the devil. Using his second chance, Abel roams the Wild West to find his brother, who took everything from him. T.V. PILOT
TV Pilot Action, Sci-Fi, Western For sale 53pp
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The pack by Cameron Benjamin
A hunting trip goes awry when the rambunctious youths hosting their annual gathering reveal they are hiding a dark secret.
TV Pilot Horror, Thriller Available for Free 90pp
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Ocean Beach by Roy Harris
The exploits of hedonistic, whore-mongering Jimmy Hansen, a successful, 40 YO divorcee living in San Diego's Ocean Beach neighborhood, and his brother Trevor, a high finance executive and family man running a medicinal marijuana distribution...
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 34pp
My Cosmic Nation by Calum Syers
An alien grows up on earth to be a nerdy teenager in a Middle-of-Nowhere town where she struggles to maintain her identity and navigate high school.
TV Pilot Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 31pp
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Breaking Cards by Dave Miller
A parody of "Breaking Bad" and "House of Cards" for children.
TV Pilot Comedy, Family For sale 55pp
One of the Girls by Langley McArol
The misadventures of a guy and his three best gal pals, as he desperately struggles to get out of the "friend zone".
TV Pilot Comedy, Romance For sale 34pp