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Synchronut Justice by Lori Crawford
A team of synchronized swimmers dive into crime-fighting after they’re accused of murdering the teammate they all hated.
TV Pilot Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Sport For sale 59pp
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Comfortably Numb by Mark Haskins
You’re never an addict until you are. Comfortably numb, exposing America’s biggest epidemic, one pill at a time
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 5pp
Blood and water - episode one - Hydrophobia by Michael Kennedy
When a deadly virus in the UK's water supply wreaks havoc, a fractured family are unwillingly brought together for survival.
TV Pilot Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 63pp
Chronicles of a Zombie - TV Pilot by Damion Willis
Not much to worry about as a typical highschooler until you die and get re-animated as a zombie! How will Dee handle being face down and flatfooted in a deadly wager between gods?
TV Pilot Adventure For sale 56pp
Uncle Bert by Doug Robbins
You hungry? Maybe. Who's cooking? Janet. I think i just lost my appetite.
TV Pilot Comedy Available for Free 19pp
Purg by nick black
Forest, a fallen guardian angel, must earn back his grace in the dark city of Purg, while demons from Hades and a Serial Killer prepare for a war against Humanity!
TV Pilot Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 61pp
Pilfer by Jacob Teunissen
Genius student is recruited by retired criminal mastermind to recruit a team that designs scores they sell to the highest bidder.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 57pp
Kick the Bucket List by Sara Taylor Mermelstein
Upon discovering her husband of 55 years' infidelity, an ambitious yet stifled grandmother decides to crash her young granddaughter's apartment in NYC and start anew.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance For sale 33pp
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Guitar by Larry Czach
A vintage guitar shop, where everyone is just trying to get by without destroying the place.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 23pp
Halal Hotel by Sinan Rashid
The owner of a degraded hotel, catered to muslim tourists, must re-establish his business when a new hotel opens across the street. With no money, the owner gets help from a violent, incestuous loan shark.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
Enter Entropy by Candice Michelle Goodwin
Lana Senate has a secret genetic advantage, giving her advanced sensory awareness, which complicates her relationships and her work as a forensics consultant.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 43pp
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The Other Empire by Claudia Garcia-Mendoza
An international terrorist escapes from jail, but powerful people need her out due to she's discovered a secret capable to destroy the world as we know it...
TV Pilot Crime, Thriller For sale 68pp
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Side Hustle by Heather Magee
Best friends who slog it out at the same 9-5, dream of blurring the line between what feeds their bank account and what feeds their soul, and must choose between opportunity or status quo.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance For sale 35pp
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Grist For The Mill by Jerry Bader
Things get complicated for Grist and Dime when they run into a case of murder that reeks of corruption. Finding a murderer in a town thick with sex, betrayal, and revenge is no easy task.
TV Pilot Mystery For sale 49pp
Go The Extra Mile by Kevin Gerke
Reality TV Show that stages different circumstances in which unknowing people must go the extra mile and do the right thing to win a prize like open a door for elderly lady acts of kindness
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 50pp
Dust by Shane Murphy
When the mayor of a growing mountain town is assassinated, a discredited politician and vigilante cowboy look to redeem themselves within a power vacuum of crime, corruption, sex slavery and a growing sinister cult.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, History, Thriller, Western For sale 69pp
Bronco Ride by Karl Mearns
Ken Michaels' adulthood chase morphs into a college bronco ride.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 25pp
LINK by Paul Barrett
Anything could and every one will have to deal with it.
TV Pilot Crime For sale 12pp
Up the Daisies by Nick Whittle
Up the Daisies is a unique British single camera 6-episode situation comedy spec. based within a failing funeral parlour in Frinton-on-Sea.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 37pp
Sellouts by Chris Weber
Set in the New York fashion industry, Sellouts follows the crew of a small creative agency as they balance their artistic aspirations with their love of money.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 36pp
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The Fortune Chronicles by Mark Cotton
A man must overcome his fear of the leader of a powerful but secretive corporation using an ancient alien life force to facilitate a merge of all human consciousness.
TV Pilot Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 58pp
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Within by Henry Byrd
When an idealistic attorney meets a pack of female werewolves, her mysterious past and suppressed animalistic urges emerge to destroy her life.
TV Pilot Action, Fantasy, Horror For sale 58pp
Junkie by Kelly Stanphill
Lauren, a desperate single mother of a heroin addicted teenage son, becomes so obsessed with exacting revenge on his drug dealers that she goes undercover and infiltrates the dark world of the illegal drug trade while performing her normal job as an...
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Family For sale 62pp
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The Method by Jerry Bader
A down-and-out LA actor with a knack for impersonations finds his circumstances completely reversed by a chance meeting with a look-alike stranger. 
TV Pilot Film-Noir For sale 60pp
The Adventures of Hurley and Sal by James Brooks
Battered, used, but never broken, two mercenary thieves and a crew of the oddest companions stumble about Drean in search of their past, one step ahead of fate and a hangman's noose.
TV Pilot Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller For sale 37pp
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