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InEquality by J.E. Clarke
Technology brings the ultimate solution to Social Inequality in the US. But is everything truly as it seems?
TV Pilot Sci-Fi For sale 60pp
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Christs by Jasen Heffner
Two boys. One, the actual descendant of Jesus, raised in Vatican city, The other cloned. Both are thrown in the world's spotlight and have to make choices that could lead to the Apocalypse.
TV Pilot Adventure, Drama, Thriller For sale 85pp
Chinawood - In Search of the Dragon by Mario Waller
A once-heralded Hollywood producer/director must erase his abusive ways and partner with a culturally polarizing and naive Chinese entrepreneur to resurrect his illustrious career.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 39pp
Private Learning by Steven Brown
Dean Samantha Cartwright must dodge bad publicity after a student throws himself off the roof of her private school; meanwhile her daughter Thena arrives to unravel the secrets that have built Dean Cartwright's academy.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 41pp
The Broken Dick by Langley McArol
A 1940s era pulp detective finds himself locked up in a 2020s Hollywood Psych clinic, and must break out by any means necessary to solve the most important case of his life.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 59pp
Mega Copy by Arlo Thompson
On his first day at Mega Copy, Brian stumbles into a secret war between rival ninja clans.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy For sale 35pp
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Sins of the Father by Kyle Williamson
Trying to save one man’s wife from a bet, turns into a fight for survival from demons of the past
TV Pilot Action For sale 50pp
Plague by J.E. Clarke
When civil unrest and a deadly flu strike NYC, an interracial couple's world is turned upside down. And when the true nature of the virus is revealed, they're forced to flee for their children's lives...
TV Pilot Drama, Thriller For sale 60pp
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In The Garden of Good & Evil: Jesse Who by Kyle Williamson
A group of kids are thrown into a cartoon realm, held by a tyrant. One must save his sister and a girlfriend he does not remember…otherwise Earth will be taken over
TV Pilot Animation For sale 34pp
This Old Queen-Pilot Episode by Gianni D'Angelo
Queens Across Generation Raising a Family
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 33pp
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Milly Foster, Macabre Investigator by Mike Murphy
A teacher turned macabre investigator deals with a missing mother, a shocked child, and something that lives down the plughole. (**A 2019 Moondance International Film Festival winner.**)
TV Pilot Action, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 26pp
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Free Agents by Mario Waller
Losing his job at an A-list agency, a womanizing, freewheeling sports agent works his guile to charm his way into a small boutique agency that’s in desperate need of his services.
TV Pilot Drama, Sport For sale 62pp
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A rare kind of revenge by Алексей Некрасов
Doghunters and animal defenders forget their disagreements and try together to find a way out of a trap, organized by a man, who turned into a maniac because of a personal tragedy.
TV Pilot Thriller For sale 97pp
Patriots (TV Pilot) by Rory Lawie
A bolshie but lovable young noble, and a Herculean commoner hell-bent on revenge, lead the resistance against a tyrannical overlord.
TV Pilot Biography, Drama, History, War For sale 48pp
The Bulgarian Rocket Riot by Doug Tesch
The hokey, gosh-goodedness of CLUTCH CARGO meets FLASH GORDON in this animated Sci-Fi comedy.
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 35pp
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Fictionalized-Chapter 2 by Luigi C. Saracino
In a near future, thanks to a mysterious and unexplained worldwide event dubbed "The Curtain", every fictional character from 20th century literature, becomes alive. But how will humans and these new "people" begin to coexist?
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy For sale 37pp
The Rest of our Lives? Episode 6. Settling in by Jason Cooper
Episode 6 of TV show : Rest of our lives?
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
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Game of Kings - Episode 5 Secrets by DIANE CAVANAUGH
When the worlds of high finance and high goal polo collide a man of high morals must come to terms with the world that he lives in.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 43pp
Lost Souls - TV Pilot - Mother by Christine Locker
Past hauntings force a twin back to her hometown to deal with her sister's suicide and the mess she left behind.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy, Horror For sale 46pp
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Two catholic priests end up in hell after death, and try to weasel their way into heaven by striking a deal with the prince of darkness, Loo-c-fur.
TV Pilot Animation For sale 27pp
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The Farm League by Chris Todd
Minor league baseball is all about family fun, hot dogs, and home runs. For a recent high-school grad and his coworkers, it's just another day at work -- selling those hot dogs.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
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HelL.A. by William Kuechenberg
After Hell rebrands itself as a private business, three demons and Satan Himself struggle to find money, love, and innocent souls in a strange world they don't understand: Los Angeles.
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy For sale 28pp
Free State of Galveston by Joseph Deegan
Pilot script for the Texas gangster drama set on notorious Galveston Island in the Gulf of Mexico. The true story of the rise and fall of the Sicilian-born Maceo brothers during the 1930s & ‘40s.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Family For sale 60pp
Book'd by J. Phillip Wilkins
A retired police detective, haunted by an unsolved case, is left to raise his three daughters after the sudden death of his wife.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 31pp
The Works by Cordaebb Cordae Barnes
A former basketball phenom decides to venture into a life of crime
TV Pilot Drama For sale 23pp