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The Runaways by Jo Ferreira
In 1920’s NYC, after four young girls escape their orphanage they find themselves embroiled with a notorious gangster, while an idealistic detective searches for them in the city.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Film-Noir For sale 60pp
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Blubirds by Simon Wilkinson
A young, female pilot, tasked with delivering warplanes to the RAF during World War Two, battles to prove herself against friend and foe alike in the skies above war-torn England.
TV Pilot Drama, Romance, War For sale 52pp
Legacy by Holly Kubaskie
An unexpected heir inherits most of a small town's economy and decades of dark secrets.
TV Pilot Fantasy, Horror For sale 50pp
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Steadman's Stronghold by DAVE WARD
In the cruel and savage epoch of 19th-century slavery, a modest cotton plantation in SW Georgia conceals an oasis of emancipation. Where both black and white residents enjoy the benefits of an incomprehensible egalitarian lifestyle.
TV Pilot Drama, History For sale 60pp
NOVA: First Flight by Rachel Fischer
The ceasefire between Earth and the space colonies is jeopardized when a freighter on a diplomatic mission disappears and enemies Aleksey and Benjamin put aside their differences to find the ship and preserve peace.
TV Pilot Drama, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, War For sale 63pp
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The Chosen by Ellie Fiander
Alex's life changes when her sister goes missing and she meets a childhood friend, who isn't all that he seems.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 43pp
The Other War by Sarah Gabrielle Baron
Native American shape shifters battle a vampiric Evil from the Old World, in the backdrop to the War of 1812.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Horror For sale 56pp
Altruistic by Jack Bloomfield
A working mother tries to rebuild her life after a devastating diagnosis and the collapse of her marriage; meanwhile, a young man hopes that helping someone else will give his life meaning.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 30pp
Based on a true-story of a pre-teen Negro boy in the early 1960s.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 10pp
Misery Kings by Scott Patrowich
Misery Kings is a story of the brutal and dangerous world of Organized crime in Philadelphia.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 53pp
Ten by Nick Blake
David Nicholls gets in power by a whisker. Now his party staffers have the unenviable task of whipping votes and keeping their new government from collapsing.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 53pp
Squeal Team Six by Gary Howell
A group of high school freshmen recruit a former Navy Seal to help them steal the mascot of their rival high school, but numerous forces are at work to stop their mission..
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 24pp
Mrs. Maybrick by Simon Wilkinson
1889. The shocking true story of an innocent young American socialite condemned to death for the murder of her psychotic husband - Jack the Ripper.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, History, Thriller For sale 57pp
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Expo Men by Jonathan Peterson
A suave, fast-talking man-child salesman, and a by-the-numbers family man, are an unlikely dynamic duo in the Expo Industry, as they try to navigate life and expose their inner truth in this half-hour comedy.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
Pledged by Stacee Myers
Ryleigh Snyder learns the hardship of being independent after she pledges her mother's sorority with her best friend.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 50pp
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Priestly's by Rohan Stephens
What happens when the world's most prestigious auction house is dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century?
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 35pp
The Zetto Equation by Patrice Williams Marks
Is there a mathematical theorem that predicts the exact date of the extinction of mankind? There is, and it's in the hands of terrorists.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 57pp
Full Plate by Nick Blake
Budding cook Jason tries to make his mark in a gay bar beset by corporate interference.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 44pp
The Adventures of Hurley and Sal by James Brooks
Battered, used, but never broken, two mercenary thieves and a crew of the oddest companions stumble about Drean in search of their past, one step ahead of fate and a hangman's noose.
TV Pilot Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller For sale 37pp
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Jack by Nick Blake
A closeted trans man uses a witness protection program as an opportunity to start a new life in rural Maine, but his mob boss ex-lover is still on the lookout for him.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 50pp
Russain Election Meddling! It’s been going on much longer than most people realize.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, History, Mystery, Thriller For sale 61pp
Static Shock: College Orientation by Shaheem Lilly
What are you willing to do in order to fight for what you believe in? There's more to heroism than a cape and pretty smile.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Fantasy Available for Free 50pp
Lambda by Christopher Kluck
Little Pelican Island is a peaceful and tranquil place to retire. There is no need to lock your doors. That is until the Lambda project, rabid Rottweilers, and the infected turn it all upside down.
TV Pilot Action, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 55pp
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The Rest Of Our Lives? episode 3 Paranoid, New Normal by Jason Cooper
When two dysfunctional families have to spend eternity together, the preceding nuclear war might not be the biggest of their problems... cont.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 28pp
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Dual Relationships by John Serafinko
A cynical therapist in his mid-thirties, moves his family to a new town, and gets in over his head with clients that will stop at nothing to get their way, financially or emotionally.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 45pp