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Jennifer's Plan by Mark Hemmings
A stay-at-home mother and a dental assistant are forced to run a drugs distribution network to pay back a gangster.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Family, Thriller For sale 54pp
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5th Street by D.C. Copeland
Explores the lives and times of the rich and famous, the night clubbers, and the common man through the eyes of the owner of the fabled 5th Street Gym where all paths cross.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Sport For sale 90pp
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Hawk Squad by Dan Sullivan
When a misfit group of Private Investigators discovers a new street drug sweeping the city, they rush to solve the case before the NYPD gets involved and takes the credit. And, oh yeah, they’re Hawks.
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 30pp
Stage 32 New Voices in Animation - Finalist
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The Gulf by Donald Smith
Detectives looking for a murderer on a rig uncover a racist conspiracy. As a poisoning hits New Orleans, they try to figure out who is involved before a wave of killings spreads across the US.
TV Pilot Thriller For sale 53pp
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Diplomatic Immunity by The Man In The Yellow Hat
A group of young adults from diplomatic families use their international immunity to expose the debauched underworld of the United Nations' most powerful delegates.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 31pp
HRI: History Repeats Itself by D.C. Copeland
Where Reality TV meets History.
TV Pilot Family, History, War For sale 10pp
Arcadis: Prophecy by George Kramer
Arcadis must stop a centuries-old prophecy that states he will die on his 30th birthday. If he cannot defeat the descendant’s offspring, Lucinda Bianca, and her army of shadowlins, he will perish.
TV Pilot Action, Animation, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 62pp
The Ringer by Heather Maclean
A new player joins the youth ice hockey team in rural New York. Nobody expected her to be a ringer.
TV Pilot Comedy, Sport For sale 47pp
The Ghost & the Harley by Ron Shears
WW2 end, US Army buried hundreds of Jeeps, Harley's. Decades later, a newspaper asks officer to return. Can he find the site? He cannot. No records of this exist. Decades later, Harley's roam across Dartmoor.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 26pp
Pentad, The Wizard's Handbook by Ron Shears
There are five guys. 'Old school' Wizards. Legend says they were good, The trouble is, 800 years later, no one's heard of them. And now, out to prove their worth. Warning. Pentad are coming.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 13pp
Majestic by Mark Hemmings
An unwitting young drifter plagued by a secret telepathic ability is dragged into a magical war between the Majestic and a dark cult that desires control of the earth realm.
TV Pilot Fantasy For sale 58pp
Willow City by David R. Beshears
A soldier returns home to Willow City to search for his missing brother. Willow City, one of eight authoritarian city-states of the Federation. Willow City, a world of shadowy streets and shadowy characters. 2hr pilot.
TV Pilot Sci-Fi For sale 125pp
Doppel Nuns by Daniel Padbury
A nun swaps her habit with her identical twin sister with disastrous consequences.
TV Pilot Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 31pp
An emotionally damaged Navy Seal and a gifted scientist, fight to save the remnants of society after a weaponized organism spreads, leaving the population with basic predatory animal instincts.
TV Pilot Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 58pp
The Storekeeper by David R. Beshears
Within the mind of The Writer dwells The Storekeeper, residing in a weathered general store and train station. He welcomes arrivals, guides them on their way to stories waiting for them further up the line.
TV Pilot Fantasy For sale 58pp
The Hacker Angel by Shay Villere
Do you wonder what it would be like to have God in your head, putting you at war with demons routinely? But then you have to go back to normal human life?
TV Pilot Fantasy For sale 25pp
Nightingale's Gambit by Tom Schneider
It’s 1776 and Washington is preparing to cross the Delaware River, but to save the revolution, she’ll need to stop an army.
TV Pilot Adventure, Drama, History, Thriller, War For sale 62pp
The Grand by Lesley Harter
Fresh out of college, a newly pregnant couple drain their savings to become landlords to wack-job tenants — one of whom might be a killer clown.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 34pp
Toni and Marconi by Dan Alex
Two catholic priests end up in hell after death, and try to weasel their way into heaven by striking a deal with the prince of darkness, Loo-c-fur.
TV Pilot Animation For sale 27pp
Clear Creek Bluffs HOA by Kim Jaspers
A diverse group of suburban neighbors pool their wits and resources to survive, even thrive, after a devastating financial crisis plunges them into a new dystopian reality.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 60pp
Go Ask Alice by JoAnn Hess
A down-on-her-luck waitress becomes a Human Lab Rat to find the cure that will save her daughter’s life and starts a revolution that threatens to topple the pharmaceutical industry... if it doesn’t kill her first.
TV Pilot Drama, Thriller For sale 60pp
No BullScript Consulting - Recommended
Austin Film Festival - Second-Rounder
Life During Wartime - Pilot by Mark Bowes
When his life implodes, a recovering alcoholic, HIV+ actor flees to his mother’s trailer park, inhabited by geriatric Hollywood has-beens, where he finds himself battling 80’s AIDS hysteria, jeopardizing his sobriety and very existence.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy, History For sale 60pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25%
Nautla by Daniel Padbury
A Mexican cartel boss needs a strategic seaport for his business, he sends his son to negotiate; resulting in the death of the rival drug lord, a bloody cartel war and a DEA investigation.
TV Pilot Adventure, Crime, Thriller For sale 46pp
Runners by Gabe Montero
In order to achieve her filmmaking dreams, a sarcastic aspiring screenwriter from Scotland must learn how to navigate the surreal world of Hollywood film sets filled with eclectic crew and bizarre Los Angeles customs.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 38pp
The Eternal Battle by Shay Villere
What will happen when Dave comes face-to-face with the most destructive power in the world? Will he succeed in sealing the route of hell before it consumes the world?
TV Pilot Fantasy For sale 20pp