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The Gavel-Pilot by Rutger Oosterhoff
Identical twin sisters who moonlight as violent vigilantes must outwit a psychopath who framed them for murdering students on a college campus in Austin, Texas.
TV Pilot Adventure, Crime For sale 62pp
Alive Again in Astoria by Travis Shreeve
The innocent (and the ignorant) must come together to save the town and the world from an evil force who has cheated death through a resurrection derived from evil acts.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Thriller For sale 27pp
An Insight into Marriage by Desmond Hughes
This mockumentary follows the marriage of a closeted gay man and a cold hearted gold digger.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 23pp
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The Third Wave by Amanda Milwood
Based on a true social experiment, “The Third Wave” tells the story of an idealistic teacher that revives the Third Reich within his classroom when attempting to teach his students how Hitler rose to power.
TV Pilot Drama, Thriller For sale 47pp
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State Affairs - "Opening Day" by Brian Logan
STATE AFFAIRS gives an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes and between the sheets in the state politics.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 54pp
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Orphans by jonathan murnane
After the death of their father, five adult siblings struggle to make sense of his legacy while unraveling the mysteries he left behind.
TV Pilot Drama, Family, Mystery For sale 58pp
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Kate Porn by Jennifer Moricz-Goodwin
Stalled marriage splits for the summer for a reboot until Kate moves next door to a famed 80s porn star. And they make a tape.
TV Pilot Comedy, Romance For sale 30pp
The Church and the Mafia has always shared a special bond, until a well known pastor is accused of murdering a mafia boss he was supposed to be counseling.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 41pp
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Napo – Pilot by Jose Duarte
Following a fraudulent election, Salvadoran politician Napo Duarte grapples with his involvement in a sudden violent coup waged in his name.
TV Pilot Biography, History, War For sale 61pp
Dark Lakes by Steven Griffiths
Eric bites off more than he can chew as a new arrival in town 'furs' up trouble
TV Pilot Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery For sale 42pp
Used & Abused by nick black
Josh Stone wants to learn the car business from the best of the best, but he'll have to settle for the creeps, weirdos and sociopaths at Sunrise Used Cars... and teach him, they will.
TV Pilot Comedy, Family For sale 41pp
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Angels Can Die by Kwesi Lewis
A young priest journeys with the devil and finds God.
TV Pilot Fantasy, Horror For sale 57pp
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The System by C.W. Wyche
An agent on a deep-cover assignment has operational control and a license to kill whomever necessary. If caught, he’s just another criminal; if not, he’s just as likely to end up dead.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama For sale 52pp
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Morgan And His Riflemen 1 by Liam VerSteeg
Daniel Morgan has enlisted in the Continental army but soon after joining, he will find himself on the way to Canada, only to be imprisoned by the British in Quebec.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 45pp
Rivals by Kevin Gerke
Different High Schools and Colleges compete against each other in a reality TV Show.
TV Pilot Action, Family, Sport For sale 18pp
The Bottom Rung by Felica Devers
THE BOTTOM RUNG humorously chronicles the daily lives of six aspiring writers, producers, filmmakers, directors as they all begin their Hollywood journey at the bottom of the entertainment industry career ladder.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 38pp
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Show Business by C.W. Wyche
London James is a sexual predator... or a lion. We'll just go with lion. London James is... well, he's a porn star, but today he's off the clock and looking for love.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 28pp
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Falling Asleep by Berkan Dincer
In the days leading to his 22nd birthday, an average college student begins to have strange visions and dreams of a fantastical realm where his greater destiny awaits.
TV Pilot Fantasy For sale 53pp
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Hollow Gove by Patrick Harris
People are going missing. People are dying. A small town sheriff is forced out of apathy when a friend is killed and all the signs point to the shadow that lurks in the woods...
TV Pilot Horror, Thriller For sale 60pp
Teasdale by Calum Syers
After witnessing his girlfriend’s murder, David Teasdale, a cynical English cop discovers he can talk to ghosts. He adopts this ability to help solve murders across Washington D.C.
TV Pilot Crime, Horror For sale 65pp
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Good people by Rob Jones RJ
A Man returns home 10 years after being the center of a crime ring that he got away a changed person with but local Law enforcement isn't buying it.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 69pp
Lincoln 2040 by Kevin Kunz
In order qualify for federal election funding, a struggling third-party clones Abraham Lincoln and runs the American hero as their candidate in the 2040 presidential election.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 54pp
Future Lawyer by Nick Blake
A law firm deals with the unique legal difficulties that come from living in a far future world.
TV Pilot Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 33pp
Welcome to Appleton by Leah N
Two diverse families running similar apple orchard businesses in Ohio rival for power; they learn that they will have to collaborate to plan the largest town festival.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 28pp
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Free State of Galveston by Joseph Deegan
Pilot script for the Texas gangster drama set on notorious Galveston Island in the Gulf of Mexico. The true story of the rise and fall of the Sicilian-born Maceo brothers during the 1930s & ‘40s.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Family For sale 60pp