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Prophetstown by Jacob Mynatt
A young man raised in a religious community embarks on a life of crime as a way of escaping.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 58pp
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Red Lightning by James Wilson
The antics of a crew of lovable space pirates.
TV Pilot Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 32pp
The Century Builders by Kelly Lynch
In the dangerous and declining railroad industry of the 1940s, the family of a blue-collar foreman and his band of colorful workers grapple with changing times as a new technology threatens to decimate their town.
TV Pilot Adventure, Drama, History For sale 73pp
Leave It To Beaver by Kevin Gerke
Show Episode of Orignal show starting from the beginning of Series then remake of characters reenacting the same show in the present day to show how society has changed.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 12pp
A Savage World Season 1 Episode 1 by Aletta M Smith
Warning: nightmare hazard. Not for children under 18. A Savage World is only an infection away.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Thriller For sale 48pp
Dark Lakes by Steven Griffiths
Eric bites off more than he can chew as a new arrival in town 'furs' up trouble
TV Pilot Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery For sale 42pp
Dust by Shane Murphy
When the mayor of a growing mountain town is assassinated, a discredited politician and vigilante cowboy look to redeem themselves within a power vacuum of crime, corruption, sex slavery and a growing sinister cult.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, History, Thriller, Western For sale 69pp
The Asylum by Kelly Stanphill
After losing a traditional corporate job, a seemingly straight-laced woman finally lands a job at a Hollywood production company and struggles to keep her wild bosses, demanding clients and needy employees happy while trying to stay sane and...
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 38pp
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Off Grid by Evan Filley
Follows the exploits of a colony of people, living with no modern technology, who are visited by aliens.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 51pp
History Rocks by Oscar Moreno
Alex Turner and his new friend Jorge travel across space and time to meet their favorite rockstars from across the ages as they try their best to not mess too much with history.
TV Pilot Adventure, Comedy, History, Music, Sci-Fi For sale 34pp
Origins: Tales of the Lore by Stephan Dwarika
Origins follows a main female character who posses supernatural abilities, but is amnesia stricken and surrounded by a world of evil
TV Pilot Fantasy Available for Free 30pp
Rhetoric by Conor Matthews
A troubled youth joins a private school debate team, struggling to keep it a secret from his broken family.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 61pp
Phoenix by Gerry Hope
In the not too distant future, the web takes a quantum leap through the use of an interface embedded at the base of the skull, giving the users, a link directly into the brain,
TV Pilot Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 97pp
Club Lavender by Sly Ada
Club Lavender depicts disparate perspectives on communist fear and organized crime in the 1960s, as seen through the eyes of a transsexual cabaret singer tasked with infiltrating a gay club run by a communist gangster.
TV Pilot Thriller For sale 68pp
Meridian by Brandon Taylor
In 1964, a diverse group of well-meaning students from Berkeley travel to Meridian, Mississippi to help organize the Civil Rights movement and they are faced with far more danger than they would have ever anticipated.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 65pp
All In by Dorell Green
An African American Police Detective, his Caucasian wife and three teenage kids along with an assortment of oddball friends deal with today's issues in comical fashion while living in Denver Colorado.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 39pp
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Dead States by JR Jordan Baines
Small town teens struggle to carve out a new future after TEOTWAWKI events crush U.S. power grid, destroy most of the population and force them to live by their wits, without adults.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 55pp
The Devil of Diamond City by Connor McAulay
A real estate agent risks hatred and excommunication from a small town when he agrees to sell God's house.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 47pp
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Stranded: "Welcome To Deimos" by Christopher Michaels
A reluctant shuttle captain on a mission to save Earth becomes trapped on a mysterious planet with a competing pilot; an android, a criminal engineer,
TV Pilot Sci-Fi For sale 51pp
Guitar by Larry Czach
A vintage guitar shop, where everyone is just trying to get by without destroying the place.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 23pp
Special Teams by Patrice Williams Marks
An ex-football player opens up a ballet studio.
TV Pilot Comedy, Sport For sale 35pp
Jack and Mack by Nichita Mladin
Creation of a "next big thing" comedy pairing, based on contemporary teen life, but with timeless references and family values. Teen dudes add laughter and mystery to their fan-building adventures and fun.
TV Pilot Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 20pp
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Fallaciae by Christopher Blandford
A castle disappears in a mysterious flood. The Princess is the only survivor, hunted by a cult of mages. She meets a amateur hunter from a nearby village as she flees, asking for his aid.
TV Pilot Adventure, Fantasy, Romance For sale 25pp
Blubirds by Simon Wilkinson
A young, female pilot, tasked with delivering warplanes to the RAF during World War Two, battles to prove herself against friend and foe alike in the skies above war-torn England.
TV Pilot Drama, Romance, War For sale 52pp
Broken Jewel by Aaron Diebelius
A tale of Zimbabwean treasure set within the darkest depths of Zimbabwe's Chikurubi Prison and culminating in the Yorkshire fells.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama For sale 54pp