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Incantation by Jay Han-San
A group of agents penetrates the mind and the crazy world of a long-dead scientist to get the formula of a serum that can save billions from the virus he created.
TV Pilot Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 17pp
S I X by Jeffery Mack
What if you only had six seconds to change the world?
TV Pilot Action, Adventure For sale 30pp
The Judo Diaries by J. Phillip Wilkins
An aspiring screenwriter moves from his parents’ home in small-town Ohio to make his way in Hollywood, only to find his life turned upside-down when he becomes the assistant to a maniacal, aging action star.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Mystery For sale 57pp
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Tempest -episode 1: The Tempest- by Mats Elsen
Stranded on an unknown isle in the unknown great sea, set in a futuristic Europe when global warming changed our whole world. vengeance, survival and an surprising plot
TV Pilot Drama For sale 54pp
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Naked Man by Paul Pruett
Charlie P Nile sheds his clothes in an attempt to rid the city of crime.
TV Pilot Action, Comedy, Crime For sale 26pp
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Russain Election Meddling! It’s been going on much longer than most people realize.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, History, Mystery, Thriller For sale 61pp
Rum & Wealth by Nikki Lee
At the heart of the Prohibition, Era Frank Darlington, an ambitious bank owner, and undercover bootlegger, will stop at nothing to own the greatest liquor import business regardless of consequences.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 57pp
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Gnarled by Christian Jones
An ambitious detective must take down a terrifying serial killer wreaking havoc in Seattle, but the killer is the detective’s best friend.
TV Pilot Thriller For sale 52pp
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Santa Fe by CB McCarty
A father and daughter private investigation team become a force to reckoned with in the artsy, historic and jet set city of Santa Fe.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Mystery For sale 57pp
Ruby Tuesday by Alan Fleet
Ruby is 60, a mother and a market trader; she is also a vigilante who has waited fifteen years for her revenge.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 50pp
The Insemination of Ognol, A sci-fi Pilot by Edward J LONGO
Strange things happen inside their fish tank when Harry and Nicky consume caviar. Not only do they witness incarnation of fishes, they begin having alien visitors: Drawde and Ognol, from outter space.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi For sale 80pp
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Fairy by Paula Redlefsen
When a rational female architect wants to build a new kind of public building, she hits the glass ceiling; but her intuitive personal fairy does not relent until she breaks it.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 36pp
The Broken Dick by Langley McArol
A 1940s era pulp detective finds himself locked up in a 2020s Hollywood Psych clinic, and must break out by any means necessary to solve the most important case of his life.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Mystery For sale 59pp
The Hopeiod Epidemic by Rob Jones RJ
A Mockumentary TV Pilot that follows a young Alternative Band and their manager as they are set to sign their first record deal.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 36pp
Hidden Blood by Seda Anbarci
An ordinary girl finds out on her 18th birthday that she carries the blood of three warring supernatural races who secretly live among us; sirens, shapeshifters, and earth fairies.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy For sale 68pp
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Abject in the Dust by Tir Cey
Post apocalyptic love triangle with a twist.
TV Pilot Adventure For sale 49pp
Bright MT by M Kennedy Volcofsky
NYC suburb. Thirteen year old Mickey: adopted, no dad, bad at math, good at astronomy. Assassin. He works for Bella, his lover and mom's best friend. Inevitably, he grows. A coming-of-age, coming-of-rage, tale.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Family, Romance For sale 56pp
The Morning Message by James Wilson
A trio of friends who run a podcast.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 27pp
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A Proscription for Madness by Doug Tesch
Reefer Madness comes to the quaint animated town of Podunk
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy For sale 33pp
Renshaw by Vic Burns
A nomadic surfer inadvertently becomes a private detective after helping a needy friend for free.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 3pp
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The Valkyrie Saga by Robert Cole
As the glaciers melt, a superhero is born.
TV Pilot Action, Family, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 70pp
Silk in the Sand by Chris Knowles
In ancient China, a young princess is caught in a silk trade conspiracy after her brother murders their father for control of the dynasty.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Animation, Crime, Drama For sale 17pp
My Cosmic Nation by Calum Syers
An alien grows up on earth to be a nerdy teenager in a Middle-of-Nowhere town where she struggles to maintain her identity and navigate high school.
TV Pilot Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 31pp
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Halal Hotel by Sinan Rashid
The owner of a degraded hotel, catered to muslim tourists, must re-establish his business when a new hotel opens across the street. With no money, the owner gets help from a violent, incestuous loan shark.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
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Basket Case by Matthew Portman
Days before Christmas 1914, three volunteer American soldiers mistakenly rescue a German body for burial and have to return it before their fellow soldiers find out.
TV Pilot Comedy, History, War For sale 27pp
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