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Dead Inside by Jeffery Mack
There is no such thing, as resting in peace...
TV Pilot Action, Horror For sale 60pp
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Top of the Hill by Mike Pelak
An up-and-coming Congressman discovers his car covered in blood with no recollection of the night before. Now he must unravel what happened, all while navigating a campaign, a divorce, a traitor, and alcoholism.
TV Pilot Drama, Thriller For sale 55pp
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The Lake by Adam Seidel
A sharp witted NYC socialite gets thrown back into the frays of her dysfunctional Midwestern family following her father's mysterious suicide.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 65pp
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A guy like me by Juan Payan
A regular guy that hates working and think life is meant to be deeper than that is trying to find out his purpose in life while dealing with social and dating issues.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 21pp
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Orchids by Mary Kate Allen
Allie Young is a central figure of a political plot started by her parents before she was born. The problem? She has no idea.
TV Pilot Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 34pp
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Black and Blonde by B. S. Carter
Jennifer Robbins, a rookie police officer, gets her dream assignment to Missing Persons Unit IF she snitches on her new partner - Nikki Black, a seasoned detective battling alcoholism after the suicide of her husband.
TV Pilot Crime For sale 61pp
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Emergency Management Austin Texas by Stephen McGoff
An incompetent city director tries to lead the response to a pandemic in Austin Texas.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 34pp
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Miracle Cove by Al Cool
In 1973, a college student-turned-logger and a free-spirited beauty are drawn into a war in the woods when they anger the town’s ruthless primary employer.
TV Pilot Adventure, Drama, Family, History For sale 61pp
Working From Home by Rick Dunning
When Jane gets a job opportunity for her and her agoraphobic hitman husband Brendon, it is an offer too good to turn down... even if it is abroad!
TV Pilot Comedy, Crime For sale 53pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25%
Kids Rule! by Ville Nummenpää
All the grown-ups were fired from politics, and now... Kids rule.
TV Pilot Adventure, Comedy, Family For sale 19pp
805 Paranormal by Curt Sell
Latino Rockabilly Davy and his wacky band pals launch a ghost hunting reality show, 805 Paranormal, in their dingy barrio.
TV Pilot Animation For sale 33pp
Teacher's Lounge by Curt Sell
The quirky staff at a failing urban middle school bumble their way through high-stakes testing.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 40pp
Harold's Place by Donahue Silvis
(A script in the vein of Cheers.)The scene is a sunny poolside condominium chickee bar & grill in Naples, Florida, patronized by local patrons, tourists, and condo owners, many while drinking, become comical and entertaining.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
The Snatchers Pilot by Liam Donnelly
Twenty years after an alien invasion, Theo and Samantha McLean must do everything possible to blend into a new world of "Snatchers." While at the same time trying to protect their last remaining child.
TV Pilot Action, Family, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 51pp
Team B by Ville Nummenpää
Team B (B is for Britannia) is a family of superheroes (of sorts) trying to live a normal life somewhere in the UK.
TV Pilot Adventure, Comedy, Family For sale 25pp
Pulp it Up by Egidio Concas
Teen filmmakers can finally turn their zombie film into reality using $100,000 they accidentally found, pursued by vengeful drug dealers who actually own that money.
TV Pilot Comedy, Crime For sale 24pp
Bear by D. C. Murphy
A young family with an adorable four-year-old inherits a farm in Tennessee. Little did they know, it came with a friendly bear?
TV Pilot Adventure, Comedy, Family For sale 40pp
Greenroom by Christopher Soucy
A small community theater struggles to put on a new show every season.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 21pp
Human People by David Ross
These are the stories of what happens to people, in people. The bad and good. The darkness and light. But mostly the good.
TV Pilot Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance For sale 22pp
Blastaway Pandas by Ville Nummenpää
The loudest, heaviest band in the world. Superstars in the animal world, completely unknown to us humans.
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy, Family, Musical For sale 6pp
INK INTENT by Beau Thompson
Isobel has the magical ability to put emotional intent into a client's tattoo, which will lead both her and her clients down paths they never foresaw.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Thriller For sale 39pp
A Groovy Kind of Love by Stuart Blatt
Two people meet at the first National Transgender March, fall in love, marry, and move to a conservative religious community.
TV Pilot Romance For sale 113pp
The Resistors by Eduardo Madriz
In the distant future, a boy with no magical powers joins forces with a magical prodigy to incite a revolution against the tyrannical king who seeks to purge the world of all non-magic beings.
TV Pilot Fantasy For sale 60pp
Mea Culpa by Nick Abdo
Set in a small parochial high school in the 1980’s, the show follows students in the school and in their dysfunctional home lives. At St. Francis High, moral dualism is the most popular elective.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 28pp
Prison Inc. by Mark Palmer
When inmate Gregory Bishop faces certain death, he discovers and taps into the forgotten white-collar skills of his fellow inmates within the prison walls and PRISON INC is born.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 70pp