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When their childhood friend is murdered, three friends from very different walks of life try to solve his murder or face being arrested themselves.

At the age of 17, four friends from very different backgrounds went camping before setting off on their new adult lives. 28 years later, they are back and everything has changed.

Big Kev (the popular kid and cuddly teddy bear), wants to turn the clocks back and go back to that day when they were all so happy. He rounds up the old gang, Alf, (the nervous accountant), Creepy Dave (the oddball teen, turned straight laced policeman) and Bazza (the dancer and voice of reason) for one more camping trip.

It all starts off well, if not a little awkwardly. They get back into the swing of things as the evening wears on. When Big Kev wakes up in the early hours of the morning, he discovers that Alf has been murdered.

At the police station, it is obvious that they look guilty, especially Big Kev. With his easy charm and quick wit, Big Kev is able to convince his two friends that they have nothing to worry about, and that the killer is probably going to go after them too, so their only option is to catch the real criminal.

They find themselves back in the bush and being chased by a killer. Their car is vandalised so they have no way back to civilisation and then the killer strikes again, attacking an innocent passer-by and a police officer. After a short scuffle, they reveal the identity of the killer to be Alf’s wife and their old school bully, Michelle, who is still as nasty as she was in high school. They escape with their lives but no proof that she is the killer. So they are forced to try again, where they discover she is being accompanied by a second criminal, their dead friend Alf. They faked his death in a devious plot to steal a quarter of a million dollars and flee the country. They plan to do this by framing Big Kev and killing all three friends.

Big Kev and co are saved by Creepy Dave’s mum, Bazza’s husband and a team of police officers who arrest Alf and his wife. As they all talk post-arrest and summarise the events of the series, Alf and Michelle make their escape and get to freedom without being caught.

Submitted: November 16, 2019
Last Updated: November 16, 2019

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The Writer: Sarah Cork

I am a writer who has written several short stories and books. I have also been writing a lot of scripts for a while but having trouble breaking into the industry, partly due to not knowing anyone and also due to the fact that I am not anything special. I like to write comedies, both movies and TV series. I really like Monty Python and British style comedy so I do try to emulate that. Go to bio

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