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Hotline Miami
A shadowy organization orchestrates the overthrow of the United States and Russian government, causing intertwined stories of violence and destruction, in an alternate 80s Miami.

A shadowy organization orchestrates the overthrow of the United States and Russian government, causing intertwined stories of violence and destruction, in an alternate 80s Miami.

50 Blessings is a secret organization bent on the destruction of both the United States and Russia after the Cold War goes hot and Russia wins, making the United States not a world power.

50 Blessings sends messages to people, asking them to attack the Russian mob, with dire consequences if they don’t.

Sam Harrison is one of these people. He is sent on a job to attack a headquarters for the Russian Mob when he is killed by an unknown person.

His father, Jack Harrison, tries to find out the circumstances behind Sam’s death, and discovers 50 Blessings.

During this, the personification of character’s psyche, who shows up to talk to the characters about how this all will end, and the inevitableness of death.

It is revealed that Sue is killed by Sam accidentally, and Olivia, enticed by 50 Blessings, kills Harry. She is sent to kill Jack Harrison, who is close to discovering the point of 50 Blessings.

The creator of 50 Blessings stages a military coup, killing both the American and Russian presidents, and causing Nuclear war.

Olivia breaks into Jack’s home, and is killed by Jack. Jack finds a cassette tape on Olivia, which explains everything.

Before he can finish the tape, a Nuclear bomb strikes Miami, killing Jack, and bringing the destruction of the world.

Submitted: October 27, 2017
Last Updated: January 12, 2019
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The Writer: Quin Currie

Quin Currie (me) is a screenwriter and aspiring filmmaker, and she is currently confused about why people write their bios in third person. I'm trying to get into the industry as quickly as possible, which is why, as a 17 year old, I have already written mutiple shorts and one full length screenplay, 50 Blessings. Growing up in the modern world has definently inspired my writing, and I draw a lot of inspiration from movies such as Happy End, that use the modern world tastefully and respectfully. I'm not the most interesting person, so I don't really have much else to say in this, so I hope my work speaks for itself. I post in reddit under the username /u/QuinC__, so you can find me there... Go to bio

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