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Forced together, a Christian narcotics detective and an aimlessly withdrawn civilian have no choice but to fight against police corruption and an intolerant drug dealer's tactics, sinking a city into chaos.

In Jacksonville-Florida, FRANK HAMES, a detective transferred to narcotics, teams up with detective LEWIS LOPEZ, six months after a drug dealer, RAMONE MATEO was captured. Lewis, being corrupt swirls after shooting another officer. Frank maintains faith in Lewis, but after a shaky drug deal for meth, Frank’s patience burns-out for the dirty job. He gives his Lieutenant notice for resignation. That night his wife TERRESA also agrees his promise to God must be fulfilled.

TED COLEMAN, a drunken loner is late for work. His boss isn’t happy and informs him that the car lot is closing for good. At Ted’s age, bad back, no education, hopelessness sets in. The boss hands Ted money for his grandson, wanting him to deliver it to a school.

Frank and Lewis arrive at the school looking for a teenager. Ted arrives at the front office when Ramone’s men attack. A battle ensues after Ted shoots one of the men. Frank leaves the gym to help. Lewis is shot for messing up the hostage situation. Ted and Frank take down Ramone’s men, protecting the kids. During this diversion, Ramone escapes when his prisoner transport van is intercepted.

Ted ends up in Frank’s custody. They take a detour from downtown to check on a hunch leading them to a HITMAN. A car chase happens with Frank’s car being destroyed and flung off a bridge. God intervenes, saving them with a miracle. Detectives CHRIS RUTHERSON and THOMAS MARCH go on the hunt for Ramone. I.A. COLE changes the plan by charging dead Frank with murder, locking down the narcotics unit, causing CHRIS and THOMAS to become rogue.

Frank gives Ted scripture holding up God’s miracle while finding a way back to the city. Ramone’s wife, LUCIANA and 7-year-old son DANIEL, are taken from a safe-house by the Hitmen. Ramone receives his wife and child. Joining the Hitmen, Ramone wants more targets.

Frank learns that Chris and Thomas are wanted. He plans a meet in hopes to arrest them, using Ted as a backup. Chris has the same idea. The tense meet happens with the four. When facts are proven, the fight isn’t with them. Frank learns that Ramone has escaped and looks at a file Chris is carrying. God intervenes again, tying a name in the file with the miracle at the bridge. The four bands together searching down the address and finding Ramone. A battle erupts causing major damage. They take Ramone and his men down securing the wife and child. But the price was bloody for the four men saving her.

Submitted: May 22, 2019
Last Updated: June 17, 2019

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The Writer: Steve Harrison

I'm a mechanic by day and writer at night. Film and writing have been a passion all of my life. Just recently, I've been dusting off old screenplays and bringing them up to today's standards. They were buried for so long because of my location and no networking access like today. Being divorced with custody of my kids kept these hidden as well while these tools expanded around me. So please enjoy as more hopefully get uploaded soon. Go to bio