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Story 1

This is for GOD

The story opens with father Mathews staring at us calmly blessing himself. He begins speaking to Brendan who isn’t seen on the other side of the confessional booth. Apparently Brendan doesn’t respond, because there’s a brief moment of silence. Father Mathews begins speaking again, and then…BANG!!! The loud shotgun blast explodes his head, leaving behind blood and brains dripping down the walls. Brendan tosses a newspaper on his dead body. The headline reads how Father Mathews was found not guilty of raping a ten-year-old boy.

In the next scene we come in on a white tiled bathroom floor with bloody water slowly spreading across. Moving over where the blood is coming from, we see the head of a woman slumped over the bathtub with blood spilling from her throat. Brendan begins talking, but he’s still not seen. With his hand covered by a black leather glove, he pulls her head back that’s hanging on by a thread of flesh, placing his cigarette out on the stomp, removing the plastic filter tip before placing her head down. Cutting to the next scene, Brendan is in his bathroom, still yet to be seen looking over his various medications while speaking on GOD.

He has a flashback of when he was younger in church with his mother and father, explaining how people viewed them as the perfect family. That same day after church, young Brendan is handcuffed to his parent’s bed, while they stand watching him squirm. His mother calms him down, while his father uses a pair of scissors removing his boxers. His mother explains what they’re about to do is in the name of GOD so he can be welcomed into his kingdom. This day was the beginning of his parents raping him, which continued until he was a teenager, finally realizing what they did was wrong.

Years later, Teenage Brendan comes into the kitchen where his mother stands over the sink washing dishes wearing a negligee. He steps towards the table removing a butcher knife from a turkey before making his way towards her. They engage in a brief sexual conversation, before he covers her mouth, aggressively stabbing her. Tossing her dead body to the floor, he makes his way upstairs to their bedroom, where his father sits naked on the bed masturbating to one of the homemade videos of the three. Before his father can explain his actions, Brendan brutally murders him, and then snatches the television to the floor before walking out. Brendan begins explaining how he wasn’t convicted of murder making a mockery of the law and God.

Now that we’re all caught up, we see Brendan sitting naked at a table in his grim basement with his back turned while death music plays. His body is covered with various demonic tattoos. He stands up making his way to the other side of the room, but before we follow him, we notice the book made of human flesh he was carving demonic images and thoughts onto, with a switchblade resting on it. Moving to where he stepped off, we see a woman on her knees trapped in a guillotine with her wrist shackled to the floor, and a ball gag in her mouth. Brendan picks up a jar with her teeth inside showing it to her. He places the jar down, and then puts the barrel of a gun to the side of her head, telling her he’ll let her go if she performs oral sex on him.

Removing the gag from her mouth, she attempts speaking, but he forces himself inside her mouth, keeping the gun against her head. Approaching his climax, he pulls the trigger blowing her brains out. He degrades her before walking off, leaving us looking at her brains spilling from her head. He explains how he’s God, and the God people believe in is false, because he’ll always forgive you for your sins, even if you’re wrong.

Story 2

Blind with twenty-twenty vision

The story opens with Steven staring at the door of the interrogation room, explaining why he should be praised instead of being arrested. Detective Carter comes in carrying case files making his way towards the table taking a seat, placing the files beside him. The two have a conversation about why Steven is under arrest, and the topic quickly goes left, as Steven tells him the reason behind his crimes is justifiable, because he feels if God created people in his image, there shouldn’t be any other races.

Carter opens five of the files he brought in, placing them in front of Steven. Steven looks at the pictures and laughs, telling Carter he doesn’t understand how he’s wrong, and the people he killed were thugs, gangbangers and drug dealers. Although Carter is disgusted by the words coming from Steven’s mouth, he has no choice but to carry on the interrogation, sliding the last file in front of Steven, which is a young African-American female brutally beating, raped and shot execution style.

Steven for lack of better words tells Carter he enjoyed killing her because of who she was, and she deserved the death he gave her. No longer able to tolerate the ignorance coming from Steven’s mouth, Carter gathers the files prepared to leave the room, and Steven tells him when he’s clear from the charges he’ll pick up where he left off. Carter asks “What makes you think you’ll be cleared?”, and Steven replies white people who know we’re the superior race stand stick together.Steven is sentenced to life in jail, but he's okay with the outcome because in his mind, other racist people in jail will help him get rid of the African-Americans in jail with them. As Steven showers, four white males approach, congratulating him on killing the African-Americans he’s in jail for. Just when Steven gets ready to embrace the love, one of the men knocks him to the floor, and now we see Steven is African-American. He attempts pleading, but it doesn’t stop the men from raping him, because although he helped with eliminating his own race, he’s still African-American.

Story 3

How many wrongs make a right?

The story opens with Blake and Darrell holding hands on the beach. Blake is bothered by the way people are staring at them, but Darrell says it shouldn’t matter what they think as long as they love and have each other. That night while cuddled in bed, Blake suggests Darrell should move in, and Darrell becomes upset not just because of Blake constantly suggesting he should move in, but because he’s late leaving. Before walking out the room, Darrell tells Blake they need time apart, leaving Blake with his emotions all over the room. The next day at work, Blake is disturbed by the fact he hasn’t heard from Darrell. Fed up with waiting, Blake leaves to confront the love of his life. When Blake arrives at Darrell’s place of business, he pauses at the door hearing an argument going on in his office.

Opening the door he sees Sabrina, “Darrell’s wife” aiming a gun at Darrell standing behind his desk with his hands in the air. Sabrina and Blake have no idea who the other is, but they quickly find out when Blake exposes him and Darrell’s relationship. Sabrina is disgusted finding out her husband is Bi-Sexual, as Darrell tries explaining his self. Sabrina doesn’t wanna hear what Darrell has to say, placing the gun in her purse, followed by pulling out a folded piece of paper. Before leaving, she tells Blake she has no gripe with him, but good luck with dealing with Darrell. She hands Blake the paper before leaving the room.

Blake stands reading over the paper now understanding why Darrell refused to move in. Darrell stands talking arrogant, not caring about the fact both of his relationships are ruined, because he feels he’ll still be able to sleep with both of them. Blake walks over to Darrell handing him the paper wishing him well, because he no longer wants anything to do with him. Darrell stands laughing watching Blake leave the room, before returning to his desk taking a seat. He ponders on opening the paper, finally giving in. From cocky to humble, his eyes are wide seeing the paper is the results of an AIDS test that’s positive. Lowering his head in shame, he pulls his phone out calling all his contacts to inform them of his death sentence, as he drowns in sorrow.

Story 4

High price garbage

The story opens with the moon reflecting in the blood spreading across the concrete, as Jermaine explains how he ended up in this situation. From here the story rewinds, showing his best friend Willis killing him, but before that happened Jermaine had already killed Mel in the parking lot. Once they return to Jermaine’s house, and Willis is no longer in the picture, the story begins with Jermaine coming from his bedroom into the living room, where he takes a seat on the sofa picking up a stack of money on the table counting it. His phone goes off, and he places the money down pulling his phone out seeing a message from his girlfriend Cassandra explaining how she was attacked by Mel.

The doorbell rings and Jermaine makes haste opening the door reaching out to grab Willis, and Willis shoves him back confused by his actions. Jermaine lets Willis in, and he takes a seat on the love seat, while Jermaine sits on the sofa. Jermaine explains his actions, and the way Willis presents his option of finding Mel triggers Jermaine, causing him to pick up his gun aiming at his head. After a few minutes of conversation, Jermaine agrees with his idea so he can kill Mel.

As they drive to the strip club, it’s a deep conversation all the way up until they reach the club. Jermaine prepares to get out of the car, and Willis tries stopping him, but the words Jermaine says makes Willis silent. Jermaine gets out of the car approaching Mel coming out of the club, and without words, he opens fire dropping him to the ground. As the people scream fleeing the scene, Jermaine walks over so he can deliver the kill shot, and that’s when Willis shoots him in the back of the head.

As Willis gets ready to flee the scene, he gets mowed down by automatic gunfire. We turn our attention to his shooter Stan, getting inside of a black Benz pulling off. While Stan drives away as if nothing happened, his phone rings. He answers Cassandra’s call, telling her Jermaine, Willis and Mel are dead, and it’s a topic they’ll never speak on again. She agrees with pleasure. Going back to where Jermaine lies dead, he explains how the drug game is cut throat, but having love for people who truly never loved you cuts deeper than any enemy wanting you dead.

Story 5


The story opens with us looking at Cameron’s mutilated left arm resting on a wooden table. He begins explaining how people have no idea what “Love” means, believing the dictionary version, when in reality it’s your own “Flesh”. The sound of a lighter is heard, and then Cameron shows his other arm which is a perfect match. He continues speaking how love is the reason why his arms are mutilated, and why he feels his soul will never be pure as it once was, due to the fact he let a woman abuse his love.

Standing up from the table, he begins moving through the house explaining how men and women are no different from the other, but neither understands the true meaning behind the flesh being love, because if they did, there wouldn’t be so many heartbroken people. Making his way through the house, we see various pictures of Candice face on the walls, but her body has been removed. He begins saying he removed the body because it made him think of how she abused his flesh, but her face makes him think on the times when it wasn’t about sex. He opens the door to the bathroom, and it looks like a massacre took place with blood covering the floors and walls, with pieces of flesh and organs scattered about. He steps in staring in the mirror at the various words of hate he cut into his face and body. He begins speaking on how the slaughter in the bathroom truly defines love, and a person in-touch with the true meaning of love would understand. Leaving the bathroom he opens the door to the bedroom, and there shackled to the bed cut in half is Candice. He begins explaining how she’s the reason why he lost his true meaning of love because she always cheated on him in the very bed she lies dead on.

Moving over towards the bed, he fondles her corpse getting aroused, before playing with the strings of flesh on her torso. Cameron unbuckles his pants, dropping them to the floor and a loud thud is heard. Climbing into the bed beside Candice, he snuggles his head against hers, before reaching down on the floor picking up a colt-python. He gives her a kiss on the forehead, and then leans back against the headboard placing the barrel in his mouth. Without thinking twice, he pulls the trigger blowing his brains out, and his head slumps over against hers. He explains now that their blood and death have merged together as one vessel, when they return they’ll be one, because their true love is finally understood.

Story 6

Off limits

The story opens with Sydney staring in the mirror of her vanity. Seduction oozes from her beautiful face, but you can tell something deep is on her mind by the depression seen in her fake smile. Getting up from the vanity, she moves to her bed and lies down. Unable to get settled, she tosses and turns for a few seconds, before turning on her side calming down. She’s staring at a picture of her first love hanging on the wall, and at that moment…she finds a piece of comfort, speaking on how she misses him, hating the fact he was murdered. Gaining a place of happiness, she settles down for sleep.

The next day at work, Sydney is sitting behind her desk looking over a drawing she created, thinking it could use a touch-up. Pondering on fixing the drawing she turns to her laptop reading the news. The main story is about a rapist loose in the city claiming his nineteenth victim. Beginning to read the article, Russell comes up making small talk, leading to asking her out on a date. She’s hesitant at first, but she agrees.

While on their date, Sydney explains why she’s single and he confesses his deep feelings for her. From there the two begin getting a better vibe and understanding about each other. After dinner the two are sitting in Sydney’s driveway inside Russell’s Yukon, drinking and laughing about their night. The happy moment turns sour when Russell pulls a knife on Sydney attempting to rape her, but while he’s being sadistic, he doesn’t notice Sydney going in her purse pulling out a taser. Before he can accomplish his goal, she stuns him with the taser, and while he’s incapacitated, she cracks him over the head with the liquor bottle on the floor.

Now, we see Russell in the back of his Yukon hog-tied and gagged, with blood leaking from his forehead. Sydney is standing in front of him holding a combat knife, staring at him smiling. She tells him how she’s disappointed he’s no different from the next man. Stepping towards him, she places the knife on the back of his ear, and with a swift motion she cuts it off. As he screams in pain, she laughs, tossing the ear to the side, before stepping back. She tells him how men compare their lives by penis sizes, before dropping her pants and panties. Although he’s in pain, vomit and moans of disgust spill from his mouth seeing Sydney’s penis.

Pulling her panties and pants up, she tells him that’s the reason why her true love was murdered, because people couldn’t believe a man of his caliber was in love with a transgender. Done with talking, she gets in the hatch sitting on Russell’s thighs using the knife to cut his belt, before aggressively removing his pants. She tells him he’s about to be victim number twenty before closing the hatch, leaving us seeing the beginning process of the rape and hearing his screams.

Submitted: July 17, 2019
Last Updated: June 14, 2020

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The Writer: Bernard Mersier

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. In my younger years, I wanted to become a doctor when I grew up. But after winning my first writing contest in elementary, I made up my mind on becoming a writer. I believe through writing, not only do you express what’s inside your heart and mind, you can reach others with your words, because words are powerful. Majority of my writings come from self-experience, the help of others inspiring me on certain topics, and what I see, read or hear about on a daily basis. Aside from writing being a talent I was born with, I mainly do it so my children can see no matter what you set out to be in life, as long as you're determined, you can accomplish... Go to bio

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