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A Buchanan Mystery - Lost Summer

A relentless private detective searches for a missing teenager, lurching from one deadly encounter to the next, he must survive his deadliest adversary yet.



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A future length TV pilot, LOST SUMMER is the story of private eye, Fred Buchanan, a normal run of the mill PI specialising in divorce and missing persons cases, getting crumbs from his old colleague from the force, Detective Superintendent Mike McGiff, for years. Taking one last job from Mike puts Fred in the employ of an ageing TV Soap star, Kitty Caldwell, whose daughter, Summer, is lost.

After cracking the case, having found Summer quickly, he’s confronted by local gangster and crime kingpin, Jackie Donaldson, who seems to think that Kitty has employed Fred to solve the mysterious disappearance of her husband, Arthur Latterman, who went missing whilst on a trip to the Scottish Isles in his small plane two years previously. Fred is warned off of the case by Donaldson, who tells Fred to take her money and to just disappear.

A day later, Kitty is murdered and Fred is incriminated. He must now find out why the gangster was so afraid of the actress, solve her murder and clear his name.

As Fred lurches haphazardly from one false clue to another, often employing the same brutal tactics as the criminals he's pursuing, he assumes it’s about drug smuggling and the human slave trade (Donaldson bringing illegal women from Eastern Europe to work in his brothels). Linking this with Arthur’s disappearance, and the murder of Kitty Caldwell, Fred thinks he has all the answers.

However, Fred’s prime suspect, Jackie Donaldson, is murdered shortly after Fred confronts him, therefore making himself prime suspect to Donaldson’s murder. This time it’s Mike who warns him off, telling him, as a friend, to just disappear.

However, spending most of the time chasing a string of red herrings Fred uncovers the truth: Jackie Donaldson wasn’t smuggling illegal drugs and prostitutes for his night clubs, he was using Arthur, and his plane, to fly in counterfeit tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol through the Western Isles, to feed Scotland’s elite criminal fraternity, making millions in the process. However now that Donaldson and Arthur are gone who is behind the brutal murders? Who is now smuggling and distributing the contraband?

With one final explosive battle the truth will out. Fred discovers the mastermind behind the scam and who has been setting Fred up to take the fall for all the murders. He will finally free himself from the one person that has kept him from the truth, the one person Fred trusted most of all - Detective Superintendent Mike McGiff.

Submitted: April 25, 2021
Last Updated: May 10, 2021

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The Writer: Terry Dray

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