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When a felon is recruited into a deadly scheme to overturn the results of a U.S. presidential election, he is forced to risk his daughter’s life or trigger World War III.

Upon losing a re-election bid, the President’s jovial, highly intelligent Treasury Secretary, Griselda Rodriguez, launches a covert scheme to overturn the results.

Typhon Lerna is a recidivist felon, recruited to intimidate and kill those he’s never heard of, for reasons he doesn’t understand. Sabrina, an ex-girlfriend, is his accomplice. A daughter he never knew is his collateral.
The innocent victims are people seemingly of no consequence, of no notoriety; yet the way they respond to pressure will determine who leads the most powerful country in the world in its march from, or to, war.
As similar events unfold in the Chinese Politburo, we begin to see that a constitutional crisis to keep the President in office may not be the Treasury Secretary's end goal.

The first season of 'A Crack in the Sky' can be thought of as a mix between ‘The Wire’ and ‘House of Cards.’

Winner Best Television Script October 2019 Los Angeles Film Awards

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Winner Best Television Script October 2019 Los Angeles Film Awards

Finalist Pitch Now Screenplay Competition

Submitted: September 28, 2019
Last Updated: January 22, 2020

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The Writer: Tom Franey

I'm a retired Chemical Engineer. I've been wandering the earth for a few years, getting into adventures, doing Kung Fu, what not. And I've been thinking up this TV series. The first season of A CRACK IN THE SKY can be considered a mix of THE WIRE and HOUSE OF CARDS. Los Angeles Film Awards - Winner - Best Television Script - A Crack in the Sky https://www.lafilmawards.net/october-2019 Pitch Now Screenplay Competition - Finalist - A Crack in the Sky http://pitchnow.org/season-2-winners Go to bio