A Dream Upon the Mountain, Pt. II in The Ladies Trilogy by William Lazenby | Script Revolution

A Dream Upon the Mountain, Pt. II in The Ladies Trilogy

In a small Alaskan town that is incased in one sole apartment tower, a reclusive witch's mind snaps, spilling out Lovecraftian nightmares and revealing secrets of the town's past.



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Theme Song: Der Meister - Rammstein / Beatrix - Cocteau Twins

Submitted: November 4, 2022
Last Updated: December 15, 2022

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The Writer: William Lazenby

I write what I would want to read and what I would want to watch. Lover of Cosmic Horror and Grindhouse/B-Movie action. Music is my biggest inspiration for about 80% of my work. Each story has a specific musial vibe that I personally give it in my head. I like to list a theme song just to get into the vibe of what the story will be. Thank you to anyone who even glances at my page, and happy writing. Fear is the mind killer. Go to bio

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