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A pair of Virginian Slaves are given a chance at freedom by an Ancient Vampire, but soon discover they may have traded their enslavement for something much worse.

The year is 1831, and a number of unexplained animal killings have been found on the grounds of a Virginian plantation, and tensions are high. Slaves revolts have almost become common place, creating a blanket of paranoia on the plantation.

Ruby and Josiah are star-crossed lovers trying to survive a life of servitude on the Walker plantation; a farm run by the stern Thomas Walker and his estranged wife, Amelia. Trapped within a love triangle, and desperately longing for freedom, the two find themselves powerless to change their place in the world.

But, Nasar, an Ancient Vampire of lore, has his own plans for the two... And it may change them and those around them...forever.

A Place in the Dark is a Supernatural/Drama period film with a strong African-American female protaganist, that explores faith, defiance, love, hatred, fear, and the choices one makes for love. It touches on a number of taboos within the Black community and challenges one to question ones beliefs.

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The Writer: Frank Johnson

I grew up aspiring to be a comic book artist, making up characters, bios and story arcs etc. By the time I graduated high school I found a love for creative writing, now my first passion is Writing and my second is art. I wrote a few spec scripts and they were "okay", but I have become serious about my craft and aspire, now, to hone my skills and create some great stories to tell.  Go to bio

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