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A Simple Kind of Life

After discovering his daughter's principal was the lead singer of his favorite early 2000s rock band, a young man befriends him to revive his music career and start one of his own.



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MATTHEW and his wife NATALIA, and their daughter GWEN have moved to Burlington, Vermont as they both try to pursue a new life and job. They enroll Gwen into elementary school at Douglas Elementary where Matthew meets PRINCIPAL JUSTIN BARKER. Matthew believes he may be the former lead singer of his favorite band as a teenager: Granny, alongside guitar player DEAN, ALAN on the bass and STAN on the drums.

At first, Justin denies this but then comes around and tells Matthew that the band split up due to tensions between the members, and after Stan had been killed in action in Iraq. Matthew proposes to Justin to start their own band to fulfill his teenage dream of playing with Justin. After hesitating, Justin agrees and teaches Matthew music. They slowly begin to find local success and Matthew considers doing a Granny reunion to mend their frayed bonds.

ALAN refuses and Dean accepts, must to Justin’s chagrin but they quickly settle their differences. Soon, they find themselves playing shows together and they’re joined by a local young band called THE COMPLETE STORIES, comprised of Kevin, Amanda and Nelly. Playing shows together takes them to greater success and Matthew offers to put on a show at his house, making Natalia doubt about it but she accepts. However, Kevin oversells the tickets and promises beer resulting in the show overcrowding Matthew’s house and making a mess of it. Natalia returns home furious and calls the cops on the patrons and becomes furious at Matthew.

With the incident going viral, the School Board attempts to fire Justin but he quits first. Matthew tries to get him and the rest of the band to apologize but do so begrudgingly. Alan accepts to meet with Matthew and tells him to stay away from Justin, the reason why the band fell apart was because of his lies and manipulation. Upon knowing this, Matthew sets out to prove that Justin has changed for the better. Justin invites him to a meeting but it turns out to be just a small party. Amanda kisses him under Justin’s orders, having told her that his marriage to Natalia was an unhappy one. He turns her down but not before Justin snaps a picture and sends it to Natalia. Matthew quits the band and arrives home to apologize to Natalia, telling her that nothing happened. She believes him.

Time goes by and Natalia introduces Matthew to her music. Surprised about it, they decide to form a musical duo and teach music to people. Meanwhile, Justin, Alan and The Complete Stories have merged together to form a band called STREETGANG 77. But Justin is unhappy, missing Matthew. He calls him to apologize and Matthew accepts, flying down to Austin on Justin’s dime to see a show of theirs. Once there, he realizes that Justin shows no signs of becoming better and leaves him, returning to Natalia and Gwen, and moving forward on the career and family they’re building together.

Submitted: March 4, 2021
Last Updated: July 30, 2022

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The Writer: Oscar Moreno

Produced bilingual Mexican writer and filmmaker from the U.S./Mexico border. My life here has taken me from witnessing the horrors of violence to the joy of seeing its survivors lead happy lives, and experiencing what it's like to be a musician and to soak up the moments of love and weirdness you can find here. My passion for storytelling has stemmed from filmmaking and impacted different aspects of my life. I’m mainly focused on writing and making the kinds of gritty and mesmerizing thrillers, horror movies and sci-fi that I’d stay up watching late at night as a teenager. But I also love powerful drama and believe all of these flavors can be combined and provide an exciting experience for... Go to bio

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