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Accidentally in Love

When a reclusive drag club owner finds herself falling for the new gay bartender, her comfort zone implodes when she finds out he isn’t gay and is falling for her too.



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There are many quotes about comfort zones, and Cyd knows them all, yet, doesn’t think any apply to her. Raised by two gay men, surrounding herself with drag queens, owning one of the hottest gay bars in Colorado, living in the apartment above the bar, Cyd is so into her comfort zone she doesn’t realize she’s become agoraphobic.

When one of her bartenders quits, Cyd needs to find a suitable replacement. After several unfit applicants, she meets Jimmy; tall, handsome, chiseled, articulate, with a captivating smile. The men will love him, and Cyd can’t stop looking at him.

What’s the harm in staring, anyway? Jimmy’s gay, so she can stare all she wants, get to know him, spend time with him, fall for him. Her heart is fully protected in the knowledge nothing will happen between them. Her therapist warns against it, encourages Cyd to get out, date straight men. But that would mean stepping out of her plush-lined coffin of a comfort zone.

Except Jimmy isn’t gay and with every passing day where they share a glance, a secret smile, or long conversations over forgotten coffee, Jimmy’s guilt inches up. Yes, Jimmy is wholly hetero and falling fast for Cyd, but he’s also married.

Jimmy’s wife lives in a long term care facility. A car accident many years before left her semi-catatonic and unable to communicate. While his visits haven’t wavered, his thoughts are often with Cyd and the club.

A seasoned blend of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Coyote Ugly, Accidentally in Love, is a colorful rom-com full of drama and possibility.

Finalist Flight Deck Film Festval

Submitted: June 22, 2020
Last Updated: April 21, 2021

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The Writer: Ellis Barrowman

A life-long love of movies, a passion for character development, and a long talk with my book editor two years ago, convinced me to make the switch from novel writing to writing screenplays. Today I am a screenwriter, script consultant, and teach screenwriting basics to high school students and senior citizens. My twitter bio describes me as " Opinionated screenwriter, script consult, film junkie, with filter issues " Yah, that sounds about right! Go to bio

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