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When a twelve-year old girl, lost in the Australian outback in 1966, is believed to have incredibly supernatural powers, the CIA covertly utilizes her talents to find mysterious forces attempting to disrupt world events.



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In 1966, at a clandestine facility in Northern Virginia, the CIA is conducting mind control experiments. The exception is a twelve-year old girl thought to have mystical powers. In a dimly lit concrete room, Dr. Armand Teller interviews young Adelaide who hails from Australia. Her father is a researcher doing work in Washington D.C. After the short interview, cut short because of the terrible glow in her eyes and the overhead lights flicking on and off, Teller, unnerved, meets with the parents who are concerned about Teller’s intentions. Teller reveals to them there are mysterious forces causing interference with government agencies by shutting down mainframe computer systems, disrupting power grids and attempting code intervention. He believes Adelaide can help find the cause with her supernatural powers.

Adelaide, sitting in the next room, partitioned by a one-way mirror, as her parents talk to Teller, thinks back to when she met them. While walking along a dusty road, flanked by wheat fields, she is approached by a pickup truck. Noah and Olivia Fitzgerald, heading home, can tell she is laboring in the heat. They convince her to get in the truck. Curious, they ask her where her parents are and she responds she has none, which they take to mean they are deceased. Once at the farmhouse, they see a report on the TV about a farm disaster near Adelaide Australia. The Fitzgerald’s daughter, Hanna, trying to be friendly, asks the young girl her name. After some prompting, with a huge smile, she says Adelaide.

While still being observed by Teller and her parents, she thinks back to when she came to earth. Her mentor, Saggor, counsels Ramsue, now Adelaide, after their spaceship lands near the Plenty River in southwest Australia. Saggor instructs the young-looking blond, having now gone through a rugged humanization process, to search for and find four aliens who have gone missing. Taking her mission seriously, she agrees.

During the same time period, an Air Force group called Project Blue Book, operating out of Wright Field in Ohio, is busy tracking down alien sightings. The lead agent, Sigmund Bouchard is joined by Master Sergeant Robert Moses and Captain Lois Lanford. Together, they make a great team. Because, they are also interested in the paranormal, they take interest in Adelaide when they inadvertently find out about her. Conversely, a group of young renegades want to make a name for themselves by trying to find aliens and prove they exist. They call themselves Center to Expose Aliens (CEA).

The missing aliens, now appearing human in every way, operate out of a cave in Pennsylvania. They have equipment in their possession that no one in the 60’s has seen. They begin to feel sick as the humanization process is taking its toll. After some time, they decide to move to another location for safety reasons. They relocate to a bunker in West Virginia.

In a follow-up meeting, Adelaide informs Teller she knows about the interference and to stop it, they must find The Wanted. Confused Teller wants to know who they are, but Adelaide reiterates The Wanted are the ones, but doesn’t provide any details. By now, Bouchard has been down to Virginia and at one point interviewed Adelaide and believes she can lead the government to the intruders. Having witnessed her incredible powers, he believes she is not of this world. Sergeant Moses, after teaming up with Dylan Dupont, a member of CEA, decides they should explore the aliens themselves.

Adelaide’s parents try to convince her to go home with them. She admits she misses Hanna and the life they had in Australia but is determined to find The Wanted. Teller makes a decision to take Adelaide on a road trip to try to find the intruders. She assures Teller, they will be found. They embark on their journey. Unbeknownst to them, Bouchard and Fred Wozniak, an FBI agent, follow them.

After driving for some time, they arrive at a gravel lot that leads to a cave. Adelaide is convinced The Wanted are there. Before they can enter the cave, Bouchard and Wozniak show up and confront Teller. After small talk about The Wanted, they follow Adelaide into the cave, but it’s completely empty which upsets Bouchard who wants to know where the hell they are.

Hours later, Teller and Adelaide, having entered West Virginia, stop at a gas station. Bouchard and Wozniak pull up as well. They get out of their vehicles, but before they know it, Moses and Dupont pull up beside them. Bouchard and Moses get into an argument about why they are there, and Bouchard lashes out at Adelaide and wants to know why they are on a wild goose chase. Angry, Adelaide points her finger at both Bouchard and Wozniak; sending them careening against their car.

The rest of the group travel to a location Adelaide now believes could be the hiding place of The Wanted. They arrive at a massive underground bunker. Adelaide is positive this is where The Waned are. Once inside the bunker, after traversing a long hallway and go down to a lover level, they can hear voices. Teller opens a large wooded door and finds The Wanted sitting around a table. Teller and his associates are astounded to see computer equipment not consistent with anything they have ever seen. Teller wants to know who they are, but before he can interrogate them, Adelaide says they are The Wanted and they as well as she are aliens; confirmed by the language they begin to speak.

Adelaide believes she must take The Wanted north to Ohio so they can be rescued. The caravan travels through the night to an area near Akron Ohio. When they arrive, they can see shinning lights through the trees. Before they can go into the forest, a local sheriff and his deputy pull up and tells them there is a report of a UFO landing in the area. Agitated, Adelaide points her finger at the sheriff and puts him out of commission while the deputy is scared to death. They all run into the forest, but Adelaide stops them from going any further except for Dylan who wants to prove aliens exist. He follows her and tries to convince her not to go, but she refuses; not wanting to be exploited. She then takes the Wanted further into the wooded area to the spacecraft. Teller assumes Adelaide is gone forever.

Several months later, in Australia, Noah and Olivia Fitzgerald drive along the same road leading to their farmhouse. They see a young girl walking on the side of the road. When they get closer, they realize it’s Adelaide. She tells them she completed her mission and wanted to come see them again and play with Hanna. They take her home. Six months later, unexpectedly, Adelaide complains of being ill and she knows she must get to Plenty Park where she first arrived.

When they get to the park and get out of their truck, they can see flashing red lights and white smoke through the tree line. Without warning, Saggor walks out of the woods; appearing in a natural state and alarming everyone. Adelaide knows she must go and turns to the Fitzgerald family and says she was sent to find The Wanted but finding the Fitzgerald family was much more important. She smiles at them with the innocence of a young girl. She then disappears into the woods with Saggor; seconds later, the spacecraft lifts off the ground and darts away in the brilliant night sky.

Submitted: October 8, 2019
Last Updated: February 25, 2020

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The Writer: R.L. Galbraith

I grew up in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I retired from the United States Air Force in 1992 after 24 years of service. Following my Air Force career, I pursued a career in industry supporting intelligence agencies as a researcher and intelligence specialist. I am now retired. I have been writing for a number of years; now that I’m free from long hours and difficult caseloads, I have time to finalize much of my work. I feel like I have good stories to tell, and ready to turn my scripts into marketable, plausible films. Go to bio

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