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After 3020

It was the year 3020 and the world had gone through three nuclear wars. More than half of the world’s population had been wiped out, essentially leaving sprouts of humanity spread out randomly.



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It was the year 3020 and the world had gone through three nuclear wars. More than half of the world`s population had been wiped out, essentially leaving sprouts of humanity spread out randomly without a single power in control. Diseases from the nuclear fallout had enveloped the land, sea and air, and it was only a matter of time before the rest of the surviving population was eliminated too. To make matters worse, parallel universes had begun to manifest themselves openly, thus conjuring up numerous possibilities of mass trauma and psychotic episodes among the remaining remnants. As such, life as we knew it was on the verge of extinction.
Enter the remaining remnants on earth
Jack Spider (group leader and detector of parallel universes), Lyon Mask (Alien communications decipherer), Jenni Carpenter (Has access to inner alien worlds and spirits), Carlos Baptista (Has access to the Mayan ancestors alien knowledge).

Episodes and drama
Jack talking to a new arrival (Ma Chen) to their group. “Remember not to cross over and back. The effect of the parallel universe will rearrange your atomic structure and it might spread to the rest of us. If you happen to cross over, do not come back or we will have to end you”.
The idea is that the drama starts when one of the group members is accused of crossing over and back, knowingly or unknowingly, and that`s when the episodes and nightmares start. How will the members know who crossed over and back for sure? What if you could do that and not know it? What if you happen to cross over just for curiosity sake and decide to come back and keep quiet?
The drama
Who has crossed over and back and has to die? Who looks like they might have crossed over and back unknowingly and they look normal and swear that they haven`t? What if they all have crossed over unknowingly all the time and they are all infected and waiting for the unknown to happen? What if none of them has crossed over at all? What if there`s no such thing as a parallel universe and they are all hallucinating from the effects of the nuclear fallout? What if they are all dead and are all presently located in the parallel universe? What if there is only one survivor and he or she is just hallucinating about all this? What if there was no survivor after the nuclear wars and everybody is semi-located in a parallel universe anyway?
What will happen to the group?
Will they start suspecting one another and killing each other at the slightest whim of “dude you crossed over”? Will they all kill each other on “dead-on-feel”? Are they all hallucinating and already dead?
The audience effect
The idea is to get the audience accustomed to the idea that a nuclear war(s) has decimated almost all know life on earth after 3020. This particular group is the focus of the audience. The audience will easily capture the idea that crossing over is “bad”. That is the hook. The audience will right from the start get the hang of it. They will casually and accurately, according to them, know the culprit who’s crossed over and has to die. They will then think that they have it all sorted out, but only to realize that they have been taken for a ride and they too are far from pinpointing who has, probably, unknowingly or knowingly crossed over. They will then become part of the script. Their minds will desperately try to, at this point in time, guess the “crosser”. When the movie ends, nobody will be up to scratch who the “crossers” were, if the actors were hallucinating and long dead from the nuclear fallout, if there was a parallel universe at all in play, or perhaps, if they, the audience, are really there! I mean, are they hallucinating about their lives? Are they really present where they are now? Are they part of a parallel universe, are they crossers as well, are they DEAD?

Submitted: October 24, 2019
Last Updated: March 21, 2020

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My name is Michael Nyaga, a former resident of Atlanta, Georgia, with 20 years Stateside. Currently, I`m back home in Nairobi, Kenya. I`m an aspiring data scientist with a passion for movies (script writing and acting) and flying. I`ve had numerous episodes and experiences while residing in the States and as a result, in addition to my background, I happen to have a treasure trove of ideas and themes! I see the world as it is; reality vs the unknown! There`s plenty we as a human race don`t know and probably will never know or what to know! I believe in listening to every story and experience with open thought and wonder. I`m open to all possibilities; know knowns, known unknowns and unknown... Go to bio

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