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When Luke receives an invitation to visit some high school friends, old wounds begin to open.

Luke, early 30’s, is sat on a train that we see is leaving from central London. It races gently through some tunnels as the view outside gradually turns from urban to rural. He glances down at his phone and we see an open message beneath a contact called Alexander that reads; ‘Cannot wait to see mate.’

We see Luke alighting from the train with a small backpack and head towards a waiting couple with a stroller and a small new born.

The woman races up to him and hugs him tightly. The man seems more reserved and nervous but smiles warmly. Luke fusses over the baby, before they all walk off together.

We see all three of them are sat in a warmly lit lounge room. It’s late in the evening and they are surrounded by empty bottles of wine and empty plates.
We hear through their discussion that Luke is an old school friend of the man. They chat about their time together as teenagers and what he is doing now in the city. We find out that Luke is gay and they laugh and chat more about his life away from the town.

Over the conversation we see the other man staring at Luke from time to time as he talks to the woman. There is very real sense of longing in his eyes and he smiles affectionately at him.

The woman looks to the man and mentions she is tired and wants to sleep. She kisses him and then grabs the baby and walks off.

Luke and the man sit in silence for a moment. They talk amongst themselves and we slowly learn that there is a history between them from their years at school. Luke is reluctant to talk about it but the other man seems to be opening up.
Eventually, the man becomes emotional and reveals things to Luke about his life now, his relationship and himself.

Luke listens carefully and watches the man slowly breakdown hysterically.

We then see them on the sofa together holding one another. The man has composed himself but still looks visibly upset. Luke is laying there staring at the ceiling deep in thought.
Suddenly the man sits up and stares at him for a moment. Luke glances back into his eyes and then slowly he leans down and kisses him.

The next morning Luke wakes up alone on the couch. He seems disorientated. We see he is naked as he moves around on the sofa under a blanket. The man’s clothes are strewn over the bed.

The backdoor to the house is open and after putting on trousers he walks over and glares out into the backyard. The space is vast and empty and the sky dark and grey. The man is nowhere to be seen.

We then see Luke and the woman sat at the dinner table with a police officer. Its evening and the house is lit only by the lamp above them in the kitchen.
The police officer gets up and walks off and we see the woman looking dazed with tears welling in her eyes. She looks to Luke before walking off slowly. Luke sits there alone.
We see the police officer standing at the edge of a lake. The shore line has police tape cordoning off a section. We see him pull out his phone and dial.
We see the inside of the house. The landline rings and Luke races to answer it but when he arrives he sees the woman already on the phone. She listens for a moment before breaking down.

We see Luke and the woman walking down the street towards the house. They are both dressed in black, him in a suit and her in a black dress. They aren’t talking. He pushes the stroller silently.

Luke is sat in the lounge room alone still in his suit. We see the woman upstairs lying on her back on her bed, also still in her dress.
Luke reaches for his phone and dials. He starts to chat to someone. We hear him tell them he is staying at the house for the time being. He has no intention of returning to the city yet. He hangs up. The woman has heard the conversation but she doesn’t get up.
Luke walks over to the baby’s room and stares at it sleeping silently in its cot. He goes over and watches it for a moment. We see him start to cry and eventually break down over the child.

After a moment, he leaves. Walking out he sees the woman standing out in the backyard smoking, staring into the distance. Luke approaches slowly.

He goes to tell her that he will stay and help but she cuts him off and says that she heard him on the phone. She doesn’t make eye contact.
She begins to sob quietly. She tells him that she knew the man loved him. More than he loved her. But he could never admit it. She knows it’s what killed him in the end.

Submitted: December 29, 2019
Last Updated: December 29, 2019

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The Writer: Rohan Stephens

I consider myself simply a writer first and foremost. I look for stories to tell. Good stories. Interesting stories. Stories that capture moments and feelings in time, that replicate as best as possible our greatest loves, fears, joys and horrors. If that story is best told in a short, a feature, a novel or a poem, then so be it. It will make its own way there. I’m just here to see it come to life. My name is Rohan Stephens and I am a London based, Australian raised, semi-professional adult, full time homosexual, casual traveller and freelance citizen of the world. And I of course, write. My stories tend to be about characters typically associated with queer culture. Not necessarily gay,... Go to bio

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