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Story by Oscar Moreno and Julio Abad
A teenage girl and her best friend escape to a house in the woods to make alien contact as they're chased by their loved ones and the law.

STEPHANIE, ADAN’s crush has disappeared prompting Adan and his mother KAREN to help her father LUIS search for her. As part of his search, Adan and his friend FER interview different people, including their bully MIGUEL. All of them deny having seen her or knowing anything about her whereabouts.

Stephanie calls Adan and asks him to go to her summer house in the woods. He shows up and Stephanie confesses that her mother was searching for alien intelligence was abducted by aliens, and that it looks like she will return along with them that night. Fer appears at the house, telling Adan that Luis has put up a reward for Stephanie and that Karen is freaking out because children and teens are disappearing in the city. Stephanie shows Adan a map she found of the stars through the static of her old TV. A series of lights start to come through the house and then disappear. Adan and Stephanie get out to see what it was, but only find the stars. They kiss. She has a nightmare where she sees her mother get killed in a robbery. Shaken, she smokes her father’s pot in order to calm down. But the laced drug makes her have a stronger panic attack, prompting Adan to calm her down. Shocked by Stephanie’s and Luis’ drug habits, he asks Fer to inform Karen of his whereabouts. But Fer is attacked by Miguel who has come looking for the reward money. Stephanie defends them but realizes the adults are coming and asks Adan to hide in the woods with her.

Luis and Karen find them, and the aliens don’t seem to have shown up, making Stephanie accept that her mother had been killed in a robbery. But then the aliens come with Miguel and Fer witnessing the arrival in the distance. Stephanie asks Adan to go with her. He hesitates and she’s taken away. Regretful, Adan vows to help the world know about the aliens like Stephanie and her mother wanted to, with Karen and Luis also wanting to help him. Miguel apologizes for bullying them. A year later, he watches the stars, waiting for her return.

Submitted: October 13, 2017
Last Updated: July 17, 2019
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The Writer: Oscar Moreno

I'm a bilingual borderland Mexican writer and filmmaker. Recently, I've optioned my script "Whispers" to Fankle Films. My scripts and short films have placed highly and won awards in festivals and contests around the world such as the Sundance Lab and the Austin Film Festival. My prose work has appeared in the New York Times, Somos en Escrito, Levadura, The Wire's Dream Magazine, The Seattle Star and the Rio Grande Review. My love of storytelling has stemmed from filmmaking and impacted different aspects of my life. And although I deal with different genres and subjects, my main aspiration is to bring unique, fresh perspectives to stories about the border. I feel they are necessary now more... Go to bio

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