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Alpha Code

Devastated by his long term girlfriend’s infidelity, a "beta male” in his mid-twenties enlists the help of his two “alpha male” ex-college roommates to help him become a real man.



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I want to say first that no matter how controversial any of my characters are in this script, they don’t represent me in any way. They are fictional and created for entertainment purposes. Second, this story is different from most in the sense that the main protagonist has “negative growth.” In other words, the main character becomes a worse person from beginning to end (for example, think Michael in THE GODFATHER). Matt Edwards is a 27-year-old standup guy who is in a long term relationship. He works an 8 to 5 in Los Angeles at a toy company. He finds out that his girlfriend of seven years is cheating on him with a couple. Devastated, Matt enlists his old college roommates (Adam and Steve) to turn him from a "beta male" to an "alpha male" so he can attract women.

Adam and Steve put together a list of traits Matt must learn in order to move on from his ex-girlfriend. They decide that the five things Matt must learn to become an alpha male are: Game, Appearance, Fitness, Discipline/ Self-Respect, and Status. The second act of the script revolves around Matt learning from Adam and Steve. Meanwhile at his day job, Matt falls for Jan, a quirky new intern from New York. Matt Doesn’t tell Adam and Steve about Jan, wanting to avoid being berated by the two of them and looked at as a beta male. So Matt takes every lesson he learns with a grain of salt.

Matt goes through a tough learning curve, from getting his ass kicked by a random girl, to getting attacked by a badger on a hike, to having to fight a kangaroo in a boxing match. Still, Matt finds it hard to be anything but the “nice guy.” Though he thinks this is what Jan wants, she is merely using him as a “side guy” while she and her long-term boyfriend from New York hash things out. In the end, Matt realizes that he should have listened to Adam and Steve from the start instead of not taking their advice seriously. He gets his heart broken and he becomes changed. He becomes an alpha male.

*Script available upon request.

Submitted: June 1, 2019
Last Updated: October 3, 2020

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The Writer: Andrew Ramirez

I’m a writer out of Los Angeles, California (where I was born and raised). I graduated from UCLA in 2010. More recently, I graduated from California State University, Fullerton with an MFA in Screenwriting in 2017. Comedy is the main genre I choose when writing a screenplay. My long term goal is to create original content for the film industry that I grew up with and revered. I want to entertain the mainstream audience because I’m part of it. After all, they are what keep the industry alive. In the long run, the more the industry ignores the general audience, the more they will go elsewhere for their entertainment. Post covid, I believe it would be wise for the industry to pivot to towards... Go to bio

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