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A working mother tries to rebuild her life after a devastating diagnosis and the collapse of her marriage; meanwhile, a young man hopes that helping someone else will give his life meaning.

Diane, a mother of three and white collar businesswoman collapses at work one day. She finds out she has kidney failure and will be on dialysis until she can find a transplant. Diane explains to her husband Eric that her kidneys are failing and he tries to be optimistic. Diane
says they aren't in the same blood group. Eric says they can appeal to the public and Diane says she isn't going to beg.

Diane says she's going to her sister's house after Eric says the kids have barely seen her. Diane goes to David, her bosses her house and they kiss.

George proposes to his girlfriend Lily and is quickly rejected. George goes to the bar where Rebecca is working and Rebecca laughs at George telling him, "I told you so". Rebecca tells George he was in a co-dependent relationship and was much more fun when he wasn't with Lily. Lily tells him he should spend more time doing things for himself and not Lily. George says he's always wanted to give away a kidney.

David and Diane have a conversation about her kidney failure and how her husband took it. David sympathizes with Eric and tells Diane he's a good man. Diane reveals she never wanted to be a mother and she's putting on an act for her family. She says it was what Eric wanted and not what she wanted. David confirms that Diane knows that they are just a fling that will end one day. Eric emails her telling her he's told the kids about her failing kidneys which causes her to get dressed and leave.

George goes to Lily's house with Rebecca and tells Lily he's going to do something for himself and not tell Lily what it is he's doing. He believes Lily will be amazed. It's then revealed that Lily is now with a guy named Chris. George is in denial and believes Chris is just a friend. Rebecca tells Lily next time Lily should tell her boy toy to put a shirt on.

George asks Rebecca if he's better looking than Chris and can't believe he's been cheated on. George has a heart to heart with Rebecca and explains why he wants to donate a kidney. He wants to give his kidney to someone that needs it and it will bring him great joy.

Eric confronts Diane about cheating with David. He called her sister and realized that Diane wasn’t where she claimed to be and he tracked her phone to his place. The children aren’t at the house but at the sister’s house. Eric tells Diane he’s divorcing her. David comes to the house to return her phone when Eric confronts the both of them. Eric head butts David and then leaves. Diane tells David she needs him and David tells her they were just temporary. Diane is left crushed.

George wakes up after drunk and realizes he’s left a drunk memo to himself. He encourages himself to donate his kidney and leaves a number to do so. George calls the number.

Submitted: June 13, 2019
Last Updated: June 13, 2019

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The Writer: Jack Bloomfield

On the 21st of June 2018, I made a non-directed kidney donation. This is often called an “Altruistic” Donation, a term I have never been comfortable with. I kept this decision very private, until the BBC asked to film my journey for a documentary, which aired in September 2018. Since then, I have spoken about my experience at public events. I have been asked a lot of questions about my decision to donate a kidney, but three are the most common: - What on earth made you want to do that? What do you know about who your kidney went to? What if they’re a horrible person? I have my stock answer for the first question, but the other two always catches me off guard. I never think about who... Go to bio