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And Still Champion...

After a series of unfortunate events, an underpaid receptionist finally snaps on a mugger which lands her a career as an MMA fighter (despite her lack of experience).



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After a particularly trying day, which includes: a divorce mediation with Janice’s soon-to-be ex-husband (Brandon) that doesn’t go as planned, car trouble, an accident at Janice’s apartment that makes it almost inhabitable (and her slumlord does nothing), plus being asked to come into work early the next day by her nasty manager (Kelly)… Janice decides she needs a drink.

Simultaneously, we learn about a famous trainer (responsible for some heavy-hitters in the world of MMA Fighting) named Steve Letkowski. Steve drops his current fighting superstar, Nate Scion, due to his partying habits and lack of commitment. It is evident that Steve lives a luxurious lifestyle thanks to his career, and without his prize pupil, he may be in some fiscal hot water.

When Janice reaches the bar, she realizes she needs an ATM. Moments after she goes to retrieve the cash, Steve walks into the same bar and comes to the same conclusion. When Janice approaches the ATM, a mugger comes out of nowhere (sticking a gun in her back) and making demands of $500.00.

Something in her snaps! She mercilessly beats the guy into the ground; all the while onlookers (including Steve) are in disbelief by the way she dominates the situation. She’s eventually taken downtown for questioning by the police.

After being gushed over by Detective Witty for her fighting skills, Janice is released. Minutes after she leaves, Steve enters and is immediately recognized by the officers. He bribes one of the policemen for Janice’s address.

When Steve arrives to Janice’s apartment, he notices what a mess it is and decides they should pay a visit to Janice’s landlord, Larry. After Steve “aggressively persuades” Larry to fix Janice apartment, the three of them drive to Janice’s all-the-while discussing her potential as a fighter.

Later, Steve is asleep at his place (with a BEAUTIFUL ESCORT), surrounded with high-end liquors, when he gets a frantic call from his ACCOUNTANT. The news of Scion being fired means financial woes for Steve. Steve assures him that he’s working on fixing the problem, but he’s obviously shaken.
Janice is at work when her manager, NANCY, greets her kindly; followed by her other manager, a catty brown-noser, KELLY. Eventually, Janice has to speak with her boss, MR. RICHARDSON (a slug of a man with an evil smile) to ask for a advance on her next paycheck in exchange for polishing his crystals. (She literally wears gloves while cleaning his possessions made of crystal). Janice decides to try training with Steve.
They meet for their first sparring session and, although Janice is reluctant at first, Steve sees her capabilities when he tells her about a $50K payout for the first fight.

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Placed in the following contests: 2023 ISA Table Read My Screenplay Genre Competition, 2022 ISA's Fast Track Fellowship (Second Round), 2022 The Titan Awards (Quarterfinalist), 2021 Shockfest (Official Selection), 2021 Emerging Screenwriters (Quarterfinalist), 2021 ISA's Comedy Genre-Busting Screenplay Contest (Semifinalist)

Received high marks through pitch & coverage services, and was featured on "hotlists" on both and

Submitted: February 6, 2018
Last Updated: March 26, 2023

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The Writer: Jacqueline Letkowski (nee Pennetta)

The Funny Stuff: At the age of three, my parents sent me to a child psychologist; "Why?" you may ask... because my first words were lines mimicked from Looney Tunes (and for a LONG time, those were literally the only words I would use). They anxiously awaited my prognosis only for the doctor to report that, "She just really really likes T.V.." Since then, film & television have always been my number one passion. My interest in the arts expanded over the years and branched out towards the fine arts, singing, acting (I've actually been told I bear a striking resemblance to Ralph Macchio- except his mustache is a little bigger than mine LOL.) and of course... comedy. ​ The Boring Stuff:... Go to bio

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