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And Then We Rise



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Two teens lose their skin and have to figure out a way to rejoin the human race.

As Burt tries to prepare for a competition that would land him an internship with the computer giant MulKode, an asteroid strikes. When he awakens, he finds that his main adversary, Simon, has moved in the house. Burt continues to get strange bruising, but he is dismissed as a hypochondriac. The competition goes badly for him, and on the brink of elimination, he levitates a pen. Burt's dad admonishes him for the 'parlor trick,' prompting Burt to run away.

Burt checks in with Patricia - who has the same symptoms - asking her to purchase chemistry equipment, and meet him in an abandoned hangar. Together, they set about experimenting, and as their appearances wither - becoming one of the Skinless - their mental capacities excel. They create molds of faces, of skins. Burt makes one of a model, Catherine, who he has a crush on, and talks Patricia into becoming her. He chooses an identity of a model named Patrick. When the real Catherine comes to town, he seduces and beds her. He wants to confess who he really is. Catherine tells him that she's pregnant, and that her mom won't allow an abortion. Burt finally tells her the truth. Now, Catherine's mom sets about enlisting another teacher to purchase a gun and kill Burt, but the teacher doesn't follow through.

Burt's lured by all of the vices. He hacks into companies, using the money to buy an exotic car and a mansion. He now thinks that his offspring will dominate regular humans. Patricia tries to reign him in, and get her old life back, but nothing works. Even her mother tells her to leave. In a final showdown, she bests the security expert at MulKode to their money, wiring much of it to the animal shelter where she volunteered. Patricia rides a motorcycle, stopping to take a call from Burt. He's enraged that she hacked 'his' company. She tosses the cellphone, and continues riding.

Submitted: April 12, 2017
Last Updated: April 12, 2017
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The Writer: Gary Smiley

I have a doctorate in agricultural sciences and have lived and worked on several continents. Am also a graphic artist, having written the Liffey series (also as screenplay), and The Catacomb Rules. I am a newby in Amination. Go to bio

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